Best mountain bikes under 500

Finding a good quality mountain bike could be a hassle, especially if you do not know where to buy one and what things to be considered.  If you are struggling to find a good quality mountain bike that is also not heavy to your pocket, you’ve come to the right place.

I had to look at several aspects before listing my top rankings for the mountain bikes under $500. 

Can I really buy a good mountain bike under $500?

Yes, there are many good options to buy mountain bikes under $500 but remember that this might not be the best option for expert Riders. I assume that if you are finding a bike that is under $500, it means either you are a newbie, or you just have a hobby to ride the bike sometimes. 

In this case, it is a wise idea to buy and practice before you go on a serious level. after you have enough experience, you can go for bikes which are around 1000 Dollars in price. 

First off, we have the Strider 14x Sport Bike. This bike features a low-rise frame that’s perfect for little ones who want a simpler, lighter bike. It has easy to remove grip shifters with high-quality Kenda tires and rims that make it suitable for both city roads and dirt paths alike.

Buyers Guide: Mountain Bikes Under 500

Buyers Guide: Mountain Bikes Under 500 

Cycling is for everyone, and mountain bikes are no exception! This guide is for those of you looking to purchase your first mountain bike or upgrade from the bike you had but want to keep it affordable.

When it comes to mountain biking, there are a variety of things you’ll want to consider if you’re looking for a new bike. You’ll need to decide on the type of riding you plan on doing as well as the features and design that will suit your needs.

We’ve drawn up this helpful guide in order to help you through all the finer points when buying bikes for off-road terrain. Also you need to have proper gear for cycling, and you are on the right place because here you will find, Best Cycling Shorts, Best Compression Shorts and Best socks for sweaty feet if you cycle a lot.

If you’re searching for a road cycling bike, we’ve got plenty of information on road cycling bikes here . In regards to mountain biking, the following things will be of note if you’re looking for the perfect ride:

Please note: Many of these features may have different nomenclature depending on the manufacturer, but in general, they will provide you with the same functionality.

27.5″ vs 29″ Bike Frame Size

The 27.5-inch wheel size is considered to be the middle ground between the two wheel sizes. It is more agile than the 29er, but smoother than the 26-inch wheel size. The 27.5-inch wheel size is a good choice for those who are looking for a balance of agile and smooth riding characteristics.

The 29er has a larger diameter and bigger tire contact patch which makes it more stable at high speeds and on rough terrain. The 29ers have a longer wheelbase which makes them great for riders that want stability without sacrificing agility.

Things to look for:

Things to look for: In a mountain bike

Frame build quality:

The frame is the most important factor of all.  In my list below, I have only selected the bikes which are very strong and have good feedback from the previous customers. As you know, riding on the mountain requires you to have a very strong body. Most of the bikes mentioned are having aluminum bodies or something which is very strong.


There are different types of suspensions but let me tell you the two most common ones. You will either have a rigid one which is good because there will be very little maintenance, but the downside will be that you will feel some shocks.  Then comes the one which is very soft, But most of the bikes which are having a very soft suspension are quite expensive, but I tried my best to give you the best of both Worlds.

Brake system

Brakes are not something to be compromised in hill cycling. Specifically, you are going through the most hazardous terrain, and also, if your brakes fail, you can imagine the panic as you’re picking up energy on the descent.

If the bike you acquire has bad brakes, that is the first thing to go and be updated; security can not be negotiated. Nevertheless, you will certainly find mountain bicycles have the disc and also edge brakes. Disc brakes offer exceptional stopping power in all problems.

Rim brakes supply a stronghold, yet if you locate that your bike includes these kinds of brakes, I would certainly change them ASAP so you can ride through the treacherous descents with self-confidence.

Wheel size:

Different types of wheel sizes available from 26 inches to 29 inches. I would recommend starting with a 26-inch wheel size because it is good for the newbies, and it gives you much better control than the others.


All you have to know about gear is to have a good quality gear system so that it will not break while you’re riding the bike. Be assured that I have selected the most secure bikes for you don’t have to worry.


Basically, control is a combination between a good gear system and a good brake system; if you have both, you will have good control, especially for the new riders.

Having a good bike seat is very important as well while you look for a mountain bike.

Now that you know where and how to find a good quality mountain bike for $500, you now need to determine what your specific needs are. Choosing the right mountain bike from a pool of over 33 bikes can be difficult if you don’t know exactly what type of use you want it for and how you want it to perform, I’ve included the most important features to consider before spending your money on any budget mountain bike.

Types of Mountain Bikes

You will need to know this if you are doing a certain type of Mountain biking for example, doing extreme off-road terrains or only occasionally riding.

Trail Bikes

This is the most common type of bike with low suspension travel. You can use this occasionally and as a hobbyist.


This type of bike is most commonly used for off-road surfaces and paved surfaces at the same time.

Park Bikes

This bike is good for straight path speedy Travels.

Cross-country Bikes

These types of bikes are most famous for their climb force.  You can climb better and faster with this type of bike.

All-Mountain Bikes

This bike is good for expert Riders who plan to have some adventure in the life

Top 4 Mountain bikes Reviews:

Here you go with the reviews:

Mongoose Mountain Bike

A wonderful entry from a well-known brand, Mongoose, with amazing features and benefits on its side. This bike has 24” wheels thus, making it perfect for kids aged 8-12. So, if parents really want to surprise their kids then, a Mongoose exlipse mountain bike is a way to go. With this premium-quality bike, the kids can enjoy cruising all around & exploring off-road biking. It is worth sharing that this bike features a very lightweight yet sturdy and strong steel frame along with rear and front suspension.

The best thing is that the bike is completely safe & comfortable to enjoy riding on the bumpy paths and trails & slippery surfaces due to the full-suspension & tough tire treads. Moreover, the product is equipped with twenty-one speeds with Shimano back derailleur & rear and back liner-pull brakes. In short, with all these features, it can be said the Mongoose exlipse mountain bike can easily tackle hills with very smooth shifting.


  • Alloy rims with reliable brakes
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Good quality gears


  • No more color options, other than pink

User Experience:

According to the buyers, this product has everything one could expect from a famous brand. Many others have said that with Mongoose Exlipse mountain bikes, parents can get the most out of their money spent while allowing the kids to get a smooth and safe ride.

Schwinn Mountain Bike

From city trails & roads to woody tracks, biking avids can easily take Schwinn bike practically everywhere. This mountain bike comes with twenty-four speeds to let bikers select the desired gear for any kind of terrain. The color scheme of the bike is simply great, it comes in a traditional combination of red and black to enhance the sporty and sleek design. The tires are quite wide along with a tread pattern in order to add required traction.

Furthermore, bikers can get the advantage of shock absorption in their arms and hands as they manipulate the bike over rough terrain because of front suspension. The Schwinn is an aluminum alloy Hardtail thus, it is easy to handle and lightweight. No doubt, there are many other things to cherish about the Schwinn Mountain bike apart from price range, like a product at this price tag with excellent quality disc brakes is not that easy to find.


  • Wonderful speed levels
  • Large tires are appropriate for tall bikers
  • Ensure durable and fun riding experience
  • Lightweight
  • Give the best value for money


  • Lockout is not given on front suspension
  • Few buyers have reported issues with bike’s rear hubs 

User Experience:

Many people have bought the Schwinn Bonafide mountain bike & according to them all those who are searching for a good Hardtail mountain bike with the best style, then look no further. Few buyers have said that everyone likes a good bargain, & this mountain bike surely fits the bill.

Mongoose Impasse Mountain Bike

A very famous model of mountain bike that prospective buyers might want to consider is surely the Mongoose Impasse. It is worth sharing that this product has earned a lot of appreciation from a number of users. Falling a little over the pocket-friendly category, the Mongoose Impasse mountain bike is very affordable.

Moreover, the bike has both rear and front disc brakes & this truly helps improve the bike’s stopping power while making a great option for bikers who are more worried about safety. With 21 levels of adjustable speeds, I think that this mountain bike can deliver a customizable feel when it comes to performance. The bike features an attractive design & relatively high levels of comfort even while riding it over hard terrains. Unlike other mountain bikes, the Mongoose impasse mountain bike features an adjustable saddle to let users raise or even lower the saddle’s level as per convenience.


  • Fast release front
  • Durable design
  • Easy and comfortable to ride
  • Easy maintenance
  • Strong and stylish frame


  • Only available in 1 color

User Experience:

According to the buyers, for economical mountain bikes currently available in the market, the Mongoose Impasse mountain bike always stands out for all the good reasons. Many others have commented that this mountain bike has proven that the users do not face any issue while riding it.

Hiland Mountain Bike 

This product is highly recommended for daily rides to work, school, & even cross country rides. The bike offers the great balance of economical pricing and performance. It has an Aluminum alloy frame that is both stable and light through times. Moreover, the brake system & back derailleur is carefully selected to bring bikers a comfortable and memorable experience. Users can select the desired frame at both 16 & 16.5” thus, it can fit the height easily while allowing them to ride easily.

It can be said that the Hiland mountain bike is considered as the most efficient and comfortable bikes out there with all the necessary features. The bike also has amazing disc braking technology to let users ride the bike with utmost safety. Likewise, the bike’s suspension fork always makes the whole journey more relaxing. In short, it is a huge hit among biking avids.


  • Premium-quality bike
  • Easy to assemble
  • Perfect for ride between 5-6”
  • Robust and sturdy build
  • Gear system with 21 speeds


  • The handgrip might be hard on the hands

User Experience:

According to the buyers, with a great suspension fork, this mountain bike features all the essential and comprehensive features of a worth buying product. Many others have commented that it is great for outdoor trips & explorations. 

Check this video guide as well

Where to buy under $500 mountain bikes online?

I would only recommend Amazon because you can clearly see the reviews and responses of the direct customers.

What is the best mountain bike brand for under $500?

We think Mongoose Mountain Bike is the best mountain bike for under 500$. you can check the review up on the same page.

How much does a decent mountain bike cost?

$1000 would be a reasonable price for a good mountain bike but for starters, it is completely fine to start off with $500.

Is buying a used mountain bike under $500 worth it?

As mountain bikes are designed to be used roughly so I would not recommend to buy a second hand mountain bike because it will cost you for wear and tear 

Are mountain bikes faster than road bikes?

Short answer: Yes. Longer answer: It depends on the type of rider and how he or she is riding. A cross-country rider who wants to go fast in a race might prefer a mountain bike over a road bike, but a more relaxed rider could probably ride a road bike faster than a mountain bike. In general, the shorter your top speed is, the easier it will be to exceed it.

Can you use mountain bikes on paved roads?

Yes, you can use mountain bikes on paved roads, even some mountain bikes specifically designed to be used for both the mountains and the paved roads. I have a friend who rides mountain bikes on his road bike. I’ve always thought this was dangerous, but he says it’s perfectly safe and that he does it all the time. What do you think? Is it safe to ride a mountain bike on a road?

What is the difference between a 27.5″ or 29″ bike tire?

Bike tires come in a variety of sizes and widths, designed to accommodate the needs of different types of riding. Tires with a width of 27.5″ or 29″ are best for mountain biking because they provide stability and traction on uneven terrain. The lower sides give you more control and higher size give you more speed.

What are the everyday dangers of mountain biking?

Mountain biking should be considered the same as other sports; you have to take precautionary measures like wearing a helmet and guard. You may definitely fall off if you are not careful enough. 

Mountain biking is a sport that is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. However, it can also be very dangerous. For example, mountain biking on a trail can sometimes lead to injuries or even accidents. If you want to avoid such a situation, here are some tips for you: Injuries If you fall from your bike, then you may sustain serious injuries.

What is a Cross-Country Bike?

Cross-country bikes are designed with one thing in mind; get the rider from point A to point B as quickly and easily as possible. It can be used in many different terrains such as making your way through rocky trails and dirt roads.

And if you are into mountain climbing as well then we have a great article on Best Rock climbing harness.

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