Top 3 Best Slip Resistant Shoe For Men for work

When it comes to shoes for men, we consider safety first, comfortability, and then style. We aim to get the best slip-resistant shoe for men, whether you wear it to the office or construction site. This list of slip-resistant footwear for men is shoes that will offer you style, safety, and comfort.

What is a slip-resistant shoe?

The slip-resistant shoe is constructed with rubber soles with tread patterns; these are the two things that offer a good grip when you are working, sleeping, walking, or running on a slippery surface. This shoe is designed to protect from slipping, even if the floor is greasing or wet.

There are many scenarios where slip-resistant shoes are mandatory for your work like nurse, Chefs, factory workers and many more. Some scenarios require shoes to be heavy duty and some scenarios just need slip resistant shoes.  let us guide you how to select or buy the best slip resistant shoes for men for any kind professional work.

How to buy Professional slip resistant shoes for men:

You can follow the below buyer’s to get the best shoes. it answers the question of How can I tell if my shoes are slip resistant?

Check the box for the slip resistance claim:

The first and foremost thing is to see is that your shoe box is mentioning the resistance,  we would advise that if sleep resistance is not mentioned in the show it means it’s not the specialty of that shoe and you should not buy that.

Check the shape of the tread:

To become slip-resistant the tread is made in such a specific shape that it can push the liquid or oil or water outside or outwards. Easy way to understand it is to see smaller shapes and the shoes the smaller geometrical shapes you have the better resistance you will get.

Check the edges of the sole:

The edges of the sole should not be flat as it will trap the water inside the shoe, it should have small holes or small  way outs where the liquid can go outside.

Check for hardness of the sole:

Sometimes to make tissue more protective companies make shoes very hard which becomes unbearable always remember to test try them and see whether is it too hard for you or no.

Try it first:

One of the most important thing is to try the shoes and see weather is comfortable and usable because if you see everything but you are not able to use it then what’s the point of checking anything else.

The TOP 3 slip resistant shoes for men

1. Skechers for Work Men’s Flex

3 slip resistant shoes

The Skechers flex for workers offers comfort and longevity. The mesh design provides a lightweight, very comfortable, breathable, and safe feeling. If you like running around, this shoe is reliable and affordable, if you don’t want your foot having does all over. The insole memory foam in this Skechers will give you an excellent feeling.


  • The Skechers is safe with the two stretch panels For easy slip-on
  • Memories foam included is for more comfort
  • This slip-resistant shoe is also a stain-resistant
  • The sole is designed to absorb shock
  • It has a breathable midsole and a soft shoe fabric


  • The slip-resistant is amazingly incredible
  • The rubber sole keeps the shoe from falling on greasy, wet or dry surfaces
  • The memory foam will still feel very comfortable after spending hours  walking or running on your feet
  • It is effortless to slip it on
  •  Made from very high-quality materials 


  • The mesh at your upper feet can give an injury
  • The shoe can cause an issue if some thing heavy falls on your feet
  • Not waterproof

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2. Carhartt men’s waterproof wedge

slip resistant shoes for men

If you are uncertain about the best safety boot that will offer great support and safety to your feet, then Carhartt men’s waterproof boot will keep your foot comfortable and dry feet. The men’s boot is breathable and protects your feet. The shoe provides an utter grip to make you focus on the task.


  • It has a slip-resistant outsole
  • Made with dual density
  • The shoe is breathable and waterproof protection
  • The insole is suitable for cushioning
  • It has a six inches lace-up design


  • The rubber sole is very soft
  • It is comfortable, safe and tough
  • The model is fit and very stylish for users
  • Reduce stress on the foot
  • No harm from chemicals


  • Some customers don’t feel comfortable

3. Timberland PRO 361 Men’s Boondock

professional shoes for men

The timberland pro is made with the latest technology to last for a long time. The goal of creating this boot is to provide more safety when working. This timberland pro is stylish, and it comes with a supporting ankle. The shoe helped those fatigue foot and made with 100 percent high-quality leather. It is very safe and has a solid grip when climbing ladders or stairs

The sole of the shoe is from a high-grade rubber and very soft, it will never wear off. These boots are for all types of workers and industries. So if you are looking for a good quality leather shoe that has a good grip for your job, this is one of the best boot to look for you.


  • Made with 100% leather and waterproof membrane
  • Crafted to make your feet comfortable and dry
  • Has unique features like anti-fatigue technology
  • Provides shock-absorbing comfort
  • Comes with an insole that supports adequate needs
  • The shoe gives protection to your feet
  • It has an abrasion-resistant at the rubber toe cap
  • Offers EH rated to prevent shock from electricity
  • The structures are durable and sturdy
  • Made with lightweight composites
  • Comes with an antimicrobial that helps prevent bad odour


  • Made with waterproof membrane and leather
  • Very safe and comfortable
  • Comes with a none metallic safety toe protection
  • Models rubber for more security to your foot
  • External heel for stability
  • Fibreglass shank for construction support
  • Has oil abrasion resistant


  • The soles of the boot have durability issues with sharp objects
  • It seems heavy

How to know a slip-resistant shoe

Properly examine the shoe: Level edge soles can keep the fluid caught under the shoe, making you hydroplane like a vehicle. Search for soles with adjusted rounded sides.

Search for Grooves: Much the same as a tractor tire, search for grooves. Soles with grooves cut in them making adaptable parts are more reluctant to trap water by diverting the fluid out from under the sole. This groove shoe keeps you upstanding.

Feel the Bottom: You don’t need whatever is excessively hard. Search for a rubbery sole that will adhere to the ground. The sole will be a little milder and increasingly flexible rather than hard and inflexible.


What is the Difference Between Skid and Slip-resistant Shoes?

The difference between these two kinds of shoes is irrelevant if there are any whatsoever. There is no characterizing difference between the two sorts of shoes, and numerous makers will call their shoes to slide resistant while other slip-resistant. The characterizing component of these kinds of shoes is that both will keep you from slipping on wet or slick surfaces.

What is Considered a non-slip Shoe?

Any shoe that gives you extraordinary footing is considered non-slip. Shoes that have a superior footing than others are those that have deep track grooves that accommodate better grating among you and the ground. Producing these shoes, the company uses g gentler material that enables you to “hold” the ground as you walk. The more profound the track, the more slip resistant the shoes.

How Do Slip Resistant Shoe Work?

The treads give you footing, so when you attempt to slide your feet over the floor, the tread holds to the ground. At the point when you’re strolling or running, the tread of your shoes grasps to the ground. The material of the tread on slip-resistant shoes helps oppose against slips.

What makes a shoe slip resistant?

There are many factors which make a shoe slip resistant, like the tread, formation of the sole and the material of the soles. You need to make sure to understand what type of shoe you want, for example, a light weight slip resistant, or balanced slip resistant shoes or even for men and women, in this article we are explaining men shoes in different categories.

What should be the material of slip resistant shoes?

A lot of people have this concern,  that cloth aur leather shoes cannot be slip-resistant. But remember this is not a material choice which makes our shoes slip resistant,  even if your shoes are made of cloth but their sole Should be made of rubber, then they are pretty much slip-resistant. I want to clarify that slip-resistance does not come from the upper shoe material the major point of impact is the soul.

Final Verdict

In summary, getting a slip-resistant shoe is a necessity, especially when you are working in a busy and unsafe area. With our top picks on slip-resistant footwear for men, nasty skidding or slipping accidents can be prevented.

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