Best coffee maker for cold brew

When the temperature rises in the summer, cold brew coffee is one of the best summer drinks that is mostly taken by people.  You can get a smooth and flavorful cold brew coffee from your local coffee shop, but it would be so cheap for making the same delicious and tasty coffee at home.

Making cold brew coffee at home isn’t a great or big task. All you need is a good coffee maker for cold brew. In this article we are going to discuss the best coffee maker for cold brew.


A coffee maker is an electric appliance that is used to blend hot coffee consequently. It has a hot plate,a glass coffee pot, channel crate and water repository.

I think there is nothing more significant than having a mug of coffee in the start of a day. Yet, on the off chance that your Starbucks wakeup routine is beginning to leave an imprint in you funds, in this regard I can recommend a high evaluation coffee makers for your kitchen.

These days there are several incredible coffee producers in every market and online stores. There are so many options to choose but I have made it easier for you by sharing the best coffee makers with you. There are 2 best coffee makers for those who want a pour-over quality coffee.

One of it is a Bonavita Connoisseur coffee maker and the other is an Oxo brew 9 cup coffee maker. Both of these are simple and the most easy to use for making a cup of drip coffee. Both of these are tested several times for making every type of coffee and offers best quality and flavor. 

But as per one’s needs there are some other recommendations:

  • Best overall coffee maker: Breville the barista Express espresso,  Bonavita Connoisseur,  Oxo brew 9 cup coffee.
  • Best single- serve coffee: Sboly single serve coffee brewer, Keurig  Café and Breville-Nespresso USA vertuoplus.
  • Best programmable coffee maker: Cuisinart coffee plus 12-cup programmable coffee maker.
  • Best versatile coffee maker: Ninja hot and cold brewed system auto IQ tea and coffee maker. 
  • Best coffee maker for large capacity: 40  cup Hamilton beach brew station.
  • Best high-end coffee maker: 40 ounce Technivorm Moccamaster coffee brewer.


There are many coffee makers that can produce the best quality of cold brew coffee but the most advanced and simplest type of coffee maker for cold brew is Oxo good grip cold brew coffee maker that is available at Amazon having the price of 49.95 USD. 

The cold brew coffee is smooth and less acidic coffee having sweet flavor and aroma as compared to the other coffees. A cold brew coffee is a drink that is consumed in both summers and winters. A cold brew is brewed by soaking the coffee beans at room temperature for a long period of time to extract the sweet flavor and aroma from the beans. 

The Oxo good grips Cold brew coffee maker makes this process easy. It is an easy to use coffee maker having a compact design and one button to use and one button to clean. It can produce a smooth and balanced cold coffee with less acidity and sweet flavor at home without making  a trip to café. Its sleek design can perk up any countertop.

There are some other recommendations

according to one’s needs:

1. Best cold brew coffee maker for big batches:

County line kitchen cold brew maker (at

Amazon ), Brim smart value cold brew maker.

2. Best cold brew coffee maker on budget:

Takeya patented deluxe cold brew coffee maker

at( Amazon ), Hario Mizudashi at (Amazon).

3. Best cold brew coffee maker for fast brewing:

Gourami cold brew coffee maker, Cuisinart

Automatic cold brew coffee maker.

4. Most versatile cold brew coffee maker: Chef N#39;n

3 in 1 craft coffee brewing set.

5. Best for rich flavor: Filtron cold water coffee

concentrate brewer at ( Filtron ).


Although there are many good cold brew coffee makers but here I will discuss some of them briefly:

1.The Oxo Good grips coffee maker: 

If you are in love with a cold brew coffee you don’t have to visit your local coffee shop as you can make it in the home, just buy the Oxo good grips cold brew coffee maker and use it. It makes the process quite easy and produces a less acidic coffee having sweet aroma and flavor. It is a quiet, simple and easy to use machine. 

The Oxo good grips coffee maker can produce a smooth and sweet flavored coffee at home. It has a perforated rainmaker that distributes the water equally to all grounds for best flavor extraction. It has only one switch that makes it easy to use for filtration by clicking at once.

The filter is ultra fine and stainless steel that is very easy to use. The glass carafe consists of measurement markings, and combines with the stopper to Keep the coffee fresh. It has 32 ounce capacity and includes the 10 paper filters.

Available: It is available on Amazon and William Sonoma for 50 USD. 


  • The Oxo good grips coffee maker is quite easy to set up. It has 4 parts, put them together and get started
  • It is quiet easy to use and clean
  • It has a good and attractive design.
  • The customer service is great.
  • Produce a great quality of coffee having sweet flavor and aroma. 
  • It can produce coffee that can be stored for one week or more.


  • Needs filter paper to keep coffee grounds out of the final brew.
  • Brewing container is made of plastic which can get stained easily and can’t be cleaned even with gentle soapy hot water.
  • Not saving space, I need a lot of space in the kitchen. 
  • Filter clogs and regular cleaning is required. 
  • It cannot make more than 4 cups.

2.Takeya patented deluxe cold brew coffee maker:

It is another best type of cold brew coffee maker.


Get hold of a new experience by tasting the cold brew of Takeya cold brew coffee maker. It is durable and produces 4 servings of a smooth and less acidic coffee. It has a fine-mesh Coffee filter that keeps the grounds out of the brew. It has premium bottles and lids and has innovative hydrations solutions. It is basically imported from the USA.

Available : It is available at Amazon for 21.64 USD.


  • It is an easy and cheap way to make and brew coffee.
  • It has a lightweight and has great filters.
  • It can hold a good volume of coffee.
  • It is easily affordable due to its low price.
  • Much easier to clean


  • Its handles feel cheap.
  • It’s plastic and cheap. The coffee will sooner or later stain the plastic and it will look worn.
  • The inner filter that looks at the main cap does not lock it snugly. This sometimes allows the grounds to escape into the outer filtered area when you shake the coffee maker.
  • It’s not user friendly in design. 
  • It doesn’t make large batches. 
  • It says that it is 4 cup, but all it can make is 2 cup coffee.

3.Hario Mizudashi cold brew coffee maker:

This one goes to all the cold brew connoisseurs. The Hario Mizudashi coffee maker provides you the best cold brew coffee at home without any extra hassle.

 It is made in Japan and is famous for its tough glass and some plastic components. It comes in two sizes that are 600 ml and 1000 ml. It does not require any extra parts or accessories and is also suitable for making tea.

Simply load the mesh basket with ground coffee, provide them with a dose of cool water and put it in the refrigerator. The filter is easily removed for cleaning and the vessel itself can be used for storage and services. The Mizudashi was made to use cold water to make sweet flavored coffee like others do.

Available: It is also available at Amazon. 


  • It is quite good for iced coffee and hot coffee.
  • It is much easier to use.
  • Produces delicious and smooth coffee.
  • It has an elegant glass design.
  • It is quite small and portable.


  • It is very fragile and delicate.
  • It can only make a few cups of coffee per use.
  • It generally requires more time to brew coffee ( 8 hours ).
  • The narrow openings makes it hard to wash.
  • It has a glass container. 

4.Toddy cold brew coffee system:

The toddy cold brew coffee maker extracts the pure delicious flavor and smell from coffee beans and produces a smooth, less acidic coffee. This coffee is served one cup at one time. It has one glass container with a handle, one glass decanter with lid, 2 reusable filters and one rubber stopper.

This is a great option for brewing up a batch of coffee and keeping in the fridge for up to weeks. Serve either streaming hot coffee or cold iced coffee, enjoy cup after cup of cold brewed perfection.

Available: It can be easily purchased from Amazon.


  • It creates a volume of coffee without much hassle.
  • It provides a great balance of simplicity and flavor.
  • It is a simple system made of durable materials which can lasts long.
  • It brews both coffee and tea. Coffee concentrate lasts up to 2-3 weeks.
  • The machine is lightweight and small size for placement and storage.


  • The Toddy system is not very attractive to look at and is very bulky.
  • Requires a lot of patience to get the cold brewed coffee.
  • Once you remove the stopper at the conclusion of the brew cycle, you need to quickly set the brewing container on the decanter to drain. Hence it is not much easy to use.
  • The brewing container is made of plastic which can stain very easily.
  • Rubber stoppers may need to be replaced.

5.Cuisinart-DCB Automatic cold brew coffee maker: 

The Cuisinart automatic cold brew coffee maker has made it much easier to make the cold brew coffee by decreasing the time span. Instead of using hours it uses only 25 minutes to produce cold brew coffee. The Cuisinart Automatic coffee maker is similar to the traditional drip coffee maker in construction.

It has a filter basket and water repository at the top and the glass carafe is below where the final cold brew is going to drain into. The filter basket is made of stainless steel so no paper filters are required.

Available: It can be purchased from Amazon and William Sonoma. It is available on Bed and bath beyond for 79.98 USD.


  • No skills are required, just load the ground coffee , water and press the button.
  •  It can make a cup of coffee in much less time. (About 20-25 minutes).
  • The coffee made by Cuisinart Automatic cold brew coffee maker is ready to drink. No need of dilution.
  • No paper filters are required. The basket is of stainless steel and is washable and reusable.
  • Glass carafe and water tank are removable for easy cleaning. 


  • The taste of coffee produced is not deep and complex flavored like the other coffee makers. 
  • The coffee made is not a concentrate so a small amount can be made from a single brew.
  • It has many smaller parts and is difficult to access and clean.
  • The quality of coffee produced is not very good.
  • It needs electricity. 

6.Filtron cold water coffee concentrate brewer:

The Filtron cold brew coffee maker extracts the pure and true tastes and flavors from the coffee and grounds and provides a smooth and less acidic coffee that can be served one cup at a time. It can make the coffee concentrate that has the shelf life of up to 4 weeks.

This system includes a coffee bowl with handle, water bowl, wool felt pad with plastic storage container, rubber stopper, grounds guard, ½ liter decanter and 2 samples paper liners. It is perfect and ideal for people having a sensitive stomach .

Available: It can be purchased from Filtron for 39.95 USD.


  • It is very easy to use.
  • It has a no-spill carafe.
  • It can make all kinds of coffee hot and cold.
  • If the components are used properly it can be long lasting. 
  • The components are easier to put together.


  • It is a bit expensive, as it is made id plastic so it’s a bit overpriced. 
  • Replacement parts are hardly to find. 
  • Filters should be taken care of to prevent it from molding.
  • Be careful while using it so that it can’t be knocked over because of its narrow carafe.
  • It leaks during filtering. 

7.Gourmia GCM6800 Cold brew coffee maker:

The Gourmia cold brew coffee maker is quiet enjoyable to use. Its sound can’t be heard while it is running. With this device there is no need to wait longer to brew coffee as it can rapidly brew the ground coffee in just 8 to 10 minutes. It generally comes with 8 parts.

A lid, a Fine mesh filter, a coffee basket that can holds up to 60 g of course coffee, an ice basket that holds ice when used in the chilled process, it has a removable fountain, a glass carafe that holds 24Hz of water max, and the main housing unit that contains the timer button, the on and off switch.

Available: It is available for 40 USD at Amazon. 


  • It is very easy to use and clean.
  • Stylish design, enough to be used as a serving container. 
  • It has durable construction. 
  • The vacuum technology preserves the coffee’s delicate flavor.
  • It has a stainless steel filter.


  • It has only 48 capacity.
  • Bad units may have metal shards on the filter.
  • It makes very weak coffee. The coffee quality is not too good.
  • The filter holes are too large. The filter is also bit difficult to clean and not easily rinse out the grounds.
  • The glass is too fragile and delicate.

8.Yama cold brew coffee tower:

The Yama cold brew coffee tower is a beautiful combination of both art and science that produces an ideal special coffee. It take extreme care to extract the taste and flavor from the ground coffee to make the ideal  coffee brew slowly and carefully.

Put the correct volume of water in above portion and that of the ground coffee in the middle portion to produce a strong and delicious cold brew. This coffee maker holds 32 oz. It is made of premium hand blown borosilicate glass by master glass bowers. The coffee produced after 3 hours brewing is very thick and smooth.

yama cold brew coffee tower

Available: It can be purchased from Amazon for 240-250 USD. 


  • Putting it together is quite easy. No skills or instructions are required. 
  • Produce fantastic cold brew for 8 ounce servings.
  • The coffee produce has a great quality of flavor.
  • The coffee is free from oily sludge.
  • It can make tea as well.
  • It has great and interesting design. 


  • Needs a lot of space.
  • It takes more time for brewing coffee. 
  • It has quiet heavy weight. 
  • It is very much expensive. 
  • Glass beakers tend to be fragile. 
  • Water nozzle is difficult to control.

Buyer Guide

How to make cold brew coffee concentrate?

To make Cold brew coffee concentrate is quite easy In this process cold brew concentrate ratio is very important or the amount of coffee grounds respective to the amount of water. it is better to make cold brew coffee concentrate at home because it is far cheaper that stores.

At home there are many ways to make iced coffee, but the cold brew method is just loved the most. In cold brew you simply mix ground coffee with cool water and marinate the mixture overnight  in the fridge then next day strain the mixture, leaving you with a concentrate that can be stored for two weeks Below you can see the recipe of making cold brew coffee concentrate at home.

Method of cold brew coffee concentrate:

Making cold brew coffee concentrate  above four steps are to be followed one by one.

1.Place coffee in a large glass measuring cup or you can place it in a bowl

2. Fill glass with ice cubes & add 4 ounce of Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate. Pour 4 ounce of Chameleon Cold-Brew Concentrate.

3.Measure out 4 ounces of other liquid and add to cold brew concentrate.

4.Stir both the liquid-of-choice & concentrate together.

What is the advantage of cold-brewed coffee?

If you used to drink dark roast coffee and cannot handle the stomach problems, then cold brew coffee will surely be the perfect drink for you. If you are the one who start their day with a cup of coffee for energy and alertness cold brew not having any disadvantage is then best for you.

Cold brew coffee has almost about 40 milligrams per 100 grams of coffee. which is almost less than your regular drip coffee from the coffee shop with a difference of 20 milligrams.

The biggest advantage of Cold brew is that cold brew is sweeter ,smoother and is 67% less acidic than hot coffee but there are several other advantages too which are as follows.

·         Heart disease risk will be reduced in cold brew coffee.

·         Cold brew may boost your metabolism

·         Cold brew may lift your mood

·         Cold brew may be easier on your stomach than hot coffee

·         Cold brew may help you live longer.

·         Cold brew may reduce your risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease

What is a cold brew coffee maker and how does it work?

There are several cold brew coffee makers that u can make cold brew coffee with, 

For example: 

 Best cold brew coffee maker for big batches:

County line kitchen cold brew maker (at

Amazon ), Brim smart value cold brew maker.

2. Best cold brew coffee maker on budget:

Takeya patented deluxe cold brew coffee maker

at( Amazon ), Hario Mizudashi at (Amazon).

3. Best cold brew coffee maker for fast brewing:

Gourami cold brew coffee maker, Cuisinart

Automatic cold brew coffee maker.

4. Most versatile cold brew coffee maker: Chef'n

3 in 1 craft coffee brewing set.

5. Best for rich flavor: Filtron cold water coffee

concentrate brewer at ( Filtron ).

But if you are not in a hurry there are plenty of other machines just like Oxo’s cold brewer It is very easy to operate and easy to clean too. You just scoop the grounds into the trash and rinse it out. 

How does it work?

Step by step guidance will make clear that how does Oxo’s cold brewer work

Flip its container downside & set mesh filter so that it sits flat in base.

Screw on filter cap until secure and then place it’s container on the stand now set the brew-release switch to the up position.

Add 10 284 grams coarsely ground coffee to its container and on the top place rainmaker.  If using an OXO Conical Burr Grinder, this will be 11-15 on the grind setting. 10 oz is 3.5 cups.

Pour 5 cups of water over rainmaker in a circular motion. If coffee is grounded freshly now allow coffee to finish blooming.

Remove rainmaker and slowly stir grounds. Keep it room temperature for 12-24 hrs.

Once brewing is finished, slide glass flask underneath stand. Press and release switch down to drain approximately after draining it will take 20 minutes depending on the ground size.

Before draining is complete flip up brew-release switch to stop the drip.

Use stopper to seal glass carafe, and store in the fridge for up to two weeks.

For One person serving:

Pour ¼ cup concentrate into a cup

·         For Iced Coffee: Add  ½ – ¾ cup cold water or mil also ice

·         For Hot Coffee: Add ½ – ¾ cup hot water or milk

Frequently Asked Questions:

How to make cold brew coffee ?

It is very easy to make a cold brew coffee the steps are as follows.
Grind 1 cup of coffee, and put it in a container.
Add 4 cups of water
Stir it slowly
 Cover it and leave it at room temperature for six hours.
Filter the coffee beans twice then run it once more through a paper filter.
Rest it to chill
now pour on top of ice your cold brew coffee is ready.

How to make French press cold brew coffee?

To make French press cold brew coffee steps are as follows.
Measure And Grind Coffee Beans and pour them into the French press.
Fill up your French press with 3 ¾ cups of filtered water, do not stir pour it in a slow circular motion.
You now need to let your brew sit at room temperature for no less than 12 hours.
Take a wooden spoon and slowly push the coffee grounds .
Slowly pour the cold brew concentrate through.
Once you complete filtering, cover the concentrate for up to two weeks store it in the fridge

3. How do you make cold foam?

For making cold foam you’ll probably need the following things which are as follows

1.For the cold foam and sweat cream:

·         Half (½) cup of condensed milk

·         1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

·         1 cup of heavy whipping cream

2.For the Irish coffee:

·         For serving flaky sea salt 

4.How to make cold brew coffee fast ?

To make a fast cold brew coffee steps are as follows.

  • Grind beans
  • Add coffee and water do not shake it may cause problems with pressure releasing time.
  • Chill it
  • Release pressure or filter it
  • Now,Drink it 

5.How to filter large batches of cold brew?

To filter large batches of cold brew steps are as follows.

  • Grind the coffee beans.
  • Combine the ground coffee and water in the jar. …
  • Stir it
  • Marinate the coffee overnight.
  • Strain the coffee.
  • Transfer to the cold brew to a clean jar 
  • Make your iced coffee.

6.How much coffee for cold brew coffee pot ?

Cold brew coffee ratio is 3/4 cup grounded coffee to every four cups of cold water coffee pot.

7.What is the best Starbucks coffee for cold brew?

Starbucks coffee for cold brew is that it has much of their advertising flavors. It tastes perfectly smooth specially when cold foam is added.One 16-ounce iced coffee at Starbucks contains 165 milligrams of caffeine, while a same size cold brew has 205 milligrams.

  • How long to grind coffee beans for French press?

It will take 5 to 10 seconds to grind coffee beans for French press


People not only drink hot coffee but also drink and like cold coffees due to its favorable tastes

Coffees contain a stimulant called caffeine that is why it keeps person energetic and active when you start your day with it. Cold brew coffee has many health benefits that are why it will not affect you badly.

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