Best DSLR camera Backpacks for travel (Buying Guide 2022)

Gone are those times when people used to think that camera bags can only carry a camera. Now there are many bags out there which are so cool and carry much more than a camera, They can carry many of your lenses, tripods and even ipads.

Remember the more functional your bag is the better will be your travel life. We present 4 of those bags which not only are great according to us, But also once people buy them by our recommendation, give a very positive review about them, Here are the Top 4 Best DSLR camera Backpacks with compartments for travel in 2020 which can store many other things as well, plus which are water proof and can store laptops as well.

Quick Answer Why we listed down these 3 Backpacks?

1. Best Affordable Camera Backpack-AmazonBasics SLR/DSLR Backpack

2. Best Camera Backpack for Travel-CADeN Camera Backpack

3. Best Compact DSLR Backpack-Neewer Camera Case

How to choose best camera backpack?


People usually carry SD card, cables, lenses with DSLR. Best DSRL camera backpack should have separate pockets. If anyone wants to travel he has to carry documents, mobile, powerback and some other stuff as well.

Some camera backpacks have space for clothes these are ideal for traveling and air traveling as well. these sizes are measured in litres size range between 15 liter to 40 liter. you can choose as per your need. you can carry other traveling stuff in 40 liter backpack.


Backpack range is between 1 kg to 2.5 kg. Photography lovers know that the equipment are heavy. DSRL / Camera backpacks are heavy in weight as compare to other backpacks.


Nature lovers love to capture best scenes because of this they have to carry their backpack while traveling. For outdoor photography light weight backpack with padded back and straps is ideal also it is easy to carry.

Other Compartments:

It is better to carry one backpack instead of two. DSLR backpack should have other compartments to carry stuff like documents, power bank, laptop, water bottle, charger etc.


Price depends on features and quality. if you carry your camera for traveling you can buy budget backpack. on the other hand if you are extreme photography lover you usually spend more money on equipment so it is worth to spend bit more on backpack.


Hardcore photographers carry camera often. they may travel by bus, train, plane bag get banged, scratches, etc. backpack should be water-resistant and durable with quality material.

second thing to see in backpack is protection because camera equipment is not only expensive but also delicate. padded compartments and foam dividers prevent banging between them.

Comfort is important. straps should be padded with padded back and everything is easily accessible you don’t face difficulty in finding gear in your bag.

Types of Backpack:


Backpacks are more popular than other camera bags. it has multi compartments in which you can easily carry laptop, tablet, with camera gear.

Only issue is access because you have to take off backpack to get gear.

Shoulder Bag:

Shoulder bags are usually smaller than other backpacks. you can carry on one shoulder or across chest. it is light in weight with limited space and easily accessible.

Roller Bag:

These bags are good for heavy camera equipment. In terms of capacity roller bags are similar to backpacks.

This type of bags good for urban projects but not good for rugged and remote work. these bags rolled on the ground we can not carry them on back.

Messenger Bag:

Similar to shoulder bags but larger than them and also have long strap. Messenger bags can also carry as cross body bags.

Holster Bag:

If you do event and nature photography often then holster bag is a good choice. it is smaller than should bag and only camera and lens can keep in it.

if you want to carry it you have to attach it with chest harness or belt.

Backpack Inserts:

This bags are meant to fit inside backpack. backpacks are more convenient to carry and has more features than other bags.

You can carry your accessories in it easily.

Top Picks:

1. AmazonBasics SLR/DSLR Backpack:


AmazonBasics offer their customers essential everyday items of the highest caliber, and hence they’ve come with a suitable bag for your everyday cameramen. The company is supplying people with the best products that go along their own needs, this bag is the best choice for anyone owning a camera, both in quality and price.

The bag is made from the versatile material of polyester/nylon exterior that serves to protect the bag from all types of damage. The material used to produce this bag is the best when it comes to backpacks because they are quite resistant to tearing and ripping apart while being durable enough to carry the weight of the equipment you store in it. You can easily wash them with a damp brush or cloth if you find any smudges on it, making it easily cleanable as well.

The size in this bag is just shy of perfect for any cameraman, with partitions that will hold 2 DSLR or SLR cameras. The bag also has space to store four lenses and all the small accessories that go with it. This is great for any amateur cameraman that is starting on learning the ropes but also is adequate for any professional cameraman as well. The inner dimensions of this bag are 10 x 4.2 x 14.2 inches, again emphasizing that there is ample space to put almost anything in there. The outer dimension of the bag is 11.0 x 6.0 x 15.0 inches, being the perfect size to carry it for the average person.

The bag has adjustable straps that will allow you to adjust it according to your shoulders and height easily. It also has a waist strap, letting you tighten it close to your body even more if you’re fearful that the supplies within the bag might bump into each other because of the loose-fitting.

The one year warranty the company provides is an excellent way to ensure that you won’t get any defective products. If you find any faults with the backpack, you can just ship it back for a replacement. The company also ensures that the shipping will be frustration-free so you won’t be bothered by any damage done to the product during delivery.


Dimensions: 11.75 x 8.75 x 14.5 inches I Weight: 1.96LB I Material: Polyester and Nylon 

Why we like it?

  • Durable
  • Adjustable compartments
  • Enough Storage
  • One year warranty by Amazon
  • Light weight
  • Stitching is not reliable


Is the bag waterproof?

No, the bag doesn’t come with this resistance, it’s advisable to buy a rain cover for this bag.

What is the use of the drawstring in the front of the bag?

You can use the drawstring to hold and attach other objects to it. You can slide in small objects to the drawstring to better carry other trivial items.

Is the bag machine washable?

No, the padding will be ruined due to the machine wash. You can use a damp brush or cloth to clean the bag.

Can the bag fit a 15inch laptop?

No, the bag won’t be able to fit a 15inch laptop. The most it can fit is a 13inch laptop.

2. CADeN Camera Backpack:


CADen is especially great at producing backpacks, and it shows in this camera backpack. They provide the best quality and relatively cheap backpacks that their customers have always praised. They offer features that you won’t find in your standard bags. Instead, they still push the extra mile in their production, which makes them a cut above the rest. You can purchase their products and be assured that you’re getting the best out of your buck.

The backpack is one of the best bags for storing all your camera needs. The backpack consists of a main storage compartment, a tablet compartment, and two side compartments, which can be used to store your tripods and other accessories.  You can easily pack up to 1 camera, six lenses, and a flash in the main compartment. This bag is relatively small but packs a lot of storage capacity, giving you a compact but roomy backpack.

The backpack is made of high density waterproof 900D polyester nylon, making sure some little old rain won’t damage your valuable items inside the bag. You can take this backpack in the rain and be utterly relaxed of any water clogging in your camera items. The padding within the bag will protect your camera from any shock that afflicts the bag. The shoulder belts are made with high elasticity making it suitable for the variable structures of people; they’ll are easily adjustable for everyone. 

The company also offers a one year guarantee, letting you utilize this offer to replace any defective piece that you come across. However, it would be rare to use this offer due to the high-quality production and excess care they have in their delivery.


Dimensions: 11 x 14.2 x 5.51 inches I Wieght: 1.74LB I Material: Polyester

Why we like it?

  • Lightweight, Easy to carry
  • Drone storage
  • Scratch and water proof
  • Big compartment
  • Multi carrying way
  • May release pungent odor


How big of a laptop can you fit in this backpack?

You’d be able to pack a laptop up to 10 inches.

The backpack comes with an extra elastic chord, what is it for?

You can use this chord as a replacement as a strap.

Does the backpack come with reinforced stitching?

Yes, the backpack comes with reinforced stitching making it more durable.

Is the bag small enough for air travel?

Yes, you can take it with you for air travel.

3. Neewer Camera Case


If you want huge space to not only fit the DSLR/SLR camera and lenses but also the GoPro camera systems, professional shoe-mount flash units, Batteries and many other things, than this is going to be your favorite choice.

It is made with Adjustable and removable velcro taped cushions which saves your equipment from getting scratched or broken. Also it can be changed into compartment of different sizes so that you can adjust things according to your requirements.

The versatility of the compartments is one of the key features of this pack either you have a very big lens or you have multiple flashlights or you want to put a lot of batteries so you can go and hike and stay in the mountains for a long time, it’s all about flexibility it’s one of our favorites.

It comes with the dimensions of 11.8×5.5×14.6 inches which is quite handy and portable I feel this could be your next camera backpack for a very long time


Dimensions: 14.96 x 10.63 x 6.3 inches I Weight: 1.6LB I Material: Polyester and Nnoprene

Why we like it?

  • Versatile Storage
  • Lightweight
  • Water bottle / Tripod space
  • Nylon Waterproof Exterior
  • Straps are short
  • Medium weight


Is this backpack waterproof?

Yes it comes with the nylon waterproof material which is durable.

Can I told a tripod?

 Yes it comes with big side pocket which can easily hold your big tripod.

Is this backpack  shock proof?

Yes this bag comes with  cushioning material to make a shock proof

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