Top 3 BEST Sifting cat litter boxes

Before jumping to the best sifting litter box, please make sure to understand what your pet would like to use and find the best kitty litter box for her/him. Cats are neat, and friendly animals, that many people across the world cannot do away with. But these animals are demanding and very territorial animals, so they need a special place to eat, play, rest and to do their physiological needs. Therefore, it is important to offer them a calm and hygienic space, being almost obligatory to buy a Sifting cat litter boxes.

 In the market you can find a wide range of litter boxes for cats, with different designs, colors and shapes, which you can use in any area of your home. Among the most prominent models which offers people value for their money is  the Trixie Berto litter box , which offers the ease of being self-cleaning, thanks to its built-in sieve, making it faster and easier to clean.

Top 3 Best Sifting cat litter boxes Reviews:

We gave ourselves the task of making an in-depth research of the best sifting  cat litter boxes with the best references and opinions of users on the Internet, to help you find a good litter for your cat. So we have considered this selected three to be standing out.

 This article will be showing you their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. welcome to the best reviews site. Here are the best Sifter Cat Litter Box.

1. Pet Mate Large Sifting Litter Pan:

The Pet mate 42036 arm and hammer large sifting litter pan is one of the best sifting litter pan on Amazon list of pan categories. The items has moderate cost, and its probably the primary explanation behind the extraordinary ubiquity and lot of sales. The box has a totally open top, and you can see the surface in the entire inside from the above mentioned. It implies the cleaning technique is improved as well. There are no shrouded edges to make issues while playing out that assignment.

The Petmate Arm and Hammer sifting litter box gives a simple and proficient approach to clean litter. The petmate sifting system incorporates openings that enable clean litter to filter through effectively without shaking or scooping. The three-skillet system comprises of two normal pan and one sifting dish to be able to separate the litter that have being soiled effectively for fast cleaning.

Pet Mate Large Sifting Litter Pan

The filthy litter is gathered at the same time, sparing time and keeping the litter fresher for more. The simple pet mate sifting litter box integrate antimicrobial protection which helps in the prevention of the odor and gives the litter a refreshing scent. The sturdy, strengthened base of the enormous feline litter box holds up to the heaviness of overwhelming litter as it is lifted and keeps going longer. The Petmate Arm and Hammer cat litter container pan continue cleaning and sifting easily while keeping up the freshness of litter for less litter replacement. Treated with MICROBAN for built in antimicrobial security

Our ratings

Ease of use:
It does not required any scooping or shaking, built in antimicrobial protection gives you piece of mind and comes with great quality.Arm and hammer

Features of Pet Mate Large Sifting Litter Pan :

  • It is treated with antimicrobial
  • It is durable
  • The petmate sifting system includes little holes that can be use to sift through the litter easily and faster without shaking


  • Bacteria and stain-resistant, and it is very good in separating poops from urine


  • It might be smaller for some type of cats

2. Van Ness Sifting Enclosed Cat Litter Pan

Van ness sifting enclosed cat litter pa is one of the best sifting liiter for huge or plenty cats. You will enjoy the advantages of this  scoop free litter pan. The Zeolite air of the pan filters bad smell and neutralized it, this filter is replaceable. The filters ought to be replaced each 60-90 days as required relying upon your cat’s washroom propensities.

The van ness has a solid design plan that the scent and stain resistant which will make the litter box remain crispy longer and simpler to clean. The top is removed when tidying up while giving protection and splash prevention.

Van Ness Sifting Enclosed Cat Litter Pan

So if you want to get comfortable cleaning your cat litter pan without scooping, then you have to check out this Van ness sifting litter pan system. The Van Ness Large Enclosed Sifting Cat Litter Pan is the full bundle; dispense litter scatter, odor control and without scoop litter pan support. Try not to give your cat’s business a chance to destroy your day.

Our rating

Ease of use:
It does not required any scooping or shaking, With a lid on the top it becomes a hooded cat litter and comes with great quality.Van ness

Features of Van Ness Sifting Enclosed Cat Litter Pan :

  • It help stop scooping of poop
  • The hassle sifting helps you save money
  • The sifting holes separate soiling and cleaning filter
  • It is a three pan system
  • It is very good for controlling odor
  • The air filter is replaceable
  • It also offer another room for preventing a mess


  • The van ness has an enclosed top for cats
  • Good for control
  • Big enough for huge cats and other pets


  • You will have to change the filter each time

3. SpeedySift Mess Free cat litter box:

The Speedysift mess free cat litter box limits cats from tearing through. All cats like to scratch, yet a lot of cats won’t tear gaps in SpeedySift liners. Unlike others, when two SpeedySift liners are counterbalanced and stacked together, they structure a strong base which limits catching cats’ paws and tearing. It likewise forestalls pee spillage and litter from tumbling to the base.

The speedysidft cinches up to 15 liners only in fixed situation in seconds. It is made with 100% of plastic and also eliminates the use of an elastic bands or a drawstrings drawstring. Made of light-gauged, incredible strength and weatherproof layered plastic.

SpeedySift Mess Free cat litter box

You must use it with amassing clay which is non-lightweight. According to recent research studies on Humane Society, most cats love more shallow beds of litters, at least 1-2″ of litter as opposed to 3-4″. This balance of liners can only work securely with a lower level of litter.

Our rating

Ease of use:
Hands never touch anything dirty, Clean and very high quality.Speedysift

Features SpeedySift Mess Free cat litter box :

  • This speedysift litter work with a 14 sifting litter and a base litter that is place on top of each other in this way a solid bottom will be created. Then each of the liners can be remove easily to sift the clumps
  •  It is a non-weight
  • A quick assembling is required
  • It is 100% waterproof
  • Top sides are light weight to be removed easily
  • The bottom tray is made with heavy duty plastic


  • No need for scrapping or scooping
  • The system is effective and convenient
  • The larger part of this litter can accommodate huge cats up to 20 lbs
  • The clumps don’t get stuck in the walls
  •  The tray never gets dirty
  • The high side of the litter contains a cat kick litter
  • The side wall is lightweight which is very easy to remove to be able to sift the litter
  • With the help of the box walls the cat will be able to use the litter
  • No contact with your kittens waste


  • The plastic liner may get shredded
  • The system only works with branded liners
  • You will need to clean the side of the litter walls

Comparison Of Top 3 sifting cat litter pans:

Pet mate sifting litter – Comes with a 3 pan system, 2 regular pans and 1 sifting pan for easy cleaning. And also it has a built in antimicrobial protection to prevent odor.

Van Ness Sifting – It comes in a three (3) pan system, two (2) regular pans and one (1) sifting pan for waste disposal. While, the van ness sifting has a zeolite air filter which assist in the controlling and reduction of odor.

SpeedySift – It comes with a pack of 14 liners and a liner base, which is placed on the top of each other to create an amazing solid bottom. The speedysift litter doesn’t have any in built antimicrobial treatment or a zeolite odour filter

Guide to buying the best  Sifting cat litter boxes

If you liked some of these litter box for your cat, before deciding to buy it is important that you consider what are the main characteristics that a good litter box should have, since our feline friend is very demanding and territorial. Therefore, we have prepared a complete guide to buy the best cat litter box.

Shopping guide

1. Sandbox format

One of the main benefits of raising cats is the natural disposition that these animals have towards cleaning, so it is advisable to place a sandbox for them that gives them the privacy they need to perform their physiological activities in a hygienic and safe way, which will minimize odors and cleaning work.

But when we make a comparison of cat litters, we realize that these accessories come in a wide variety of formats and sizes, designed to discreetly handle the feces of the felines and clean them quickly and easily.

In this sense, you need to find models that have a simple tray, where you can easily access the sand to clean it, see what state it is in.

 There are other litter boxes that include a frame at the top, which is perfect to prevent the cat from spreading the sand outside the tray or leaving traces of urine around, being very useful because they allow you to put a bag to remove the already used sand . Regardless of the model you choose, you will surely find some economic one.

You can also find those models type trays that incorporate a top cover, ideal to give more privacy to the cat when going to the bathroom, because they are completely closed and have an oscillating opening so that the cat can enter and exit without problems. Of course the model you choose  will affect how much the litter box cost will be. Because if it has a large size, including the shovel for the collection of feces or has anti-odor sachets, the price will be higher but you will save time and labor Cleaning will be less heavy, so if you have the budget, it is an investment worth making.

2. Sandbox Materials

Most of these cat litters are usually made of materials made from different plastics, especially the tray that contains the sand, as well as the cover in the case of models that are closed, but you should always check that it is of a resistant, durable material that can withstand the use that the cat gives it, as well as the constant changes to the sand.

In the models that include upper covers, it is necessary to verify if the built-in door is made of materials resistant to breakage. It is also necessary to check if the litter box comes with anti-odor filters at the top, because that way it prevents bad odors from leaving the area where the sandbox is located, which will be very useful to keep the place more neat and pleasant .

You can also find other models of covered litter box made of wood, which have a furniture design or small closet, with a luxurious and striking appearance, which incorporate inside a tray for the cat’s sand and that include a discreet door, ideal to hide the presence of this accessory in the room.

3. Cleaning

Finally, we must talk about the cleanliness that the sandbox should have, both inside and outside, because a little box in poor condition and full of dirt is a risk of diseases for your pet or for your children at home.

In the case of open trays, it should have the facility that you can see the sand directly for stool removal, making it easier to clean them. There are also models that are self-cleaning, which contain a sieve to strain the sand and the residues remain in that area, passing the clean sand towards the tray.

In other cases, the trays have automatic systems that work with a power adapter or batteries, which allows you to clean the sand mechanically without having to do it ourselves, making work easier. Remember that you should always check the trays, change the sand from time to time, and from time to time wash the trays with a neutral and mild soap to eliminate odors.

Frequently asked questions

How to clean the cat litter?

If it is a conventional litter box, it is advisable to have a shovel on hand to be able to remove the excrement with ease. You can not miss many days without cleaning the tray because the smell can be very unpleasant, even if it is closed sandboxes.
Try to wash the tray with a neutral disinfectant to reduce odors, and avoid any product that could be harmful to the cat. It is also important to change the sand from time to time, to renew it and prevent the proliferation of bacteria and viruses that can make the cat sick.

Which is better, closed or open cat litter?

Some pussy prefer the open litter box, because they can look around while they make their depositions and it can be easier and more comfortable to clean, since you have the sand and feces in sight, although it is a problem because of the bad odors that come off of her and for those cats that like to dig and spread the sand outside the tray.
On the other hand, a closed sandbox gives the cat more privacy when making its needs and is more effective because it contains better odors and the release of the sand outside, but there are felines that feel overwhelmed inside them and have fear, being necessary to remove the entrance door so they feel safe. It is also good if you have young children at home, because it is more difficult for them to come in contact with the sand.

Where to put the cat litter?

The cat litter should be placed in a quiet place where the animal can make its needs without disturbances, because at that time it feels vulnerable, preferably in a ventilated place, it can be near a window or on the terrace. In addition, it must be separated from the food area, or from the cat’s rest and play area, because otherwise it will not be used.

What is a cat litter with strainer for?

The strainer in the cat litter is very useful for sifting the sand manually, because the feces and urine balls remain in the sieve area and do not transfer to the litter box, you just have to collect the balls with debris daily , which makes the cleaning process easier and faster without much effort, keeping the sand always clean.

Are there any sandboxes for cats without sand?

If it exists. It is a mechanical box that includes a belt that transports the waste and removes it through the drain , cleaning itself. These types of appliances require connecting to a water pipe, it can be a toilet, sink or washing machine, as well as an electrical network. It has a sensor that detects the presence of the cat and after a while it is cleaned automatically.

Is it worth a cat litter to use and throw away?

No. It turns out that the sandboxes that are to be used and discarded are usually very expensive, especially if you have several cats at home, since you must buy one for each animal and leave a sandbox to spare, so it is expensive to have to constantly buy disposable sandboxes. But we explain how they work.

This type of disposable sandboxes are made of cardboard and its structure is of a closed box with an opening for the cat to pass, it has sand inside and the pussy can use it comfortably. To change the sandbox you just have to close it and throw it in the trash, without the need to handle the sand.

How does a cat litter that cleans itself work?

The sandboxes that are cleaned by themselves can be of two types: the manual, which includes a strainer in the tray to sift the sand, dump the sand on that strainer and the waste remains on that surface, from where you can throw it into the garbage bag . The automatic model can be operated with a manual lever that activates the waste cleaning system, or it can use electricity or batteries, activating through a motion sensor that detects when the cat enters the sandbox and after a while Activate the sand sweeping system by removing the excrement.

Is there a sandbox for cats without a smell?

Does not exist. The only way to keep the cat litter odorless is by constantly cleaning the tray, changing the sand and neutralizing odors with a special anti-odor product.

How to use a cat litter box

A cat litter box is a product designed so that the cat can make his physiological needs in a comfortable, hygienic and safe way. It consists of a tray, usually made of plastic, that can be opened or closed, where a good amount of sand is added and the cat can dig, defecate or urinate, and then cover its debris. Here we explain in a simple way how you can use a cat litter, to keep it always clean and neat for your feline friend.

Choose the right litter box

The first thing you have to do is choose the litter box that you think is suitable for your cat, since each model has a particular format and its use can be very different. So it is advisable to read the user manual that includes the product so that you familiarize yourself with the instructions given by the manufacturer and know the characteristics of the model, as well as the usefulness of its accessories if they are included.

 Keep in mind that the size of the tray is important, so the sandbox you choose must have adequate dimensions that allow the cat to move comfortably to make its evacuations.

Locate the sandbox in a suitable place

Cats need privacy and tranquility to go to the toilet, so it is advisable to place the sandbox in a quiet, ventilated place, which is little traveled and without much noise. It should also be easily accessible for the cat, preferably near a window or terrace, away from the area where you eat, play or rest.

Place the sand

When you have already mounted the tray in the litter box you have to add the cat litter, it is recommended that it reaches a maximum thickness of about 7 cm so that it completely covers the surface of the sandbox. Remember that before defecating the cat digs the sand to open a hole, deposits its feces and then covers them.

On the other hand, it is important that you look in the stores for special cat litter, the agglomerating sand being the favorite of the owners and caretakers, because it mixes with the moistened sand forming a ball with the waste, absorbs odors and makes it easier to cleaning. Placed the sand in the hygienic tray, the cat can now use it with total comfort.

Maintenance and cleaning

To clean the litter box, it is advisable to lightly shake the tray so that the lumps of sand emerge with feces and urine, tilting the box backwards. With the dustpan it begins to remove the debris from the tray, you put it in a bag and throw it into the trash can. It may happen that the sand is caked on the banks of the tray, and you should try to remove it very carefully so that it does not join with the clean sand.

If the tray is very dirty or has a bad smell, it is advisable to remove all the sand and wash the box with water, using vinegar to disinfect. The sand must be completely changed at least every two weeks to prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria.

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