Does coffee increase blood pressure?

Cup of Coffee - coffee increases blood pressure

Coffee is a magic drink that keeps you active throughout the day.But does this coffee increase blood pressure.Coffee is a part of every human’s life. Almost 70%of the United states population depend on Coffee to keep them activated and to stay brisk.

Raising popularity, Makes many people question its impact on health.This topic is almost in every table around you. Everyone has this question in mind, Is Coffee good for high blood pressure.

People like to debate on it as it is something which has popularity and makes an impact on your health. But one has to clearly understand the underlying truth and facts about Coffee as it is our part of the world.

On a serious note, Coffee makes you active, adds freshness to your routine but these forthcoming facts will make you clearly understand what doctors and health experts say about this debating topic does Coffee raise blood pressure or lower it.

Relationship between coffee and blood pressure

Doctors often recommend not to consume Coffee before checking your blood pressure. It is regular advice which people have given to their fellow beings.

They think that drinking coffee would increase your blood pressure. But it is conflicting with the thoughts of the doctor’s opinions.

Doctors have analyzed deeply based on various researches conducted around Coffee and blood pressure.This debate is going on for the long term, and research that took place in 1987 by an Italian expert suggests that Coffee would decrease the blood pressure indirectly.

To have a deep understanding of this research, nearly 15 volunteers from the United States participated in an activity. Those 15 people were non-smokers, and they did not have any issues concerned with blood pressure. Amongst those 15, six of them were coffee lovers.

Can coffee increase blood pressure

The researchers examined these 15 volunteers thoroughly with various conditions. Their blood pressure, heart rate was noted before and after consuming Coffee.

This research started with a cup of triple espresso, where after finishing had effects on their blood pressure. Researchers identified a rise in the blood pressure but not amongst the coffee lovers. There was an increase in Blood pressure among the non-coffee drinkers. The systolic pressure observed a raise around 13mm Hg.

coffee increase blood pressure

Next, they were injected with a dose of caffeine. It jolted the blood pressure but to everyone’s surprise, not the same as triple espresso. The triple espresso had a profound effect due to the heavy caffeine content.

On injecting caffeine, found an increase of about 6mm Hg of systolic pressure. The result was the same with both coffee lovers and non-coffee lovers. Their bodies responded similarly.

Is Coffee good for low blood pressure

Coffee is just a complex substance obtained from a coffee bean. The coffee beans were roasted to different temperatures, and the beans caramelized its sugar and produced a tangling aroma and lip-smacking drink.

But poor coffee beans were unaware that it would be blamed for people’s health.Five trials were conducted in the year 2011, 300 mg of caffeine was given.

And within an hour there was an increase in the systolic pressure of a human upto 8.1mmHg and there was also an increase in the diastolic blood pressure and this lasted for three hours.

The same amount of caffeine was given for almost 15 days, and there was no change in the blood pressure. Blood pressure remains the same.

Pressure and coffee

So finally on observing the volunteers, the researchers concluded that Coffee increases the blood pressure of people. Still, it does not play its role in affecting the blood pressure of people who are regularly consuming it.

When a non-coffee lover drinks Coffee for the first time, then there will be a change in his blood pressure.Regular coffee lovers did not have any change in their pressure because they were habituated to the Coffee.

But non-coffee drinkers apart from caffeine had other chemical components in their body which affected the blood pressure.A study also proved that a decaffeinated coffee would, at times make your pressure increase.

By the end of 2018, the researchers were able to analyze that a person who regularly intakes a three cup of Coffee is not much affected by the consumption.

At the same time, the person who consumes more than three cups and who has genetic problems regarding this blood pressure might have a rise in their blood pressure.

Should people with Hypertension drink coffee?

By the end of 2019, researchers concluded that people who are suffering from blood pressure and hypertension should be extra cautious while drinking Coffee.

Drinking three cups on average per day would not cause any trouble, but if you are a coffee lover and if you are unable to stop yourself from three cups, then it might turn into a problem.

Coffee lovers who drink Coffee with more caffeine content can face a risk. People who are regularly intaking Coffee for years together may not be affected that much. Their blood pressure can see some changes, but it will get stabilized after three hours.

A short term rise

An average cup of Coffee consists of about eighty to a hundred milligrams of Coffee, whereas a caffeinated soft drink contains about thirty to forty milligrams of Coffee. According to the FDA, an adult should not consume more than 400mg of caffeine per day.

And as per studies drinking Coffee around 250-300mg of caffeine per day may increase your blood pressure, but the increase in blood pressure is short-termed. It may last up to three hours, and after three hours, your blood pressure would be expected.

Is coffee good for you are not?

This question has been around the globe for years together. From the earlier days, doctors suggested that drinking coffee might harm people. Doctors were always concerned about people and their health. They were worried about people being addicted to this drink.

It is true that Coffee provides you with boundless energy but at the same time, being addicted to particular alcohol makes them worried. Studies suggested that 90%of the entire American population depended on Coffee to rejuvenate them. And this alarming rate bothered the doctors.

Doctors warned the people about the ill effects of Coffee like they felt that over intake of Coffee will affect their heart and will lead to cardiac-related issues due to higher amounts of caffeine.

They also feared that this caffeine would lead to some digestive problems as the coffee beans are acidic.These digestive problems also caused an ulcer, heartburns and other ailments to our body. Researchers on digging this issue found out that a coffee lover is more prone to such problems.

Coffee alone does not contribute to the ill health of a human. A man with unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking along with regular high intake of Coffee is affected by heart disease.

Coffee and Diabetes

On digging further, Studies also reveal that drinking coffee can reduce the probability of a person being affected by Type 2 Diabetes by 11%. A coffee lover is more benefited in this case, as the ingredients in the Coffee plays a vital role in reducing Type 2 Diabetes.

A person who drinks Coffee for about 2 to 3 cups regularly makes their body a less victim of a stroke. They keep the blood vessels flexible and make the heart active.

Coffee and cancer

A coffee lover has fewer chances of being affected by cancer. The antioxidants present in Coffee fights against the cancer cells and make the body develop an immunity against the cancer cells.
It plays a massive role in reducing liver cancer.

Coffee and lifespan

A recent study was conducted to check the lifespan of people who drank Coffee. Nearly 208,000 participants were taken into account, including both men and women. And the surprising result is people who drank Coffee are less prone to premature death. People who stay away from Coffee faces death comparatively earlier than coffee lovers.

Coffee and skincare

According to this recent study, Coffee contains anti-ageing elements. Coffee slows down the metabolic activity, which causes ageing. Every anti-ageing routine has coffee powder in it.

Does decaf Coffee raise blood pressure?

People who are suffering from blood pressure are advised not to consume decaffeinated Coffee.
In-depth research is under the process to find out the reason behind, and the cause is still unknown. The causes are quite conflicting, and hope researchers find it out quickly.

Whatever it is, Coffee is just a drink which rejuvenates us. Anything and everything has to be taken in a considerable amount. Taken insignificant amount will help to lead a healthy life.

Final Thoughts:

Coffee is the most popular drink all over the world. It is not harmful for health. Coffee is good for health, it has high antioxident which reduces the chance of heart disease. If anyone has a high blood pressure problem he should consult with a doctor for medical advice.

There is no medical research that proves coffee is a cause of permanent high blood pressure.


Is caffeine raise my blood pressure for a day?

No, It may raise your blood pressure for 2-3 hours.

What should I avoide to normalized blood pressure?

Soft Drinks, Alcohol, and sugar-containing drinks.

How many times a day can I have coffee?

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, you can take three to five cups coffee a day. Maximum 400 mg caffeine can be consumed in a day.

Is coffee helps in reducing weight?

No, It sometimes may help prevent in wieght gain. Coffee alone can’t help in reducing weight. There is no evidence that comsumption of caffiene can reduce weight.

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