Top 3 Toddler Backpacks

Toddlers would always love to have backpacks when they see their elder siblings or friends wearing a backpack and carrying important stuff in their. This is a transformation for the toddlers. they would love to feel as if they are important.

We present to you the best 3 toddler backpacks out there which are loved by the kids and have amazingly great reviews about the quality and use-ability.

1. Skip Hop Toddler Backpack:


Skip Hop sure know how to manufacture quality toddler related products. They have a wide arrange of toddler items that any parent would be enough to have for their baby. The things they have for your baby make sure they are the best in the brand and that your child will grow attached to them. The things they have for your baby are top-notch, and you’d be investing in your baby’s future by buying their line of products. The development stages for babies are essential, and hence you should supply the best for your toddler.

Top 3 Toddler BackpacksTop 3 Toddler Backpacks

If your toddler is starting kindergarten, then this is the bag to give them. The unicorn design of this bag is unisex, letting your child enjoy it fully. The bag is big and roomy for your toddler, making them pack anything they want inside it. You can fit in the school books, lunch, play items, and much more and still have room to spare. The size of the main compartment is 11l x 5w x12h. Other than the main compartment, the bag also has a mesh pocket on the side which the toddler can use for storing their water bottle. The front pouch of the bag is ideal for storing snacks, as it’s insulated, keeping the food items at just the right temperature.

The bag also has smaller pockets for storing school necessities such as crayons and pencils and other items. The main compartment also has a nametag in case the child misplaces the bag somewhere. We know that children love to make a mess, and hence the canvas material and easy to clean lining make the backpack perfect for children, letting you clean it easily whenever you please. The bag is also phthalate-free, so you don’t have to worry about any dangerous chemicals harming your child.


  • Is this backpack suitable for pre-school?

This bag was made for children going to pre-school.

  • Is the bag machine washable?

The machine is not machine washable; it can be washed by wet cloths.

  • Can this bag be used as a diaper bag?

Yes, this bag can be used as a diaper bag.

  • Can the bag fit an iPad?

Yes, you can fit an iPad in the bag if you so, please.

2. Wildkin 40078 Plane and truck backpack:


Wilkdin is a company that will provide you with the best items and utilities needed to help grow your child into a happy human being. They’ve been producing articles that are directly targeted at toddlers, and hence all their hard work and love goes into developing the best line of products for your child.  They have a wide variety of toys, bookshelves, bags, pillows, etc. that will facilitate the growth of your child, every step of the way.

Top 3 Toddler BackpacksTop 3 Toddler Backpacks

The backpack’s dimension is 12x10x4.5 inches, making it a pretty large and suitable size for your child. Any child going to kindergarten would want this bag due to the number of things you can store in it, and you know children love to take jobs they like everywhere with them. The kit consists of two main compartments, letting your toddler know what is where. You don’t have to pack lunches in big, bulky lunchboxes, but instead, you can store their snacks in the front pocket. The front pocket is insulated, keeping the snacks at just the right temperature, not letting them spoil or lose their heat.

The backpack also has side mesh pockets to let the toddler quickly put water bottles on the side. In addition to this, the bag has reflective tape on the zippered pockets, which will allow your child to feel safe when it’s dark. The backpack is made phthalate-free, ensuring no harmful chemicals reach your child. The pack comes in different attractive designs, letting your child pick the color that would suit them, making them feel more attached to the bag.

The bag is made from extremely durable 600-denier polyester fabric. The construction of the product makes sure that your everyday toddler won’t damage the bag. The bag is also pretty water resistant from the inside, so if your child makes a mess from the inside, you’ll be able to hand wash it quite easily.


  • Is the bag machine washable?

Yes, the bag is machine washable, but it can easily be cleaned with a cloth.

  • Does the bag have a loop to which you can hook the kit?

Yes, the bag has the loop at the top.

  • Does the bag have chest straps?

No, the bag only has shoulder straps.

  • Where is the backpack manufactured from?

The backpack is made in China.

3. OREZI kids toddlers backpack:


OREZI has introduced an exciting entry in their long list of aesthetically pleasing products. The company specializes in making spectacular backpacks for toddlers. Hence you can see that they know their craft. The different designs and colors they incorporate in their design make it appealing to not only toddlers but to all age groups, and you can make sure that other moms will be asking to buy for their children.

Top 3 Toddler BackpacksTop 3 Toddler Backpacks

The dimensions of the bag are10x6x12 inches, enough space for any kindergartener. The bag has two compartments, comprising of the main compartment and a front pocket end. The kit also has a side mesh pocket for water bottles.

The backpack has a padded back panel that will make it comfortable for the toddler to carry. The bag also has adjustable shoulder pads for perfect fitting. The kit also has a top loop so the toddler can hang the bag up anywhere.


  • Is the bag waterproof?

It’s not waterproof.

  • Where is the bag made in?

The bag is from China.

  • Is there a name tag on the bag?

There’s no name tag.

  • Does this bag come with a lunchbox?

No, you’ll have to buy the lunchbox separately.

Top 3 Toddler Backpacks

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