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1.   What is black coffee

Black Coffee - Types of Coffee
Black Coffee

Black coffee is simply coffee without additions, sugar, cream, or anything else. While it has a slightly bitter taste compared to other types of coffee like latte, many people generally find black coffee very strong. Despite that, it is part of many people’s daily diet.

A long story short, black coffee is just regular coffee. It differs from others because it contains no additions or substances that can change its color or taste. Although it sounds like a very easy beverage to prepare, some people have their own methods to make and brew black coffee. Black coffee is often compared with espresso, but there are obvious differences between them.

To make black coffee, just pour hot water over coffee grounds and filter it into a pot or cup. As it is “normal coffee”, you don’t need to add anything else.

Since it has no additives, many people don’t like it because it tastes like low-quality coffee. One black coffee that has gained popularity is the Café de Loja, which is grown and prepared at over 6,200 feet and is considered top-quality.

So, this drink is more popular in Latin American than anywhere else. Black coffee is known by several names such as ‘Café solo’ and ‘Coffee alone’. When you add milk to it, it turns into coffee with milk or like it is known in Spanish, ‘Café con leche’. Yet, black coffee is just that: coffee without milk or anything that changes its taste. It stops being black coffee if it is added sugar.


The origin of black coffee is still unknown, indeed, some people think it originated in African, where this plant was highly cultivated before the settlers broke into this territory.

After the Spanish reached Africans, they also took the coffee plants with them and carried it over to America upon their finding. Black coffee was then spread and cultivated across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the other countries which in those times, were being reigned by the English and Spanish mostly.

There’s no specific information that links a region to the origins of black coffee but to its variants which are coffee with milk, cappuccino, and others. After Spain and England got to conquer the new continent, they took black coffee to their homes in Europe, where it popularized.

Coffee stayed in South and Central America until today, and it is consumed in many ways. In the past, sugar was not an additive to black coffee, but years later that changed dramatically, and people started to add sweeteners to black coffee to decrease the acidity. Black coffee, however, is served differently in Europe, where people rarely sweeten it.

Black coffee refers to coffee without anything added.

In the United States, it began to be commercialized by Maxwell House and Mountain Grown for $1. The beans used to be cultivated by the enslaved black community, being representative of the black skin.


This simple beverage is great to boost memory, which is a symptom related to aging. It helps the elderly to increase age leads and maintain cognitive skills that are lost due to Dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Having black coffee in the morning brings benefits to the brain function because it keeps the brain active and boosts the memory power. Along with that, it keeps the nerves active which decreases the risk of dementia. Research has shown that consuming this hot drink minimizes the risk of other two mental diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons by 65% and 60%.

Additionally, it improves workout and physical performance. In fact, this is one of the best benefits that come with black coffee. Physical trainers usually recommend drinking black coffee before a workout session.

Black coffee increases the amount of Adrenaline in blood, which gears up the body for more intense physical exertion. It also helps break down fat and releases fat cells that are later transformed into free fatty acid that is used in strenuous physical activities.

Black coffee also helps improve the performance of the liver. As a bonus, it helps prevent cancer, fatty liver and hepatitis when ensued from alcoholic cirrhosis. People who generally drink more than three cups of black have 80% lower chances of developing diseases related to liver. It likewise helps the liver cleanse the blood from harmful enzymes in the blood.

This type of coffee has a psychoactive stimulant that practically makes you more intelligent. It has the capability to improve energy, mood and other cognitive functions that make you smarter at work or school..

Side Effects

Like everything, excessive intake of black coffee can lead to side effects.

Too much of this drink can release high levels of stress hormones, which at the same time, prompt anxiety and stress. Too much caffeine can make you feel jittery.

The stress caffeine is another side effect of this hot beverage. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid drinking black coffee before bedtime. It can cause insomnia and restlessness even if you’re used to drinking it at night.

Black coffee is rich in caffeine and acid, which means that it can also cause acidity in the stomach. After five or six cups of this drink, you can start experiencing cramps or abdominal spasms.

Another side effect is the decreasing capacity of the body to absorb other minerals like iron, calcium or zinc.

Practically, all the disadvantages associated with black coffee come with excessive intake and bad quality of coffee. For example, if you drink poor-quality coffee, it can be toxic and cause dizziness, bad feeling, and headache.

Some people may be sensitive to this substance, so it would be better to consult a doctor in case of experiencing coffee-related symptoms.

Expecting women should not drink more than one cup of coffee per day because an excessive amount of this liquid can harm the baby’s health. The caffeine is believed to be very dangerous to the fetus which is highly sensitive to it.

What is a smart coffee?

Smart Coffee - Types of Coffee
Smart Coffee

Smart coffee is the contrary to what we obtain from dumb machines. Contrary to this type of machines, smart coffee is the outcome delivered by machines that work through Artificial intelligence or those that are required to be told what to do.

They simply work super automatically and execute all procedures in the preparation of all kinds of coffee, especially espresso and cappuccino. So, smart coffee is any type of coffee that is prepared by smart machines or devices that have launched to the current generations. They equally deliver good-quality shots and eliminate the need of going to a nearby café for a cup of coffee.

 Another definition of smart coffee is any coffee that is made instantly by a coffee grinder that activates through commandos. It is said to give more energy throughout the day and evenings, especially when you don’t need to sleep.

According to some websites, a smart coffee is a great tasting micro-ground coffee that contains different ingredients that enhance its work in the body and brain. Most smart coffees have nootropics, which are natural amino-acids and fat burners that are rich protein. In other words, a smart coffee is a substance that comes with a particular coffee-flavor but additionally helps people with their diet regime.

There are many types of smart coffee today, but one of the most popular is the Elevate Smart Coffee. Most probably, the most accurate definition we could give to it is the one of the coffee ground smartly and a drink that contains a lot of nootropic ingredients that are non-existent elements in traditional coffee.

What is an Americano coffee?

Americano coffee - Types of Coffee
Americano coffee

The Americano coffee combines the espresso and water. The ratio of its few ingredients is normally ½ or 1/3 espresso and 2/3 water. This is the equivalent to 1 or 2 shots of espresso plus 2/3 glasses of water. Chain shops still add more water than espresso, because Americans find this type of coffee hard to palate. This is why types of coffee like cappuccino and latte have gained more popularity than Americano in the United States.

The American stands out among its cousins because it is another coffee that does not need milk in it. While some people add milk, it is much better to consume it without it, unless you ask a specialist to add this ingredient.

An Americano is a sort of coffee that can be served iced too. The preparation process is the same except that you can plop down ice cubes in it to make a difference.

It is one of the kinds of coffee that has only two ingredients: espresso and water, yet some drinks prefer it with milk at the barista. The Americano is a drink where you put espresso first and then water. Some people even pour crema in it, but this step is uncommon.

Although the Americano is a caffeine-based drink that does not necessarily require milk or cream, some people add a few drops of cream to make it more palatable. The majority of drinks say that the best way to drink Americano is with cream because this element changes its consistency entirely.

What is nitro coffee?

Nitro Coffee - Types of Coffee
Nitro Coffee

Also called Nitro cold brew coffee, the nitro coffee is a drink charged with nitrogen and creamy head that shares similarities with the nitro draft beer. This coffee distinguishes itself from others because it is not infused with carbon dioxide or dark stouts, but with nitrogen, which gives it a smoother finish like the beer. The direct effect of nitrogen bubbles are smaller than those we see in decaffeinated drinks which are infused with carbon dioxide. 

The nitro coffee is relatively a new invention compared to its cousins. It is a coffee invented in 2013 in Texas and Oregon. After that, it has managed to cut across the United States to the extent it’s now reached other regions like AL. Nitro coffee is a drink sold in kegs, generally.

Nitro coffee is a drink that contains caffeine, which is a substance that increases metabolism levels and improves athletic performance. It is highly recommended for diabetics owing to its low carb levels. Nitro coffee is a beverage that contains high levels of caffeine, prompting drinkers to stay alert for longer. This coffee contains 28’ mg of caffeine and rarely includes sugar.

Nitro coffee is a kind of coffee often served at a low temperature, which makes it less acidic. It is required to brew coffee beans at temperatures of 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. Whenever you drink it, you’ll realize this drink tends to permeate for much longer as it lacks acidity.

Nitro cold brew is brewed at a lower temperature, therefore making it less acidic. Acid appears when the coffee beans are brewed around 195-205 degrees Fahrenheit. The beans for nitro coffee also permeate for much longer, sometimes days, creating less acid.

This type of beverage is infused with nitrogen gas through a pressurized valve. All these facts have made it rank high to serious coffee aficionados.

What is white coffee?

White Coffee - Types of Coffee
White Coffee

White coffee is a type of coffee which requires roasting beans halfway and at low temperatures to give it a whitish color and another flavor. The origin of white coffee dates back from the XX century, when coffee drinkers were seeking to soften the coffee harsh taste making it taste more like an expensive beverage. White coffee is produced from white beans, which are more difficult to roast, but once the roasting process is completed, it gives birth to flavor changes that most people associate to the traditional taste of coffee.

White coffee is a drink that was formerly viewed as an elixir due to its low-temperature roasting process that distinguishes it from regular coffee (black coffee). Unlike other types of coffee, this hot drink does protect drinks from heart attacks and swelling. This elixir has an increased amount of chlorogenic acid and antioxidants, which are very well-known to be effective against cancer.

Surprisingly, the flavor of white coffee is not standardized as it varies from country to country. Beans from Colombia and Brazil have milder and nutty flavors, while African ones are stronger. As to the flavor of Asian white coffee, it is by far more aromatic.

Because of this, it is easy to conclude that this is a drink made of coffee beans that are ground and brewed in multiples that make it whitish but with different tastes that vary depending on the country.

Even though white coffee is a variant of white coffee beans, these beans are not actually white but green as all the others. So, claiming that this beverage is called like this because it is made of white coffee beans is not properly said. It is not true.

What is instant coffee?

Instant Coffee - Types of Coffee
Instant Coffee

Instant coffee, also called soluble coffee, is a coffee that stems from brewed coffee beans, water, and milk that undergo a process of grinding and stirring. This is a hot beverage that can be made with almost any coffee ingredients such as coffee powder and coffee crystals, which makes it pretty versatile. Instant coffee is generally prepared by drying or spray drying to create a rehydrating effect. This is a concentrated liquid that is often manufactured.

Instant coffee is just like its name: very quick. It can be prepared in a matter of two minutes using hot water and instant coffee powder. Instant coffee reduces cleanup and it is more eco-friendly than other preparation methods. This liquid (which normally comes in beans o powder) is sold in small packages or bags with a specific labeled content.

Instant coffee can come in various forms to make other types of coffee. Espresso, for example, is available in instant coffee, but requires a different process to prepare it. The beans of the Espresso instant coffee are finely ground and brewed like espresso and are put through a dehydration process to make them turn into crystals.

Instant coffee is a controversial choice because some drinkers think it is not real coffee. Companies like Starbucks use instant coffee because it is pretty convenient and allows them to provide a faster service. Yet, there are differences that separate real coffee from instant coffee, which is like the synthetic version of decaffeinated drinks.

Truly comparing this choice to others, instant coffee is less expensive and much easier to prepare at home.

What is French roast coffee?

French Roast Coffee - Types pf Coffee
French Roast Coffee

French roast coffee is a popular style that has revolutionized the coffee industry. This dark roasted coffee offers a charred taste and has smoky sweetness, which has caused drinkers to call it ‘burnt coffee’. This liquid provides choices for coffee enthusiasts to choose from lighter to darker coffee.

French roast coffee is one of those European drinks that preserve their original style. It was invented in the 19th century and today it is mostly consumed as dark-roasted.

Sometimes, this refreshment is referred to as Turkish roast, though this name was assigned incorrectly. It is best to call it Espresso roast because of its simplicity or Dark roast because of its color.

However, there are various French roast coffee versions across Europe, among which are the Spanish roast coffee, American roast coffee, England roast coffee, Italian roast coffee, and Vienna roast coffee. Apparently, this drink is referred to differently depending on the country.

To most consumers, this version of coffee is more like a double roast coffee. In fact, it falls into the category of the dark roasted coffee that has an intense and smoky-sweet flavor and a mouthfeel. This is a style that has an intense flavor but a thin body.

Some people compare it to the cinnamon light roast coffee, but tend to differ it thanks to the more roasted and charred flavor it has. It arguably has a species of charcoal-like note.

Believe it or not, French roast overpowers the aroma and the flavor dispatched from the very coffee beans, which makes it tough to identify with clarity much of the real taste and origin of this coffee varietal.

It is stronger than other styles of this beverage, however, its pungent taste falls short compared to the original dark roast.

What is a breve coffee?

Breve Coffee - Types of Coffee
Breve Coffee

Caffe Breve is an espresso that follows the same preparation process of cappuccino, but instead of milk, this drink is steamed half-and-half. This procedure creates a creamy foam. Breve coffee is sugarless and steamy. Breve in Italian is short, but instead of being called ‘short coffee’, the drink attains the term ‘breve’ from the original language.

However, the breve coffee is not Italian but an Americanized version of the Italian latte which consists of milk. This type of refreshment generally shows more fluffiness than the average Italian latte because of the partial steaming process that makes it look foamier.

This beverage is a fatty coffee that has higher levels of cholesterol than the average latte because it can be only made of whole milk, and low-fat dairy is excluded.  For this reason, many coffee drinkers find it unnecessary to add any sweetener or sugar. Instead, it is served as a dessert beverage but some prefer to use it as their morning caffeine fix.

Caffe Breve can be added some sugar or flavored syrup to make it taste more like a milkshake. By doing so, you take away authenticity from this coffee.

This is a drink that is frothed and steamed half-and-half. It contains a shot of espresso which is poured in an appropriate cup. The way to do it is put the espresso in the hot half-and-half, so the foam does not overflow. In case there’s too much foam, use a spoon to hold it back.

What is drip coffee?

Drip Coffee - Types of Coffee
Drip Coffee

The term ‘drip coffee’ is not common among the populace; in fact, not many people will associate drip coffee to something they have ever drunk at least once in their lives. Nonetheless, this word is more familiar than we think, as it is the coffee that we brew using coffee makers.

So, drip coffee is any type of coffee we make using a coffee machine at home, be it cappuccino or French roast, it is drip coffee. The name drip coffee is allocated for the fact that all coffee makers come with a carafe and a basket that is filled with beans and hot water which drips into the carafe.

In spite of the similarities with espresso, the drip coffee can distinguish from the other because it can be made with beans or powder, in contrast with the espresso that requires being made of coffee itself. These two terms tend to be confusing.

Drip coffee is one of the three common methods that most families use for brewing coffee. This beverage depends entirely on electricity and calls for several household appliances such as coffee pots, percolators, and espresso units.

In the past, drip coffee was made by dripping coffee into boiling water and keeping it boiling through the coffee grounds until the water got darker and bubbling up to the upper chamber. Today, many families keep using this method for not having certain appliances. It is important to remember that espresso is not considered a drip coffee despite the commonalities with the drip version.

What is Kona coffee?

Kona Coffee - Types of Coffee
Kona Coffee

Kona coffee is a relatively very expensive coffee cultivated on the slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in South Kona Districts, Hawaii. Its price surpasses the one of many others. Kona coffee is an original drink from Kona, and there’s no Kona out of this place. Its flavor and consistency make it ideal for a region with unpredictable weather. It is called kope, because this is the Hawaiian way natives call coffee.

Kona is a very special coffee that is grown in a volcanic region near the slopes of Kona. This refreshment has a spicy taste and is moderately acidic. Plus, it is rich in minerals and has a medium-bodied consistency. It has a heavy aroma and can taste winey, which is something far from being describable.

Kona has yielded this coffee for over 200 years and the beans are only cultivated in the North and South of Kona, meaning that the coffee grown in the outskirts cannot be called Kona.

This coffee calls for a perfect combination of water, soil and sun, making it tough to be grown in other locations around the globe. The magical diurnal cycle of bright sunny mornings alongside afternoons that can be rainy and humid and mild nights are the elements that create the condition for the Kona coffee to grow and flourish. The tree only thrives near the Hawaiian volcanoes impacted by mild frost-free temperatures. The Kona coffee plant is only found on volcanic rocky land.


Which coffee is best?

Kao Coffee. it is produced on the largest island in Hawaii which is called Kona.

Which coffee is best for health?

Balck coffee has high antioxident which is good for the heart.

Can I take coffee during pregnancy?

Avoid caffeine during pregnancy. It is good to follow doctor advice during pregnancy.

Which coffee is the most popular all around the world?

Espresso is the most popular coffee in the world.

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