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It is extremely important for cycling lovers to give their bodies a great treat in order to enjoy a comfortable ride. No doubt, a comfortable seat is mandatory but proper clothing i.e. cycling shorts, shoes and socks matter a lot. Because, the type of shorts riders wear during cycling will definitely influence the overall cycling experience. It is a well-accepted fact that each sport features its own dedicated athletes, fan league, & unique gear. And cycling is considered the best sport because people can practice it both recreationally and professionally.

As mentioned earlier, all sports need different gear. Whether people are cycling, running, making sure that their bodies are comfortable, protected, & mobile is compulsory when it comes to getting desired outcomes. A worth buying part of the cyclist’s sport equipment is a durable pair of cycling shorts as they are purposely designed to give required comfort. So, this article is all about the 10 best cycling shorts for men in 2020 to help cycling avid make an informed decision after narrowing down the available option.

Why Wear Cycling Shorts?

Why Wear Cycling Shorts?

If cyclists wear the same regular loose cycling shorts with large seams and no padding while riding then, they can feel very uncomfortable. They might receive minor to severe injuries. Cycling is gaining a lot of popularity with each passing day. People loved it irrespective of age and gender. But, to make it safe and uncomfortable, people should consider buying cycling shorts because they will keep the body in a good shape. Moreover, cycling shorts are made from a fabric that can stimulate the flow of blood to the body. The ultimate goal is to keep skin cool and safe.

Reviewed: Top 10 Best Cycling Shorts for Men in 2021

Apart from being a source of joy and enjoyment, cycling is advantageous to health as well & few gadgets are always needed while cycling including a pair of cycling shorts. Selecting the appropriate clothing for any kind of sport does matter.

The same goes with the cycling shorts because these are quite important but receives little attention. Well, what cyclists pick is just a matter of personal preferences & their riding styles. However, the most common cycling shorts are bib-short or road shorts, & mountain biking short. Below are the best cycling shorts to cater to the needs of cycling lovers.

Top 10 Best Cycling Shorts for Men

1. Sponeed Men’s Cycling Shorts 

The majority of riders usually fear for their back end as it is subjected to never-ending friction that causes severe pain & general discomfort. But now there is no need to get worried because the best product is already here & i.e. Sponeed Men’s cycling shorts. The shorts are durable, padded, & stretchy, making them a perfect match for cycling lovers.

The Sponeed cycling shorts offer amazing moisture wicking features along with six-panel anatomic design & 4-way performance stretch to ensure chafe-free and memorable riding experience. As compared to other high end cycling shorts, these did not irritate or hurt the skin.  Moreover, the Sponeed Men’s cycling shorts are available in six different colors thus, I would say these are best for different levels of cyclists out there.

number 1 Best Cycling Short for Men


  • Smooth & breathable fabric
  • Water-resistant
  • Skin-friendly
  • Excellent padding
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Length may not good for short-heighted cyclists

User Experience:

The majority of cyclists are happy with the material of the Sponeed cycling shorts because it allows for great airflow. Few users have commented that the cycling shorts ensure back support with amazing shock absorption properties. The best thing is that the product is equally balanced concerning both value and cost. Highly recommended,

2. Souke Sports Men’s cycling

A great option for cyclists who are looking for very lightweight yet durable shorts. The Souke cycling shorts are built sturdily to bear the regular wear and tear. With 15% spandex and 85% polyester, the Souke cycling shorts are not just durable but give immense comfort. Additionally, the breathable and lightweight fabric can keep cyclists cool irrespective of the weather conditions.

Apart from this, another great feature of the Souke cycling shorts is 4-dimensional high-impact padding. The shorts have a six-layer breathable foam pad especially designed for long distance riding. The 1.8” width, subtle and soft silicone grippers reduce chafing and slipping while keeping the chamois pad in its place thus, allowing cyclists enjoy a smooth and comfortable ride.

number 2 Best Cycling Short for Men


  • Wide elastic waistband
  • Ergonomic
  • Lightweight & breathable
  • Ultimate comfort
  • Give the best value for money


  • Padding needs improvement

User Experience:

According to the customers, the Souke cycling shorts give great comfort & durability. Few customers have mentioned that cycling shorts fit perfectly & best for long distance riding. Moreover, for some, the Souke cycling shorts are a must-have purchase for cycling lovers. Overall, people are happy with their bike shorts as they are well-padded & nicely made.

3. Przewalski Men’s Cycling Shorts 

Extra comfortable, breathable, and durable, all these terms can define the Przewalski cycling shorts in a much better way. Cyclists will get all the amazing features whenever they snap on these wonderful biking bibs. It is worth mentioning that Przewalski cycling shorts are considered as the real definition of comfort and greatness. The product features a perfect blend of elastin and polyester material along with amazing durability and stretchability.

The cycling shorts have 3-dimensional molded construction along with four needles, six threads and multi-panel for better fit & wicking. Additionally, the product features a 3D anatomical & perforated layered design especially for crotch padding to help provide comfort while absorbing shock. The antibacterial properties & flat-seam construction of the Przewalski cycling shorts help prevent different skin infection by reducing sweating.


  • High wicking
  • Ergonomic coolmax pad
  • Better fit
  • Ergonomic padding
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Some might find chamois design bit uncomfortable

User Experience:

Many avid cyclists have recommended Przewalski cycling shorts due to being durable and comfortable. It simply means that they can wear them for an extended period of time with freshness and ease. Few customers have loved the fact that cycling shorts are good at absorbing moisture while keeping them dry during long-distance rides.

4. Santic Men’s Cycling Shorts

A recommended option for cyclists who want to enjoy the ride like a pro, the Santic Men’s cycling shorts come with a wide range of amazing features and benefits. These top-quality cycling shorts designed by Santic are made from close-fitting yet comfortable fabric. The inner side of the shorts feature extremely fine fibers for absorbing sweat whereas the outer side has moisture wicking properties.

The Santic cycling shorts are easily available in various styles and colors. Additionally, the product has reflective logos & stripes to make it safe & comfortable. These cycling shorts also help cyclists improve their overall health during long-distance cycling especially due to antibacterial properties of the fabric.


  • Seamless pad
  • Good quality material
  • Comes in different colors
  • Breathable & dries fast
  • Anti-bacterial padding
  • Has reflective logos


  • Fabric of the cycling shorts tends to ride up
  • Padding is bit stiff

User Experience:

The majority of cycling lovers have commented that the effective and great features that are given in Santic cycling shorts combined with ultra-padded chamois & technologically designed materials ensure that the product is well-balanced on value and cost. In short, the cycling shorts are the worth spent concerning features and performance.

5. BALEAF Men’s Cycling Shorts  

This product also comes under the category of the best cycling shorts for men. No doubt, it is a great product for the cyclists who are looking for a snugly fit. The BALEAF cycling shorts are especially designed with a perfect level of padding to ensure good fit. It is vital to mention that BALEAF is also considered as the most breathable and durable cycling shorts currently available in the market due to design & material.

The shorts are capable of wicking away all the moisture in order to keep sweat away. In order to make cyclists feel fresh and cool, a snugly fit is also offered by the wide and elastic waistband. In short, these cycling shorts are comfortable and lightweight to give the required protection for something very thin & easy to wear.


  • 3D padding
  • Absorbs moisture & reduce the friction
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Excellent quality & longevity
  • Made of very elastic material
  • Fit perfectly


  • Padding might be very thick

User Experience:

According to the customers, BALEAF Cycling shorts are no less than the top-selling shorts every cycling avid should get. The majority of users are extremely happy due to the available color range. The best thing is that the shorts features a 3D cushion to give extreme comfort while riding. Due to all these reasons, these shorts are highly recommended.

6. Eco-daily Men’s Cycling Shorts

The bike shorts designed by Eco-daily are made of 20% spandex and 80% nylon that have fine air absorbency, moisture absorption & sweat releasing properties. Thus, cycling shorts will prevent cyclists from discomfort for instance senses of sticky or greasy while they are riding & can keep the skin breathing fresh and freely. It is worth sharing that the Eco-daily cycling shorts are extremely stretchy & give complete freedom of movement.

The 14-panel anatomic design always helps in reducing fatigue by simply supporting the flesh movement along with increased flow of blood to the muscle. Moreover, the cycling shorts are extremely durable & valuable. As compared to other famous brands, the Eco-daily cycling shorts are worth the money spent when it comes to quality.


  • 4D protection pad
  • Breathable materials
  • Mesh panels
  • 14-panel anatomic design
  • Lightweight and durable


  • Padding is not upto the mark

User Experience:

Many users have used Eco-daily cycling shorts and are happy with the quality of the product. Users have commented that the material is a bit on the thin side however, exhibited no signs of wear & tear when stretched & yanked. Moreover, the material of the interior pad is smooth & abrasion free. Ventilation is very good, highly recommended for outdoor and indoor biking.

7. PEARL IZUMI Men’s Shorts

It is important for long-distance riders to select cycling shorts that ensure utmost comfort and durability especially in the extreme weather conditions. Well, the PEARL IZUML cycling shorts will serve the best purpose in this regard as they are made of premium-quality materials with enhanced technology to absorb moisture quickly.

The goal is to makes body feel cool and fresh. The most noticeable feature of the PEARL IZUMI cycling shorts is 3D chamois to give endless support during rides. Furthermore, the comfortable and wonderful offer a practical wear while reducing the risks of rubbing and chaffing. The materials are extremely stretchable thus, making the cycling shorts highly recommended & long-lasting. Now, ride with PEARL IZUMI cycling shorts in humid or hot climates because the perfect blend of breathability and quick-drying will help cyclists give their best for longer.


  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Stretchable
  • BioViz reflective elements especially for low-light visibility
  • 3D chamois is very comfortable
  • Fit perfectly


  • No drawstring
  • Not much supportive

User Experience:

The majority of cycling lovers have cited the perfect fit as the major reason for recommending the PEARL IZUMI cycling shorts. The users have commented that all those who are looking for highly professional and comfortable cycling shorts that truly value for the money then they should go for these.

8. NOOYME Men’s Cycling Shorts

Before moving ahead, I would like to mention that cycling shorts come under the category of functional clothing as they are not just meant to look great but serving a practical purpose is also important. For cyclists who are searching for the additional comfort & coziness then, they should consider buying NOOYME Men’s cycling shorts.

The shorts are designed to give ample support & comfort to cyclists of different ages while preventing chafing and rubbing between the legs. Additionally, the NOOYME cycling shorts are made from highly breathable spandex and polyamide fabric as it has amazing moisture wicking properties as compared to others. These cycling shorts are available in a range of color combinations including yellow-blue and white-blue. 


  • Perfect fit
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • 2 reflective marks for visibility
  • Available in different colors and sizes
  • Smooth flatlocked seams to avoid friction


  • Inadequate padding
  • Drawstring is not attached for easy adjustment

User Experience:

According to the buyers, NOOYME cycling shorts are extremely versatile. Cyclists who prefer long-distance cycling then, the 3D anatomic multi-layer design of the product will give them added comfort required for the smooth ride. The majority of cyclists have loved the fact that they select the required fit for the various sizes available.

9. Ally Men’s Cycling Shorts

Another great product that is suitable for different outdoor activities, The Ally Men’s cycling shorts are made of durable materials including polyamide and Lycra. Apart from this, cycling shorts feature flexible Velcro waist straps, ample padding, & 4-way stretchable fabric in order to make them a great option for cycling avid. Moreover, there are seven spacious pockets to let cyclists hold their cell phones, money, keys, etc.

The best thing is that the Ally cycling shorts are good for climbing, hiking, running, cycling & other outdoor activities.  With fast dry technology and lightweight design, cyclists can easily ride for long-distance without getting exhausted. Similarly, cycling shorts have been designed to bear harsh weather conditions while ensuring protection and comfort.


  • Breathable material
  • Water resistant
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to wash & dry quickly
  • Lots of pockets


  • No waist drawstrings

User Experience:

The users have commented that cyclists who want comfortable cycling shorts should purchase the Ally Men’s shorts. Because the product features a perfect balance of spandex, polyester, and PVC thus, making it extremely comfortable to wear while cycling. Many customers have mentioned that the product is way more durable and comfortable than expected.

10. Louis Garneau Bike Shorts

This is the last product on this list, no doubt a great and worth buying cycling shorts especially for those who want ergonomic & comfortable apparel. The product is made from antibacterial and moisture wicking memory foam with no chaffing or pinch points. Moreover, the brushed back fabric of the cycling shorts give body thermoregulation & great moisture wicking.

The flatlock seams, elastic drawstring waist, seamless inner legs, strap’s stretch trim gives even more comfort. It is vital to mention that these cycling shorts are highly recommended for beginners due to the fact that it has extremely stretchable fabric, flatlock seams, and power band compressive cuff.  Every pair of the Louis Garneau cycling shorts feature reflective accents to ensure night visibility.


  • Compressed fit
  • Highly comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Amazing moisture wicking properties
  • Best value for money


  • Drawstring is not attached
  • Unavailability of different sizes and designs

User Experience:

Many users have recommended these cycling shorts because they are very comfortable especially around the thick legs. The fit is perfect and the material is durable. The majority of users have commented that luckily the padding is also good & cover the part perfectly that has to be protected. In short, the cycling shorts are well worth the money.

Buying Guide: Top 10 Best Cycling Shorts for Men in 2020

Apart from bikes, cycling avids also need some other important accessories to get a memorable and enjoyable ride. With premium-quality cycling shorts, people can ride for long-distances easily without any kind of discomfort. The most noticeable feature is that cycling shorts also help prevent injuries. But, it is unwise to pick any product randomly. So, research is always a recommended practice along with the below-shared information.

How to Purchase the Best Cycling Shorts for Men?

The following factors will help prospective buyers during the whole process of selection and buying.

Right Fit

Undoubtedly, fit is a vital factor that should be kept in mind while purchasing the cycling shorts. Buyers may have the options of selecting between baggy shorts and loose-fitted shorts. Cyclists can select the one depending upon the personal preferences & riding style.


The cycling shorts, as compared to the conventional shorts, must have good padding in order to ensure comfort. It is worth remembering that the padding can range from thin to thick & therefore, it is better to read the product’s label before making a final decision.


This factor matters a lot & most high-quality cycling shorts are made from a blend of Lycra and nylon. While some others are made from Lycra and polyester. The blend can affect the stretchiness and weight of the cycling shorts. Moreover, thick cycling shorts give more compression & this is regarded as extremely beneficial for the body’s muscles.


A good quality pair of cycling shorts has to be fit perfectly and comfortably. The trick is, the shorts should not be too tight or too loose.


It is quite common that sweat accumulates in the back areas especially during long-distance rides & it can cause general discomfort. Good cycling shorts are always good at wicking away moisture from the body to give required ventilation.


This factor will ensure that the cyclists are always safe & sound under low lights. In order to keep yourself safe, it is better to get the cycling shorts that come with reflective logos and stripes. 

Do Cyclists Really Need Cycling Shorts?

Absolutely yes, because cycling shorts are especially designed for protecting the back while riding. Moreover, they fitted with pads as well which usually improves comfort.

Do Cycling Shorts Really Give Support?

Yes, cycling shorts always give support because many are made from long-lasting use, optimum performance & constant comfort. Cycling shorts also help in reducing the accumulation of sweat/moisture to prevent bacterial infections. Furthermore, few cycling shorts help in increasing the flow of blood to muscles while giving required ventilation.

What are the Advantages of Wearing Cycling Shorts?

The following advantages are associated with wearing cycling shorts:

  • Enhances performance
  • Give protection
  • Flexibility
  • Prevent injuries
  • Give support
  • Made ride more comfortable
  • Shock absorption

Final Thoughts:

In the end, it can be said that for the best and memorable cycling experience, durability and comfort play an extremely important role & that makes each part of the sporting attire more critical. From the above-discussion, now it is clear that cycling shorts are compulsory for cyclists. Buying a good quality pair of cycling shorts ensures that cyclists will have a wonderful experience as they ride in various terrains. Cycling is not only a sport in fact, it is a great exercise to keep people happy and fit. But in order to enjoy cycling to the fullest, it is advised to purchase some basic accessories to enhance comfort. Among those accessories, cycling shorts are on the top to let cyclists ride safely for a long period.

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