Best Tower Climbing Harness

If you are among those who love climbing and wanted to become an adventure climber then, no doubt climbing harness will surely matter a lot along with climbing ropes and rock climbing shoes.

A high-quality tower climbing harness is a useful and necessary tool that fastens the rope to the climber’s body. It is worth sharing that without the climbing harness, the climbers can face many problems in order to remain safe and intact throughout the climb.

Moreover, if in case, the climbers make any mistake during the climb they can completely trust their climbing harness because it keeps climbers stable and safe. Therefore, be very cautious while selecting the best tower harness for the upcoming adventure to have additional safety.

For the avid tower climbers, finding and buying a durable and high-quality climbing harness should be their first priority. When climbing, if climbers are wrongly tied in or even using a low-quality harness then, certainly they are risking their lives and the lives of other members as well.  Therefore, buying and wearing a good harness is important.

Before climbers purchase one, it is recommended to do a lot of research & try on different types. But, tower climbers must know about the different types of climbing which they are considering. Since each harness serves a different purpose. You cannot use a winter climb harness for sporty climbs and so on.

Working from heights has some inherent dangers such as environmental concerns, location and weather all present the different challenges including the work to be finished. Therefore, it is a recommended practice to use a tower climbing harness.

Best Tower Climbing Harness

Additionally, some climbers opt tower climbing as a career because the demand for well-trained tower climbers is undeniable & so is the ongoing demand for high-quality safety gear. It is worth sharing that a safety tower climbing harness plays a vital role in the career of tower climber & if climbers want to avoid that prospective injury during construction, falls and maintenance then, they should invest in the best tower climbing harness along with other safety gears.

Apart from ensuring safety, the tower climbing harness must also give a higher-level of adjustment & comfort because it will reduce the stress & make the climb easy. Nowadays, there are a ton of options available & sometimes too many options could be overwhelming. So, before tower climbers start living their passion, it’s time to explore the best tower climbing harnesses currently available. But, firstly it is crucial to know more about the tower climbing harness. 

What is a Tower Climbing Harness?

So, what exactly is the purpose and function of the tower climbing harness? It is a harness that gives the ultimate durability, comfort, and performance, exceeding all the expectations once used in the very challenging climbing situations. A climbing harness permits the climber to fasten to a tower along with the work-positioning belt. A tower climbing harness is a safety belt that is specially designed to be used for different tasks such as mountain climbing, cave climbing, training, etc.

The Best 10 Tower climbing Harness for safety list:

My choices for the best tower climbing harnesses below will highlight the best-selling and famous products currently available.

1. KwikSafety THUNDER 3D Ring Safety Harness

This brand truly understands the importance of climber’s safety thus, offering a great tower climbing harness. The KwikSafety harness is qualified for quality and safety by being durable and durable. This tower climbing harness ensures that climbers remain safe because of its fluorescent yellow color along with synthetic and durable material. It comes equipped with 1 dorsal ring & considered perfect for major arrester attachment, rescue, and travel restraint.

Moreover, the high loading bearing straps of the harness are specially made from non-recycled, pure synthetic material, has high-quality stitching & resistance against abrasion, heat, and aging. This THUNDER harness also works amazingly with any compatible safety lanyard, anchorage lanyards, and lifelines & absorbs that offer protection against falls.

The harness is safe to use at airports, ports, highways, tree climbing, rescue, and tower climbing as it offers the best fall protection.


  • Durable, made of high-quality materials
  • Fits perfectly
  • Reasonably priced
  • Perform the job
  • Features three pass-through fasteners to ensure safety
  • Corrosion-resistant due to yellow zinc anodized pass-through connectors
  • Have numerous adjustment points


  • No doubt, the harness is worth having but, the instructions included and packaging needs improvement

2. Guardian Fall Protection 11173 M-L Harness

Available in different sizes, the guardian fall protection harness is surely a worth buying product. Efficient and streamlined, this harness is suited perfectly for a range of fall protection applications. It features shoulder pads, back pad and great elasticity in the climber’s shoulders to ensure added comfort. Moreover, the climbers can adjust it easily while having break-away rope keepers. The harness is designed with 6 points when it comes to adjustment to cater to the individual needs of climbers.


  • Fast adjust torso fasteners
  • Shoulder straps give added stretch-ability
  •  Extremely comfortable and flexible

3. Weanas Thicken Climbing Harness

For mountaineering climbs & skiing especially where traveling/climbing light is involved, the Weanas thicken harness will serve the best purpose. It is very easy to put it on & off. This harness fits perfectly on different sizes thus, making it a worth buying product. It has a high-load bearing capacity along with the webbing and connections that are very durable to bear the weight & ensure safety.


  • Multi-purpose
  • Fits on all sizes
  • Offer comfortable cushioning
  • Durable bearing ring

4. X XBEN 5 D-Ring Fall Protection Safety Harness

The best harness for restraint & rescue and, fall arrest applications as it is specially designed with extremely durable and heavy-duty webbing. The X XBEN harness is very lightweight and made to ensure visibility in order to keep climbers safe. The best thing is that climbers can use the harness during night jobs because the reflective design will allow people around to notice climbers’ presence. It comes equipped with a range of safety elements & among all of them, the adjustable 5 D-Ring is simply amazing to let climbers enjoy free range of the movement for various positions & safety during falls. The webbing of the harness is tangle-free and water repellent to help keep climbers comfortable and dry. This safety harness is highly recommended for tower climbers, roofers, painters, and carpenters, etc.


  • Can bear severe weather conditions
  • Heavy-duty and high-quality
  • Made of, Zinc plated steel for durability and bright yellow color to enhance visibility
  • Well built
  • Lightweight & fits perfectly


  • Buckle system could be improved

5. 3M DBI-SALA ExoFit XP 1110301 Tower Climbing Harness

Now, tower climbing lovers can take their climbing passion to another level by selecting the 3M DBI tower climbing harness that features new technology to ensure comfort and safety. Moreover, this tower climbing harness has a great 3-D mesh padding to evaporate the moisture/humidity thus, allowing climbers to enjoy cool air circulating around their bodies.

It is worth sharing that the padding of the harness is washable and removable for added comfort convenience. The tower climbers will definitely like the included cushioned hip and leg straps that offer relaxation thus, reducing the chances of falls.


  • It offers a Best D-RING feature that ensures safe and fast connections
  • Webbing is lightweight
  • Have soft edging in order to prevent chafing

6. Peakworks Safety Harness Full Body  

This harness is ANSI Z359 certified, it means that the harness comes under the category of the best tower climbing harnesses currently available. It comes equipped with large D-RING connect for stress-free lanyard connection. Moreover, the Peakworks harness has a fall signal to inspect the gadget before using it. The harness has 3 adjustable points along with pass-thru straps of reflective green color at chest and legs to provide a secure, comfortable, and perfect fit for both women and men, small and large.


  • It has a sub-pelvic belt that offers added support and safety
  • The harness includes two lanyard park thus, giving easy and simple storage when it comes to fall arrest rope.
  • Made of high-quality material

7. KissLoves Full Body Safety Climbing Harness 

It a very dependable and well-made climbing harness as it features a bullhorn shaped belt that is designed using dual-core construction. Additionally, a fast-dry and high-quality nylon webbing & a professional high dragging power sewing thread is used thus, making KissLoves tower climbing harness very strong and safe. The frame construction of the climbing harness ensures great weight distribution to give optimal comfort.


  • Multi-functional
  • Durable and professional
  • Comfortable
  • Waist and legloops are adjustable
  • Comes with fall-protection system


  • Not recommended for heavyweight climbers
  • Buckles could be improved

FQAs: Answered the Best Tower Climbing Harness   

So, after reading the detailed review of each product, the climbing lovers would be in a better position to select the harness according to their climbing requirements. Now, further, this article will examine the frequently asked questions regarding the tower climbing harnesses. After knowing the answers to all those questions, the climbers can get the proper and best tower climbing harness to keep themselves safe and comfortable.

Which Harness Should Climbers Use?

It is important to note that the answers vary a lot, depending upon the climber’s job tasks, the working environment, etc. Generally, the tower climbing harness is specially designed for meeting the supervisory & task requirements in different environments including tower climbing. The best tower climbing harnesses are lightweight with inbuilt seats, rescue connections, and aluminum hardware.

What are the Different Parts of Tower Climbing Harness?

This question is extremely important for all those tower climbing lovers who are new to the climbing world. Before buying a tower climbing harness, they must know about the different parts of the climbing harness. These parts are as follows:


The majority of the tower climbing harnesses give a combination of comfort along with the little volume. One or even two buckles helps in adjusting the waistbelt


Padded for protection and comfort, adjustable to let clothing changes when staying tie-in. The legloops are made for a range of materials


Usually, they consist of one or two pieces of the metal to permit an automatic & manual dual back respectively. It is worth sharing that do check the buckles on your harness while buying one.

Gear Loops

Many tower climbing harnesses come equipped with four gear loops. These loops are made from webbing or plastic. In order to have ultimate customization, some harnesses have changeable gear loops of plastic.

Haul Loop

It is located directly on the rear of any harness & used to support a 2nd haul line or rope

How to Pick the Correct Size?

One important aspect behind buying a tower climbing harness is selecting the right size. Always remember that an incorrect size can lead towards severe damage thus, keeping this crucial factor in mind, try to read & understand the size chart of the desired tower climbing harness provided by the brand or manufacturer before confirming the order. Moreover, please note that each brand has its own size chart. Never make the mistake of buying a product from one brand after considering the size chart of another brand. But, there is great news for tower climbing lovers, nowadays the best climbing harnesses can easily be adjusted.

How Climbers Can Put on & Test a Tower Climbing Harness?

The below-given text will give some basic information because it is always recommended to follow the brand’s instructions for the particular model of a tower climbing harness.

Putting on the Tower Climbing Harness, isn’t it that easy?

Firstly, climbers should loosen the harness’s straps on each legloop & afterward, loosen the strap locking the climber’s waistbelt.  Now, pick the harness while paying due attention to the legloops because they should not cross each other. Likewise, the waistbelt should be inverted. Moreover, when it comes to the belay loop, then do remember that it should not be twisted in fact, it has to face the harness’s front side.

Now, climbers have to slightly situate a waistbelt above their iliac crest. Having a waistbelt directly above the hips always ensures that climbers will not slip out of their harnesses accidentally in case, they fall off, upside-down. When the waistbelt is set, tighten it firmly. Do not leave a gap between the harness and waist more than 2”. The buckle should be doubled back. The well-fitted and best tower climbing harness is capable of adjusting the smaller and larger sizes equally thus, allowing the harness to shrink or grow in diameter.

Legloops should be adjusted only once at a given time. The right placement of the waistbelt is more important as compared to the legloops. Because, the tighter the legloops of the harness, the more comfortable and snug climbers will be when hanging. However, there will be a little limitation in movement. Lastly, the buckles need to be doubled back on every loop.

How to inspect climbing harness?

Testing a Tower Climbing Harness

No doubt, one cannot check the level of comfort and protection a harness has to offer, without weighting or hanging on it because a weighted tower climbing harness will feel extremely comfortable.

It should be noted that the waistbelt does not move or shift excessively. In case it does, climber should tighten it to stop shifting. Additionally, if the climbers feel any points of stress, then they should consider finding a different tower climbing harness. If climbers feel like they are using a lot of their core for keeping themselves upright then, they might have to change the harness’s rise.

Most importantly, everyone is different having different physique and body features therefore, not each tower climbing harness would fit perfectly. Nowadays, climbers can find a huge range of harnesses but, still, be careful while getting the one.

What Important Factors Should be considered while buying the Best Tower Climbing Harness?

how to inspect climbing harness

The tower climbing harness is currently available in many sizes, designs having different price ranges. Due to this logical reason, climbers might have a tough time selecting & then settling for the best tower climbing harness. Therefore, climbers should consider the following factors to help narrow down their options.


It is a well-accepted fact that safety always comes first, the same applies while purchasing the best tower climbing harness. So, the tower climbing avid should consider well-known brands because they are qualified for safety and quality.  Furthermore, qualified brands of the climbing harnesses have undertaken strict tests to ensure that they never have any kind of limitations. When it comes to climbers, then they should check thoroughly check the weight capacity and breaking strength of the tower climbing harness they are going to buy.

Fit and Size

Just like climbing shoes, try to look for the right size as some brands give different size options. The climbers should go for the climbing harness that will suit their bodies while considering the adjustment requirements. It simply means that the harness does not need to be very loose nor very tight. Because an extremely tight tower climbing harness will not provide the needed comfort similarly, a very loose harness will compromise climber’s safety. So, the recommended practice is to select the size and fit that suits perfectly without compromising comfort and safety.


Do not ruin your adventure due to an uncomfortable tower climbing harness. Try to get a high-quality tower climbing harness to keep yourself safe and comfortable. A harness will thicker straps and padded seats are highly recommended.

Is it Good Practice to Wash Tower Climbing Harness?

The tower climbing harness always gets dirty after excessive usage. Initially, it is better to just rinse the harness. However, if rinsing is not enough, climbers can hand wash the harness with the help of mild soap and warm water. But, never put the harness in bleach to avoid wear & tear.  

When to Replace the Tower Climbing Harness?

Well, if a climber keeps the harness in good condition then, it should last up-to three years. Obviously, the answer would depend on the frequency of usage.

Final Words:

Tower climbing is considered as a breathtaking yet dangerous experience. The basics of tower climbing are easier to learn but, hard to master, however, wearing the correct gear will surely help the climbers to gain the confidence they need to push their limits.

Therefore, tower climbers must invest in an appropriate product to get the fruitful results. The significance of selecting and buying the suitable and best tower climbing harness will surely become clearer when climbers are on the rock or facing towers.

A good tower climbing harness needs to fit perfectly while offering the required support to climbers. It is not easy to get a tower climbing harness that truly ticks the correct boxes. Besides, offering adequate comfort and support, a tower climbing harness needs to be very versatile & capable of withstanding extreme outdoor settings such as winds, heat, abrasion, and humidity.

Moreover, a tower climbing harness is very important when it comes to keeping climbers safe during climbing. But, it does not mean that climbers should purchase just any tower climbing harness that is according to the reliable safety certifications because a lot of other compulsory things are also there. Thus, keeping the importance of best tower climbing harness in my mind, In this article, I have tried reviewing some of the best tower climbing harnesses currently available, which no doubt provides impressive affordability and solid performance.

How to Rock Climb better – Step by step guide

how to tie a harness out of rope:

The video below shows How to Tie the Figure 8 Follow Through Loop

how to climb a transmission tower?

How to prepare for tower climbing?

Tools. That’s right– you have actually been so concentrated on preparing to go up that you entirely forgot that you need to do things while you’re up there. Once again, have your climber pal help you get whatever you’ll require for the job at hand. Ensure you have a tower wrench, a set of small channel locks, two little crescent wrenches, a box-cutter type knife, a flat-head screwdriver, half a paper towel, and a roll each of skinny tape and fat tape.

That will do for a lot of tasks, and if you need anything else, the landing crew will send it up on the rope. Tuck all these tools firmly into your tool pouches. Make certain they’re safe and secure. The last thing you wish to do is drop anything off the top of a tower. A screwdriver falling from 200 feet can break a windshield. Pierce a roofing. Someone’s head. So take note and don’t miss your pocket.

Speaking of rope, the lead climber should carry the rope. Tonight, that’s not you. You’ll have a knowledgeable climber going up with you to teach you what you require to understand, and he or she will probably bring the rope and take block.


These both are almost the same except a few differences mentioned here.

The shape:

The shape of the tower climbing harness is normal H shaped in comparison to the Rope access which is normally V.

Connection point:

The Rope access harness has 2 connection points, one at the top and one on the lower side.

How Rope access harness works:

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