Best Head Unit for Sound Quality

Some people might feel that their cars have the worst sound quality, even after installing the best amplifiers, speakers, and subwoofers. Well, the last product that is closely linked with having the clean, crisp sound system in the car is the best head unit. It is the all-in-all product that incorporates contemporary digital audio technology in order to make the listening experience of music lovers more enjoyable & memorable while being easy to manage.

There are two important areas of consideration while shopping for head units. Firstly, people should ensure that the head unit has the right number and type of connections for hooking up all their other equipment & secondly, people need to ensure that the head unit is capable of playing music people want to enjoy.

One of the best things for the car is installing an audio system that works perfectly & in order to improve its functionality, car owners should upgrade the head unit of the car. This practice can give an edge for the car’s audio system. Moreover, upgrading the head unit of the car will help improve the equalization, speakers, and inputs of the audio system.

What Exactly a Car Head Unit is?

Before jumping into the detailed review of the best head units, it is important to know more about the head units. Basically, it is the key term when we talk about car audio. Sometimes, the car head unit is also known as the deck. It is essentially only a technical term or word for what car owners might call a dash stereo, car receiver, or even a car stereo. It is recognized as the head unit because, it gives an exclusive platform for all the hardware, option, and buttons. In short, it is a unified product for keeping all the preferred options. The car’s head unit is rightly named as it is a crucial part of the audio system. Therefore, it is important to evaluate all the options while buying one because the head unit plays a vital role when car owners focus on sound quality.

best double din head unit for sound quality

Some of the best head units for sound quality are as follows:

Best double and single din head unit for sound quality Reviewed:

With so many available products, chances are always there that people might not get the right one according to their requirements. Due to this reason, the guidance or help of this type is extremely important. This article is going to review the top 5 head units for sound quality to make the process of selecting and buying easier and hassle-free.

1. ATOTO A6 Double Din Car Navigation Stereo

Best Head Unit for Sound QualityBest Head Unit for Sound Quality

It is a double DIN car stereo that offers navigation & entertainment features. ATOTO car stereo works on the extensively used Android Marshmallow OS. Moreover, it also features fast-booting technology to let users access the gadget within 2-3 seconds once the car is started. No doubt, it is considered as one of the best car head unit due to remarkable features. we consider this the best car head unit for sound quality

This car stereo comes equipped with auxiliary video & audio input, camera input & a subwoofer and audio output. It updates firmware constantly by adding different features & dealing with a listening device. Users can install approximately 300 applications from the Goggle playstore in this device.

best double din head unit for sound quality


  • Versatile connectivity
  • Quick booting
  • Firmware updates are continuous
  • Easy to operate/control
  • Extremely responsive touchscreen

Best single din head unit for sound quality

2. Pioneer DEH-150 MP Single Din In-Dash Car Stereo

Best Head Unit for Sound QualityBest Head Unit for Sound Quality

It is relatively a basic yet worth buying model car owners can get in most advanced car stereos. The best thing is that it is quite affordable but, in spite of being low priced, the Pioneer head unit excels in sound quality. It lets people listen to FM/AM radio along with WMA CDs, MP3 and audio playback. As readers might know, whenever they convert the original MP3, or audio files, they lose the higher frequencies.

But, this head unit has a sound retriever that will restore the misplaced frequencies. Furthermore, it features the 5-band equalizer so that, users can easily customize their experience. No doubt, it is a great head unit with cool features and simple functionalities. we consider this the best single din head unit for sound quality.

best single din head unit for sound quality
best single din head unit for sound quality


  • Simple & functional design
  • Allow users to adjust the bass levels according to their requirements.
  • There will be no prompt change in volume when users switch between sources
  • Features a wireless remote control
  • Removable faceplate

3. Jensen VX7020 Touch Screen Car Stereo

Best Head Unit for Sound QualityBest Head Unit for Sound Quality

This car stereo might not have the biggest screen but, it offers some other attractive features, for instance, navigation system & Blackberry connectivity. The entire process of installation is also easy due to the provided user manual. Furthermore, it gives a wire harness, trim ring, & all required installation hardware.

The screen size is approximately 6.3” & it is a perfect LCD display. Users can find their way through the given primo navigation application. It lets users adjust their audio experiences due to 10-band customizable EQ. The head unit plays the songs on the mobile phones wirelessly whenever users stream them. In short, it is the best-selling head unit that gives plenty of features & great value for money.

Jensen VX7020 Touch Screen Car Stereo


  • Perfect video viewing and audio streaming
  • Can connect with a range of Bluetooth devices
  • Best hands-free system to manage the communications while driving
  • In-built Bluetooth wireless system
  • iGo Primo navigation
  • In-built steering wheel control

4. Boss BV9362BI Bluetooth-Enabled Car Stereo

Best Head Unit for Sound QualityBest Head Unit for Sound Quality

Both stylish and durable, this head unit designed by Boss gives the smooth functionalities. This head unit has a 6.2” LCD display along with touch controls in order to perform different functions. Likewise, it has audio streaming & Bluetooth connections to keep in touch with others via hands-free calling once paired with the smartphones. The boss head unit also has an in-built steering wheel control along with back camera input. Due to this feature, the screen will be automatically switched to the back view camera as users move into reverse.



  • Great value for money
  • Rang of radio presets
  • Microphone and remote included

5. Pioneer AVH-X2800BS In-Dash DVD Receiver

Best Head Unit for Sound QualityBest Head Unit for Sound Quality

It is worth sharing that Pioneer always introduces high-quality and best products to fulfill the stereo needs of car owners. The Pioneer head unit gives car lovers all those features they need in a contemporary car receiver such as it has Bluetooth connectivity for audio streaming & hands-free calling along with iPhone and iPod controls.

It works perfectly with Spotify & Pandora while supporting FLAC audio playback. Moreover, there are several different options when it comes to graphic customization that will allow people to select the designs and colors they want. A radio, high resolution, and LED backlighting always make a screen easy on eyes. This head unit also gives the best sound quality with the help of 13 band graphic and advanced sound equalizer.

best double din sound unit


  • Easy to install with numerous customizable options
  • Sleek design
  • Easy navigation
  • User-friendly options of the screen
  • Users can select their favorite color scheme and design


  • Bluetooth connectivity needs little improvement.

FAQs: Answered Best Head Unit for Sound Quality

After reading the reviews of the top 5 products, in this section readers will get some additional information regarding some of the factors to be kept in mind while making the decision of buying the best one depending upon the needs.

What to Look for in the Best Head Unit for Sound Quality?

Different head units have something slightly different to offer thus, prospective buyers should decide which features and functionalities are more important for them. Well, it is advised to consider the few important factors including:

  • RMS & peak power
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Smartphone compatibility
  • Sound quality
  • Playback options
  • Expandability
  • Display size

What are the Different Types of the Head Units?

Head units are currently in two types:


This head unit is twice the size once compared to single-DIN head units. It comes with highly advanced features and controls.


Usually, Single-DIN head units are available in the size of 7/2”. It fits perfectly into a dash of standard car models. Due to being inexpensive & easy to operate, single-DIN head units are more famous.

Which Type of the Car Head Unit will serve the Best Purpose?

Well, it depends upon the size of the factory stereo & available space. These two things will determine whether people get a double or single-DIN head units. After getting an idea regarding what to look for in terms of features and size, it is better to consider the price range as well.

Is it Possible to Upgrade the Head Unit from Single to Double-DIN?

Yes, users can change the head unit from single to double-DIN in few cars because it is all about space availability. A double-DIN head unit will need more space as compared to single-DIN.


In the end, it can be concluded that it is extremely challenging to select the best product from a wide range of available options to upgrade the audio system of the car. The recommended practice is to write down the important features. Moreover, it is essential to do a lot of research and get some firsthand knowledge regarding the best head unit for sound quality to make a wise decision. Lastly, prospective buyers should consider the above-discussed list of top 5 head units. Because hopefully by doing so buyers will definitely get something that matches their preferences. 

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