Best laptop Camera backpacks

I have  two hobbies, one is blogging and the other one is Vlogging, and when you are crazy enough to do both of these I need a bag which can hold a laptop as well as a DSLR camera so you can always do whatever is necessary at that point of time. For maybe you are a businessman with the secret love to photography this list might be yours to check.

We present to you the top three backpacks in which you can hold a laptop as well as a camera, either you can call them laptop bags with camera compartments or camera bags with laptop compartment. Either one is right  but the idea is to have both of them comfortably

1. AmazonBasics SLR/DSLR Backpack:


AmazonBasics offer their customers essential everyday items of the highest caliber, and hence they’ve come with a suitable bag for your everyday cameramen. The company is supplying people with the best products that go along their own needs, this bag is the best choice for anyone owning a camera, both in quality and price.

The bag is made from the versatile material of polyester/nylon exterior that serves to protect the bag from all types of damage. The material used to produce this bag is the best when it comes to backpacks because they are quite resistant to tearing and ripping apart while being durable enough to carry the weight of the equipment you store in it. You can easily wash them with a damp brush or cloth if you find any smudges on it, making it easily cleanable as well.

Best laptop Camera backpacks

The size in this bag is just shy of perfect for any cameraman, with partitions that will hold 2 DSLR or SLR cameras. The bag also has space to store four lenses and all the small accessories that go with it. This is great for any amateur cameraman that is starting on learning the ropes but also is adequate for any professional cameraman as well. The inner dimensions of this bag are 12.6″ x 7.8″ x 16.5″ , again emphasizing that there is ample space to put almost anything in there. The outer dimension of the bag is 13.4″ x 8.8″ x 17.7″ inches, being the perfect size to carry it for the average person.

The bag has adjustable straps that will allow you to adjust it according to your shoulders and height easily. It also has a waist strap, letting you tighten it close to your body even more if you’re fearful that the supplies within the bag might bump into each other because of the loose-fitting.

The one year warranty the company provides is an excellent way to ensure that you won’t get any defective products. If you find any faults with the backpack, you can just ship it back for a replacement. The company also ensures that the shipping will be frustration-free so you won’t be bothered by any damage done to the product during delivery.


  • Is the bag waterproof?

No, the bag doesn’t come with this resistance, it’s advisable to buy a rain cover for this bag.

  • What is the use of the drawstring in the front of the bag?

You can use the drawstring to hold and attach other objects to it. You can slide in small objects to the drawstring to better carry other trivial items.

  • Is the bag machine washable?

No, the padding will be ruined due to the machine wash. You can use a damp brush or cloth to clean the bag.

  • Can the bag fit a 15inch laptop?

No, the bag won’t be able to fit a 15inch laptop. The most it can fit is a 13inch laptop.

2. USA GEAR DSLR Camera Backpack Case:


USA GEAR has designed a beauty of a backpack that will facilitate all your adventurous photographic needs. The company promises that they make their products with the utmost care, using premium fabrics and features that are universal for all types of lifestyles and climates. The bags can be used almost anywhere for a variety of uses, irrelevant to its purpose, giving a lot of versatility for their customers.

The bag is made with a superior mix of nylon and fabric construction, with extra reinforced padding that is to ensure that your back won’t be damaged in most situations. The materials that are used to produce this bag make it durable from the exterior but also make sure that anything inside doesn’t get damaged as well.

Best laptop Camera backpacks

The backpack offers a lot of customizability when it comes to how you want to store your items. The bag offers a lot of space for more professional photographers, letting them store a variety of items for their carrying needs. The backpack comes with a laptop compartment, letting you take your trusty pc with you. There’s the large main compartment where you’ll most likely store your central camera bodies and just above it the media and cable storage compartment. It also has front customizable interior storage with ample space where you can store other items as you see fit. You can change the settings of the storage with the padded dividers.

The backpack has side camera access, letting you place and take out your camera at will. The bag also enables you to strap on a tripod on the side. You also have small accessory storage in the front. Overall, this backpack offers you storage and quality that you’d find in high-end products but gives you all of it at a reasonable price, and honestly, bargains like this come very rarely.


  • How big of laptops can this backpack fit?

This backpack can fit a 15-inch laptop perfectly.

  • Is the backpack waterproof?

No, the backpack isn’t waterproof, but it is water-resistant.

  • Is the waist strap long enough for a bulky person?

The waist can be stretched long enough, so a bulky person will have no problem with it.

  • Where is the bag produced?

The backpack is designed in California, USA, but manufactured in China.

3. TARION  Camera Backpack:


TARION is an exceptional company when it comes to designing camera accessories and backpacks. They’ve got an array of stylish and functional bags that will make any person with an eye for fashion and utility bring out their cash for the purchase. You will find that this product is also beneficial for your camera carrying needs.

The bag is exceptionally waterproof and can be used in the dampest of environments. The product has been rated an IPX5 on the waterproof scale, which means you can take the bag to downpours and even beaches without worrying about water ruining the items within your bag. The bag is also shockproof, with inner linings filled with shockproof EPE protective padding. The kit will be able to take the jerks and shocks that you might come up upon carrying your stuff.

Best laptop Camera backpacks

The bag has a vast carrying space, letting you put in as many items as you please. You can carry a plethora of items within the container and not worry about running about space. With dimensions 280*350*120mm, you can fit in a lot of items. The expandable inner drawstring gives you 10% of more space. The fitting of the bag also helps as it has ergonomic back support, which is adjustable to all types of sizes. The back support reduces the burden put on your body, and the ring style hasp lets you customize the perfect fit for your body type.


  • Can a fully packed bag fit under the airplane seat?

Yes, the bag can easily squeeze under your seat.

  • Can I remove the small compartments of the bag?

Yes, you can, but only for half of the bag.

  • How big of a laptop can it fit?

It can fit a laptop of 15.6 inches.

  • How heavy is the backpack?

It weighs around 1.55 kg.

How to choose a camera backpack?

Backpacks have become extremely accepted choices for many photographers. Camera backpack allows us to ensure and serenely convey heaps of apparatus over broadened timeframes all while giving quick access to all need. Regardless of whether, an expert picture taker going on a boondocks trip or an energetic amateur who needs to convey a camera and a laptop.  One of the main reasons for this is its functionality. When traveling, there is a need for a comfortable camera backpack that can carry all equipment i.e. lenses, filters, tripod, etc. as well as having plenty space for things like water, food and clothes. The backpack comes in different sizes and is capacious, so many things can put in more than just photography equipment. Some backpacks have built-in wheels, so they can be easily transformed into rolling bags. Absolutely perfect while traveling to different photography projects.

With the roller bag being the greatest stockpiling for photography gear, a camera backpack is unsurpassable with regards to convey ability while keeping up a huge stockpiling limit. Despite being so enormous and ready to convey that much rigging, a backpack is entirely agreeable to wear, as you wear it on both of your shoulders. This lessens and even totally expels the pressure from your shoulders, paying little mind to the measure of your photography gear. Talking about photography gear, a normal camera backpack can store at least two cameras, multiple focal points, PC, tablet, and has extra compartments for little or large camera frill. Some increasingly costly and powerful camera rucksacks will permit you to pack both PC and a tablet, for expanded adaptability. Plan insightful, the backpack isn’t extremely lovely, similar to a portion of the shoulder sacks for instance. In any case, they offer better stockpiling size than each camera sack we’ve referenced, except for roller packs.  If you love investing your energy in nature and shooting scenes, at that point a rucksack is an extraordinary choice. It will allow storing even nourishment inside.

The purpose behind this is backpack is generally more costly than littler camera packs. The greater the capacity, the greater the potential outcomes when walking. For the individuals who have issues with their shoulders, a rucksack is most likely going to help, hence we imagine that it’s incredible for that reason. All things considered, if you have a great deal of stuff to convey, regardless of whether it’s your photography apparatus or something different, a camera rucksack is mandatory. You’ll realize when to purchase a knapsack.

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