Top 3 Best large bird cages with stands

We have researched the best big bird cages with stands from hundreds of bird cards around the internet. These are of great quality; have amazing customer reviews and come with such a sleek design that you will love them.

Why bird cage with stand is important?

A bird cage needs to be portable because you may want to see your birds all the time, imagine how easy it becomes to take you bird cage any where or any room because it comes with stand. This makes it easy for them to even see the sunlight or save them from rain when it rains. So always try to buy a bird cage and a stand together.

Secondly the stand also gives you the opportunity to keep your stuff there or even decorate. Which makes the bird cage good and easy to keep in room. So, you don’t think that its taking too much of your space because its acting like a stand as well. Also these three cages are best to save your birds from other animals like cats.

Pervue cages are good quality and this is the only reason all the top 3 bid cages are from the same company, the company didn’t even come to us for anything but because our responsibility is being honest we have to tell you the best products.

So cutting things short here are the top three large bird cages with stands

Let’s have a details view of these bird cages one by one:

Our top 3 picks for best large bird cages

ParametersTop 1Top 2Top 3
1. Prevue Flight cage
2. Prevue Select cage
3. yaheetech pet cage
MaterialWrought iron Wrought iron Wrought iron
Quality 5/54.8/54.3/5
Multiple birds4.8/54.5/54.7/5
PriceCheck prices now! Check prices now! Check prices now!

1. Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage review:

Prevue Hendryx Pet Products Wrought Iron Flight Cage review:


31”W x 20.5”D x 53”H
For multiple birds
Two large doors
Bottom shelf
Rolling casters
4 plastic double cups
3 wood perches
6 small side access doors
Pull out grill
Easy to assemble structure
Stand is 31 inch long and 20 inch wide and 53 inch high (total)
Can be shipped inside US or select other countries
Manufacturers defect warranty for 90 days
Cage height is 42 inches


HUGE AREA: The Prevue Hendryx offers your birds all the space they require to flutter around and also a lot of setting down opportunities to gather, rest, and also play.

ROLLING: The Wrought Iron cage can be rolled in rooms, making this cage tremendously convenient and simple to transport.

EASY TO CLEAN: The Wrought Iron Trip Cage includes a pull-out grille and also particles tray for easy cleansing as well as the integrated bottom rack offers you a location to keep their food, toys, treats, or other supplies.

ACCESSIBILITY: The two big, pivots front doors and six small side doors on the Wrought Iron Flight Cage provide you practical access to your birds, their food and water mugs, and also their nests.

CONSISTS OF: Gauging 31″W x 20.5″D x 53″H, the Cage comes total with 3 timber sets down gauging 0.625″ in diameter, 4 feed/water cups, one detachable grille, as well as one storage space rack.

Some good to know FAQs:

African grey?

It can fit but is not recommended.

Senegal parrot?

Off course

Southern flying squirrel?

Yes it does.

How many parakeets can fit?

Recommend 10.

Ringneck dove?



Its large so it’s a good flight cage

Comes in two sizes, large and extra-large.

Assembly is easy and normally everything fits as it needs to.

The food and water containers are good quality as well as the wood perches

Design is easy to clean, move and access


Sometimes the welds may be broken or some pieces are bent, this may happen for several reasons but we recon if this happens, use the manufacturers warranty.

This is the major complain from some people but it has a solution which is mentioned above.

2. Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage

Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Select Bird Cage


Four stainless steel cups
2 wood perches
Seed guard
Play top
Cage stand
17 1/2 L x 17 1/2 W x 32 1/8 H
Front access door
Double lock
Rounded corners
Pull out grille
Debris trays
Push button lock door
Weight 50 pounds
the interior is 18 x 18 and the seed catcher sticks out another 4 inches


The icon bird cage with stand and a play top is a unique distinction of this prevue select bird cage.

this item includes a wrought iron construction as well as a safe powder-coated surface that keeps your birds risk-free. It is big enough to work as a house for numerous canaries, finches, as well as parakeets.

Let us provide the most effective living conditions for our birds. Prevue Pet Products Wrought Iron Bird Cage is all we need to offer the most effective habitats for our birds at the lowest cost. The cage has actually a sturdy wrought iron construction that comes with a powder-coated coating.

This features a cage-top play-stand that ensures your bird keep entertained. Besides, the durable button supplies that your bird is safe from unsafe burglars. The cage additionally comes with 4 stainless steel mugs, 2 timber perches and also a cage stand that makes it simple to move from one area to an additional.

This cage is super very easy to clean; the bottom drawer features a gliding system that allows you to do the cleansing with much convenience. Inside, the cage includes stainless steel mugs, perches as well as a huge door that supply optimal area for the birds hence curbing injuries that might be brought on by slim doors.

Bar spacing. The room in between the bars of your chosen cage must be narrower than your parrot’s head. If benches are also far apart, you bird might either squeeze out or inure herself/get stuck attempting to do so.

Perches: If your picked parrot cage does not contain perches, you’ll need to add some. It’s a great suggestion to include some branches as natural perches. Deal your parrot perches of a series of diameters to bend the foot bones and also urge excellent foot health.

Removable trays. Some parrot cages have removable trays at the bottom of the cage, where waste collects. These slide out, making it less complicated as well as less messy to clean your bird’s cage.

Construction. Parrot cages must be well-constructed and resilient, with strong bars. Parrots can attack via benches of lightweight cages, which might cause injuries or permit your feathered good friend to run away. Any coatings should be incredibly durable and non-toxic.

Casters. You’ll locate that a great deal of large parrot cages come on stands with wheels, or wheels. This permits you to move the cage more quickly, in case you intend to move your parrot right into whatever area you’re using to give him some firm, or even move him outside for an hour or two on a hot day.

Feeding bowls. Numerous parrot cages come with food and water bowls consisted of. If you have to purchase them individually, see to it they’ll fit the bar spacing of your cage.

Playtops. A playtop parrot cage is one that includes an area on top of the cage for your parrot to perch and/or play when she’s hanging around out of her cage. The basic arrangement is a perch, a ladder, and also 2 bowls, but some use more or less attributes.


Playtop which is always a treat for birds

Easy to assemble

Many features to make the bird feel happy

Affordable price


Not for very small birds as the bar distance is litter big so they can stick their head out

3. Yaheetech 62-inch Wrought Iron Rolling Large Bird Cage

Yaheetech 62-inch Wrought Iron Rolling Large Bird Cage


Playtop design
Seed guard
Button lock
Pull out trays
Steel feeders
26.1 x 25.8 x 61.6
56 pounds

This is our third position holder, As a matter of fact, under terrific upkeep, you won’t require to obtain one more. This product comes with a wrought iron building as well as a safe powder-coated coating that maintains your birds safe. It is large sufficient to act as a home for multiple canaries, finches, as well as parakeets.

This cage is very easy to clean; the bottom cabinet comes with a moving system that allows you to do the cleansing with much simplicity. Inside, the cage includes 3 stainless-steel cups, a perch as well as a big door that offer maximum room for the birds thus suppressing injuries that may be triggered by narrow doors.

Recommended birds:

This cage is good for mid-sized or small parrots, we recommend African Grey, Meyer’s, Senegal, Electus, Quaker, Indian Ring Neck, Amazon Yellow-naped, Amazon Orange Wing, Green Cheek, Sun Conure, Cocaktiel, Black-headed Caique, Doves or the similar size birds.


Loved by the birds




Metal bars are not very hard so may bend

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an aviary?

An aviary is an added huge bird cage, which is big sufficient to enable its birds to fly. Although aviaries are more commonly located outdoors, you can additionally find interior aviaries, which normally extend from flooring to ceiling.

What size cage does a parrot require?

Your parrot’s cage is your house as well as where he’ll spend most of his hours, so you must see to it it’s big enough to fit his needs. Truly, the bigger the cage you can use your parrot, the much better (there’s no such point as also large when it comes to bird cages), however the minimum dimensions will certainly depend on the size of your parrot. Your parrot’s cage must offer straight room (length and deepness) at the very least two to three times his wingspan and vertical space (height) at least one-and-a-half time the size of your bird from the top of his head to the pointer of his tail.

Where should you put a parrot cage?

Put your parrot’s cage in a space where you and also any other family members spend a great deal of time, such as your living room. Place at the very least one side of your parrot’s cage up against a wall surface, to provide her a sensation of safety. While there must be a lot of natural light wherever you position your parrot’s cage, it shouldn’t be right in direct sunshine, as it might obtain as well hot for your feathery good friend. Stay clear of putting a parrot cage in the kitchen area, as some cooking processes (utilizing typical non-stick frying pans, for instance) produce fumes that are toxic to parrots.

Exactly how commonly should I allow my parrot out of his cage?

Parrots are extremely intelligent, social animals, that call for a lot of mental and also exercise, and human communication to remain happy and also healthy and balanced. You must allow your parrot out of his cage for a minimum of a couple of hrs a day, but ideally longer. We ‘d suggest letting your parrot out of his cage whenever you’re residence and able to oversee him.

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