Best socks for sweaty feet

Are you unhappy with your sweaty feet? Sweaty feet can be irritating and frustrating and you might need some best socks for sweaty feet. But with the best socks for sweating feet, you will feel comfortable and relief. Poor choice of sweaty feet socks can give foot stink. In this guide, you will get to know the best socks for sweaty feet. Below are the best sweaty feet socks:

When your feet sweat, bacteria react by feeding on foot skin. That process is what creates the “sour” or “cheesy” foot smell.

Why do some socks make my feet sweaty?

The rule of the game is simple if your sock is not breathable then it will make you sweat more. This may be the material used in the socks, if the material used helps your feet bacteria to react with your sweat, it will make it stink more, you can find the material to be avoided in the below paragraph.

Are cotton socks better for sweaty feet and running?

Although cotton socks look like the best option for running. They are made of natural material and are very comfortable to wear.  Soft to use. but cotton socks can be one of the worst socks for running, exercising. 

Even though cotton socks can absorb a lot of moisture, they become wet and sodden.  On the other hand synthetic socks or polyester socks are made in such a way that they help you to exercise better.

What fibers are good for sweaty feet?

  1. Wool fiber
  2. Olefin fiber
  3. Coolmax fiber
  4. Metal fiber
  5. Bamboo fiber
what is the cause of smelly feet?

Here is the list for best socks in different categories

Our 4 TOP Rated socks for sweaty feet in boots list:

1.Best overall: PowersoxBest socks for sweaty feetAAACheck price
2.Best for dress/work: Wigwam Best socks for sweaty feetAA Check price
3.Best for sports: thirty 48Best socks for sweaty feetAA Check price
4.Best for boots: PowersoxBest socks for sweaty feetAA Check price

As mentioned in the video above, good type of insoles also help in reducing the smell or fungal infection which can cause this type of smell plus buying the right type of shoes will also be a vital part in this process. Let us discuss the best socks in detail.

TOP Rated socks for sweaty feet reviews:

1. Best Socks for sweaty feet: Overall

Best Socks for sweaty feet: Overall


  • It has breathable venting panels and comfortable seams toe
  • The feet are kept dry and healthy because of the AquaFX and the cushioning
  • Help protects high-impact locations of the feet
  • Proper anatomical construction for both the left and right to fit
  • Arch brace aids for more support
  • Reduces the irritation of the feet

User Experience:

PowerSox Powerlite socks are convenient and best overall, which keeps the feet dry in winter. When compared to other fibers, it is breathable, soft, lightweight, and very smooth. It keeps the feet dry and fresh in summer. With the help of the snug, your socks stay in place and support your arch. The latest technology aids in controlling moisture, flat toe seams, and strike zone cushioning. Crafted with Tactel nylon fiber, which helps to create the best sport fit for you.


  • Dries very fast without delays
  • Has anti-odor technology that stops any growth of microbes causing odor
  • With the help of arch assistance, foot fatigue is reduced
  • Comes in three pairs of socks in the pack
  • The fabric wicks sweat
  • The cushioning protects the feet from high-impact areas


  • Customers complain that it starts wearing out a bit after few washes

2. Best Socks for sweaty feet: For Dress

Best Socks for sweaty feet: For Dress


  • Gives so much comfort to your feet
  • The entire bottom of the socks has micro-cushion and breathable venting panels
  • The socks are always dry and also the foot blisters
  • With the help of the mesh, sweat gets trapped in the socks
  • Wigwam can be worn every day
  • With the aid of the ribbed arch, the socks fit perfectly without sliding down the feet
  • Comes in charming and stylish colors

User Experience:

Wigwam Socks are made mostly for men with sweaty feet. This Sock is one of the best sweaty feet socks for men. The high-quality ski sock has gained popularity because of the trust sports lovers have for them. With full cushion that comes with it, which makes it the best fora dress. It is made with spandex, nylon, stretchy polyester, and polypropylene, which make it perfect for a snowy day.

Wigwam socks can be washed using a washing machine, and it is cushion all through that keeps your feet, skin, and heels feel comfortable.


  • It comes with a cushion that keeps the feet comfortable
  • You can easily wash it using machine
  • Wigwam socks are light in weight
  • This socks are durable and made with fibers that will last against unpleasant odor


  • Some customers laid complains about defects in the socks

3. Best Socks for sweaty feet: For Sports

Best Socks for sweaty feet: For Sports


  • It is best for sports especially for women and men
  • Comes in multiple cushions and offers protection to your Achilles tendon from injury
  • The elastic cuff has a contrasting color
  • The color of the socks makes it pop, although not literally but figuratively
  • The socks snug is comfortable
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • It prevents you from pains in running and bruising
  • Designed to keep your feet cool and dry
  • The fabric allows your skin to breath
  • Also used as a medical legwear

User Experience:

Thirty 48 is made from high-quality fabrics, which makes it one of the best for sports. They are designed for running, medical purposes, sportswear, and also for everyday wear. Thirty 48 running sick offers fantastic support to your feet with a great feeling of comfort. This thirty 48 is best for sports as the superior fabric helps to prevent any unpleasant odor and fungal infections. It is also suitable for those who stand all day, play soccer, or run. It is ideal for everyday wear and efficient for different daily activities. The cotton of the socks helps keep away sweat from the surface of your skin and keeps maintaining dry-cool feet. The color contrast of the socks makes it looks a little flair.


  • They can be used as compression socks
  • The extra cushion that comes with it can help prolonged running
  • The moisture-wicking fabrics keep your feet dry
  • It is blister resistant and odor-free
  • With the assistance of elastic arch aid, the friction is minimized


  • There is no padding at the top of the socks

4. Best Socks for sweaty feet: For Boots

Best Socks for sweaty feet: For Boots


  • The PowerSox for men comes in different sizes ranging from small to an extra-large
  • It contains a little amount of spandex that allows the socks to stretch
  • The Coolmax fabrics and lightweight nature makes it breathable
  • It has torn and fraying resistant
  • Dry very fast and keep moisture away from the feet
  • Crafted with recycled fibers which are then modified into Coolmax fabrics

User Experience:

PowerSox Men Cushion socks are designed with the latest technology to make sure the socks can control moisture. It is one of the best for boots that come with Coolmaxfibers and gives maximum comfort performance. The socks are lightweight and provide arch support. The y-heel of the socks offers stability and an enormous amount of stretch.


  • You can comfortably wash these socks with a machine without stress
  • Comfortable to wear because of the pull on closure
  • It is durable and very suitable for those that love wearing boots
  • Offers the best results


  • Seems to select shoes and a bit thick

What is the best socks for cold sweaty feet?

The best socks for cold sweaty feet will be the one which has the latest technology that aids in controlling moisture, flat toe seams, and strike zone cushioning. Crafted with Tactel nylon fiber, which helps to create the best sport fit for you. and that for us is the PowerSox Powerlite.

What Causes Stinky/smelly Feet?

“The main cause is by a lack of venting for your toes. There are hundreds and hundreds of sweat glands in ft, which produce a significant lot of sweat every day. The disagreeable odor comes when the sweat is not permitted to evaporate.”

But, Dr. Antonopoulos says it is not really the perspiration inducing the foot odor. There are many bacteria that normally resides on toes, which feed off the perspiration, producing a specific acid that really causes the odor.

Consequently, if the germs on your foot is not what causes foot odor, then the fungus in your toes might be the offender. A lot of men and women understand that the parasite as Athlete’s foot, and in addition, it can make the foot to odor unpleasant.

What Is a Fungal Infection?

A fungal infection, also called mycosis, is a skin disease caused by a fungus.

There are millions of species of fungi. They live in the dirt, on plants, on household surfaces, and on your skin. Sometimes, they can lead to skin problems like rashes or bumps.

How the running socks can help people?

With the combination of socks, you would love to buy best shoes as well, we can help you out. For best fashion reviews.

What’s the best socks to wear for sweaty feet?

In this post we have mentioned four best socks which are good for Sweaty feet, but if you want to know the best one we would prefer PowerSox Powerlite. When compared to other fibers, it is breathable, soft, lightweight, and very smooth. More details are given above in the proper review section.

Materials that make your feet sweaty? and stinky!

In case you have sweaty feet however great your hygiene is, chances are the socks are not made from this right material. Avoid socks which are made from those substances if You’ve Got ultra-sweaty feet:

Synthetic materials

Socks, generally speaking, can make your feet sweat a whole lot, particularly if it’s hot outside. Synthetic materials (vinyl, nylon, nylon ) don’t breathe quite well so they don’t allow perspiration to evaporate off your toes.

Worse, they have a tendency not to absorb moisture so that your feet will remain moist and tacky. Water on the toes can cause sores and blisters from rubbing. Always socks and feet provide a breeding ground for parasites and bacteria, which may cause your feet smell .

Some substances are extremely good in keeping your feet sweat but these are substances that are engineered. It is a great idea to stay away from cloths when buying socks.


Regardless of being probably the most common substance for socks socks are among the worst types. Even though they are usually lighter and greater cotton socks can’t absorb moisture.

When cotton socks get wet they remain wet. Your soaked cotton socks are an ideal spot for the increase of bacteria, the bacteria that is in charge of its moldy, cheesy smell of wet socks.

What material socks prevent sweat?

Prevention of sweating is only possible when you are wearing cotton socks because they are breathable. Running socks on the other hand are made of materials such as polyester which makes the Sweat come out the surface and evaporate. 


In summary, making the right choice might not be easy, but with the above guide on best socks for sweaty feet, you will be on the right path in getting the Sock that suits your purpose. When you get the right Sock for your sweaty feet, it helps manage your podiatric perspiration. These socks have unique features like assisting foot pain, varicose veins, and people with diabetes. Make sure you are comfortable in your stockings for your daily activities to feel the more comfortable and better performance.

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