Top 5 Best Women backpacks

We are here to bring you the best backpacks for women. In our daily routine there are so many things going to carry and Stylish backpack to make your life much easier. especially for women is quite important not only to have a style statement but also something very functional.

Just for the sake of style for fashion there are so many women out there willing to compromise on the space of functionality of the backpack, but we don’t want you to. we are presenting the best backpacks for women which are stylish in yet very operation so without further ADO let’s get started.

For those who are in hurry we present you the quickest list of all the backpacks and the reviews will be down there.

Here is a quick list for our 5 top rated women backpacks:

1. Tzowla Travel Backpack:

2. KROSER Laptop Backpack:

3. BRINCH Laptop Backpack:

4. VSNOON Laptop Backpack:

5. Himawari Travel School Backpack:

1. Tzowla Travel Backpack:


Tzowla is an emerging brand in making backpacks that give you everything you need in your handy travel companion. Their range of brands is the best in the business, and with this product review, you’ll have a good sense of what you’re purchasing. Their selection is top quality and relatively inexpensive to buy while giving you a multitude of features that you’d only find in the high-end backpacks.

best women's backpack for everyday use

This specific backpack has everything you’d want for an active and professional lifestyle. Women who are studying or are more adventurous will prefer this backpack because of the multiple features it comes with. It has a main laptop back where you can either put your laptop or any kind of notebooks. The bag also has an inner tablet pocket for any other large devices, add hidden zipper pockets, then you have a bag with excellent carrying capacity.

 There is a USB charging cable available in the backpack which you can utilize with your power bank, just attach the power bank from the inside of the bag and further connect it by cable from the outside to your phone. You don’t have to worry about carrying your power bank everywhere in your hand, and you can even free your other hand by putting the phone in the side pockets, letting you have un-occupied hands. You can also connect your headphones to the socket to enjoy music without any worries.

The rugged and anti-theft design of this bag is phenomenal. With the fixed anti-theft password lock, you’ll have saved your bag from unwanted hands. With durable metal zippers, you’ll be able to grip them without worrying about them coming off. With great adjustable straps and a sturdy leather belt in the side pocket, you’ll be able to take your back practically anywhere.


  • How long is the warranty on this thing?

Yes, this backpack has a lifetime warranty and friendly 24×7 customer service.

  • How to set a new number combination?

Hold down the metal button and set the number combination. After doing this, let go of the metal button to set the new combination.

  • Is the bag water resistant?

Yes, the bag is relatively water-resistant.

  • How big of a laptop can you store in it?

You can store laptops up to 16 inches.

2. KROSER Laptop Backpack:


Kroser has been pumping out some impressive backpacks these few years, and from the customer reviews, it seems as if the masses have been enjoying their products. You can make sure that you’ll be making a smart purchase because KROSER is looking to deliver the best quality for your carrying needs. You can be assured that their backpacks are one of the cheapest yet one of the best-designed backpacks you’ll find, ad with these many features, it’d be a shame not to buy them.

best ladies backpack

The Kroser backpack has an in-built USB port that you can utilize to charge your phone without having your hands occupied. You just connect the power bank for the inside of the bag and further connect it to your phone from the outside. You’ll have freed your hands from unnecessary hassle of carrying your power bank and your phone.

The backpack has multiple compartments, arranging certain items that much easier. You can fit your laptop, tablet, and a multitude of books in it and still have room to spare. With its impressive luggage straps and high-quality leather that is used in its production, you can be sure that it’s going to have a hard time breaking from the weight of your items.

The reinforced edges and steel frame prevent the bag from losing it’s shaped and helps in carrying the bag. The luggage straps help you in fixing it with other bags or suitcases, helping you carry it with other luggage that much easier. The bag also comes in different aesthetic designs that will be pleasing for any woman. Combining style and functionality, this is the bag you need to buy.


  • How padded are the luggage straps?

The straps are strong but not overly padded. They’re strong enough to carry a heavy amount of weight.

  • Is the bag long-lasting?

Yes, there have been many reviews of customers lasting the bags for over two years.

  • How much weight can the bag carry?

The bag can carry more than 15 pounds of weight.

  • Is the backpack water-resistant?

Yes, your backpack is fairly water-resistant.

3. BRINCH Laptop Backpack:


BRINCH is making backpacks that have started catching the eye of the public and for a good reason. They’ve been producing cheap bags that are high in quality and are fairly stylish. You’d find these bags in the outlets of big-selling brands, yet you’re getting these bags for almost 1/5th of the price. The standard of the bags is excellent, and you can expect this to be one of the best purchases you’ll be making when it comes to backpacks.

best women's backpack for work

The backpack has a USB charging port, letting you free up space in your hand. Just connect the power bank from the inside of the bag to the outside cable, and you can easily charge your phone without overburdening your hands with multiple items.

The bag is very resistant and rugged in design. The bag can resist the effects of the weather, and you can practically take it on a rainy day without worrying about water seeping in. The great and resistant material of nylon fabric is used for its production, which makes this bag well-built compared to your standard backpacks.

The bag comes in a variety of different designs, colors, all of which are appealing for the eye to see. Your sense of style will be enhanced with the purchase of these backpacks.


  • Is the bag anti-theft?

No, the bag doesn’t have the anti-theft featured installed in it.

  • How many pockets does the backpack have?

There are four pockets on the outside; on the inside, there are six pockets for variable items.

  • Can the charging port support type c charger?

Yes, you can attach your type c charger with the USB port.

  • Is the bag machine washable?

No, you’ll have to wash it with a damp cloth or soft brush.

4. VSNOON Laptop Backpack:


VSNOON has released a banger of a product with the release of this backpack. They’re a fairly new company, but with such releases showing promise, this company will soon be competing in the big leagues. The high-quality material used for this bag is one of the best around, and you can make sure that it will be one of the sturdiest material that you’ve seen on a backpack.

best laptop backpack for women

The backpack comes with a USB port that serves its function for charging your phone. Just connect your power bank from the inside and connect it to the phone outside through the cable. You can charge your phone on the go with this neat little feature.

The backpack is made with top-quality polyester fabric material as it is sturdy as it gets, plus it’s waterproof. You can be worry-free about letting any water leak into your bag. The steel frame gives you the support to carry all the weight you put in the back, plus it also keeps the bag from deforming. The luggage strap on this bag is essential to use if you want to fix it to a trolley and another manner of luggage to make your traveling much easier.


  • Does this bag come with the anti-theft feature?

No, this bag doesn’t include the anti-theft feature.

  • What is the dimension of the bag?

The dimensions of the bag are 16.2″L*12.5″ W*5.8″H, and it can carry up to 1.9 pounds.

  • Is the charging port removable?

The charging port is permanently attached to the bag, and you’ll subsequently damage the bag if you try to remove it.

  • Does this bag have a supported bottom?

A cardboard flap cover is inserted at the bottom of the lining of the bag, so yes, it does have great support in the bottom.

5. Himawari Travel School Backpack:


If you want the most stylish and outgoing aesthetic backpacks, then Himawari is providing you the chance to strap up and execute your daily tasks with function and style. This product takes the cake with the abundant features it provides.

The backpack provides you with a great functioning USB port, which you can utilize to free up space in your hands. You can stop worrying about charging your phone beforehand and can just attach the power bank from the inside.

best women backpack

The backpack is made of excellent, durable quality that can be quite rugged, and it also provides water protection. It is the perfect bag for travel, with massive capacity to store your valuable items. The bag pack also comes in different styles and attractive designs, which will be sure to be a head-turner. With adjustable shoulder pads and excellent padding over the whole of the bag, you’ll be sure to take this bag everywhere.


  • Is this product machine washable?

This product should be washed with a damp cloth or brush.

  • Does this bag have a travel sleeve to attach to your carry on?

Yes, this product does have this feature.

  • Are all the fastening made of metal?

The top button fastening is made of metal, basically the same type of alloy.

  • What is the weight of the bag?

The bag weighs about 3 pounds.

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