Extra large laptop backpacks

My laptop backpack is everything to me. I keep everyday things in my laptop backpack. From medicine to my sunglasses. From my business cards to my water bottle, everything is there for me whenever I need it. All these things require one thing in common which is a large capacity backpack.

Let me provide you with the best extra large backpacks for laptops which can Store all things you need for your daily activities, and not to forget almost any size of the laptop.

The Top Rated Extra large laptop backpacks list:

1. YOREPEK Travel Backpacks for men:


Do you want to take your stuff with the utmost ease? Then look no further as YOREPEK fulfills all you want in a backpack. The backpacks that this company provides are top-notch; you can use them for all manner of situations. The hefty space that this bag offers is optimal for any place; you can take this bag for long days of travel or your everyday use, such as going to school or even work. The versatility that this bag provides is endless, and that is why it’s one of our favorite picks when it comes to backpacks.

Extra large laptop backpacks

The large capacity of this bag houses around 20 pockets that are distributed so you can set your things accordingly. Three main compartments come with multi-hidden compartments, which you can use to store all manner of small items such as college supplies, keys, accessories, clothes, etc. The bag has broadside mesh pockets that can be used to store retractable umbrellas, water bottles, or anything along that line. It also has three front zippered pockets that you can use for easy access to items.

The backpack also houses a USB port and headphones jack. You can free up a lot of space in your hands by just plugging the power bank from the inside of the backpack. You can now charge your devices on the go without having to worry about your devices dying out while outside. The headphones jack can be used to keep your mobile safe inside your bag while listening to your favorite jams.

This backpack is perfect for travel, not just only because of it’s durability and space but because you can show all your contents at the airport with it’s 90 to 180-degree free folding. This saves you a lot of hassle by unpacking your items, just fold it and pass the checkpoint lanes. This backpack was made with the idea of air travel, which only adds to the appeal of the bag.’

The durability of the backpack is exceptional; it can take several jerks and shocks and come out looking just as new as when you bought it. The bag is made from top-grade polyester fabric, and high-density nylon lining makes the backpack as sturdy as a backpack can be. The water-resistant design of this backpack will fight the effects of the weather to a high degree to keep your items as such safe from harm. With the amount of rigidity that this backpack provides, and the amount of space also given, makes this backpack usable in any situation.

The comfortability is beyond compare; the airflow back and luggage design caters to the heavy backpacker’s needs. The mesh padding on the back makes it extremely comfortable to carry your heavy items anywhere you want. The air ventilation keeps your back fresh at all times, eliminating any heat build-up.


  • Does the bag have a padded base?

Yes, the bag has a padded base that would protect your items from any kind of impact from below.

  • Does the backpack have a phone bag?

Yes, the backpack has a phone bag inside for easy accessibility of your phone.

  • How large of a laptop can you fit in this backpack?

You can fit a laptop as big as 17 inches in the bag.

  • Does the backpack have a luggage strap?

Yes, the backpack has a luggage strap, it’s located on the low backside of the bag.            

2. Sosoon Laptop Backpack:


Sosoon backpacks are the best in the business; if you want a bag that you can take anywhere, then Sosoon is the way to go. Their bags are top of the line, they go the extra mile and provide features that you wouldn’t usually see in standard packs. They have a dedication to quality, and hence the production value of their items is very high. Their bags can be used in a variety of situations. Hence you’d be making the smart move by purchasing their backpacks.

Top 3 best extra large laptop backpacks multiple pockets 2020

This particular backpack has so much room that you can carry your everyday essentials everywhere without any hassle. The capacity of this bag is 45 Liters, which is saying something. The backpack comprises a dedicated laptop sleeve that can hold a device up to 17 inches. There are two main compartments in which you can store any manner of items, whether it be books, clothes, sleeping bags, etc. and still have space to spare. There are over ten multi-function compartments within them that you can utilize in arranging your items. The backpack also has two front zippered pockets, which you can use to store easily accessible items as well.

The backpack utilizes the anti-theft system on the back, which you can use to store your valuables such as wallets and passports. This bag also houses a USB port and headphone port. You can free up space in your hand by placing the power bank within the container and charging your device from there. Just attach the cables to the port and viola, easy charging on the go. You can also listen to your favorite playlist by connecting the headphones jack to the port and not worry about always having your mobile in your hand.

The material used for making this bad boy is the anti-scratch polyester fabric with high-density nylon, which makes this backpack durable beyond compare. The zippers in the bag are also of high quality and won’t break under normal circumstances. The comfortable airflow back pad lets you carry the enormous weight of all your items without any effort, plus the airflow keeps your back incredibly fresh, eliminating any sweat build up as well. The shoulder straps with massage mats make it extremely easy to carry the backpack.

The backpack is TSA friendly, which means that this backpack is perfect for air travel. You can get by any checkpoint by opening the bag and using it’s 180 degrees free unfold, removing the hassle of unpacking your things and going along your way as fast as possible. You can even fit the bag under your airplane seat, giving you complete supervision of your items. The luggage belt helps you attach the bag with your other luggage, making it easier for you in the long run. The two-sided compression helps the bag stay in whatever size you want.


  • Where is the pocket for the charging bank located?

You can find the charging bank on the right side of the bag.

  • Can water leak into the headphone jack?

Yes, if the jack is exposed to water consistently, then the jack will be damaged.

  • How large is the laptop compartment?

The laptop compartment can house a laptop up to 17 inches in size.

  • Which country is the bag manufactured in?

The country is China.

3. MogPlof Large Backpack:


Mogplof does know how to make the best quality backpacks on a budget. If you want a bag worth buying, then Mogplof is the company for you. They’ve been manufacturing high-quality backpacks that are ideal for travel. You can buy any of their bags and expect the highest quality and features that you’d only find in high-end bags. What’s even better, they’re all within budget, making it even more accessible for the general public and hence a better choice for any consumer.

Extra large laptop backpacks

The large capacity of the backpack is outstanding; it gives you ample space to store almost all of your essentials. The bag consists of two main compartments; the first compartment is used for laptop storage or any notebooks you have. The dedicated laptop sleeve can house a laptop up to 17 inches in size. The second compartment is much more significant; you can store all of your clothes, sleeping bags, and items of this caliber in this space. The front two zippered compartments house spaces for small items. With all of these compartments, they house smaller multi compartments, which you can use to store all manner of things.

The backpack has RFID protection plus anti-theft functionality. The RFID-radio frequency helps keep your passport, credit cards, and identification cards from any identity theft attacks. Other than that, the backpack comes with an anti-theft lock, which you can use to store your valuables inside. This backpack offers complete protection of your items and adds the RFID technology; you know this backpack is a must buy.

The backpack comes with a USB and headphones jack. If you’re tired of always carrying your phone and power bank in your hand, well, you can avoid all of this by just putting your power bank inside and charge your phone through it. Just attach the cable, and you’ll be charging your device throughout. You can also connect your headphones to the jack and listen to your favorite songs on the go.

The comfortable design of the backpack is outstanding; you can carry the bag and not feel the overwhelming weight of the items inside. The shoulder pads help in bringing the pressure and add the airflow padding, which eliminates any heat or sweat on the backside. The mesh pads provide a lot of comfort for the carrier.


  • Can the backpack be used as a briefcase?

Yes, it’s inherently more roomy than a briefcase, but it can get the job done.

  • Is the backpack TSA friendly?

Yes, the backpack is TSA friendly.

  • Is the backpack waterproof?

Not waterproof but quite water-resistant.

  • How durable is the backpack?

The backpack can carry a considerable amount, take a lot of punishment, and has top zippers for zipping up things.

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