6 Best Waterproof laptop backpacks

If you are a backpack lover, you know how important is to have a water resistant laptop backpack for daily needs. Either you need best waterproof backpack for college, school or work, you have come to the right place. Nowadays technology has become so prevalent and most of the things we use are electric devices.

Why you need a water proof laptop backpack?

At home, in offices we work with them, moreover they now have a shape and size that we can carry them, like computers have been turned into laptops and we mostly carry them with us. But there are some issues we face while carrying them; if the weather is rainy or we encounter any water on our way home or office or anywhere else, then our laptop can get affected and the important data in it can get damage.

So to protect laptops and other gadgets from such encounters production sector has produced bags which are waterproof. But neither all are worth purchasing or they all will fit your needs. So, here is a list below to give you a wide range of selection for the best one.

Water Resistant laptop backpack list:

1. Business backpack with laptop sleeves 17 inches:

Markryden Water-proof Business 17 inches

Bags are many in the markets but this one is great it has spacious pockets for carrying of not only laptop and electronic devices but also clothes, glasses, keys, cigarettes and many more.

Its waterproof material will not let your things get wet in drizzling and the zips are also water phobic. It has 3 pockets which are specified for their functioning, the last pocket is made for laptop.

Bags are many in the markets but this one is great it has spacious pockets for carrying of not only laptop and electronic devices but also clothes, glasses, keys, cigarettes and many more. Its waterproof material will not let your things get wet in drizzling and the zips are also water phobic. It has 3 pockets which are specified for their functioning, the last pocket is made for laptop.

And in the main pocket you can carry all your other things like power bank, clothes, camera and other accessories. Front pocket has many smaller pockets and also a key chain so you will not lost you key. It not only has spacious pockets but also there is a side pocket for water bottle.

If you want to charge your phone then here is a special provision which is USB charging port, moreover it has given the air padded back and sleeves so you will feel no pressure on your back another plus point it gives, is of its carrying; you can carry it bay the above handle or by sleeves and the strap at the back side will aid in alleviating the pressure on shoulders, by holding the waist.

The waistband is also mounted with a compass to make sure that you will not lose your path, best for climbers, hikers, soldiers and cyclers. It is a great thing to purchase for everyone; students and other people.


  • Compass on waist belt to guide hikers, climber etc.
  • 3 compartments. And special compartments for tablets and laptops.
  • Key ring and USB charging port are inside.
  • 2 Mesh pockets and normal pockets are present.
  • Bottle pocket at side is present.
  • Air padded back and sleeves for comfortable carrying.
  • 3 carrying styles are given
  • Made up oxford material and is waterproof.


  • Large space.
  • Separate pockets for Laptop and tablet.
  • Ergonomic design.


Not for heavy rain.


This bag is equipped with many features which are- no doubt -excellent. And it really value your money the classy design is so attractive but still you cannot use it in heavy rain, you can use it only in drizzling. Otherwise it is best and you consider it for yourself or for someone else to give.

2. Laptop Bag for school and college:

waterproof backpack for laptop

This is one of the best waterproof backpack for college because of its great look. Because you are searching for the best waterproof laptop bags we are now here with this bag from unisex. This bag is of a style that anyone male or female can use it.

This bag comes with 3 different sized pockets, front one is smaller one and you can carry here, your card and other flat things. Then there is a large pockets which is useful for carrying tablet, diaries and notebooks.

Then at the back the wider one is present in which a padded laptop packet is present having a Velcro security for laptops. Then here we have padded back and sleeves to avoid excessive pressure on shoulders and damage to laptop. Moreover the sleeves are adjustable.

There is also a side pocket for water bottle, and a USB charging port is also given for charging of your phone without carrying power bank separately, here is a pocket inside specific for power bank. For extra protection there is a folder cover at top. This bag is worth purchasing.


  • 3 pockets of different sizes.
  • Velcro protection for laptop pocket present in main pocket, moreover the pocket is padded.
  • Sturdy straps.
  • USB charging port.
  • Bottle carrying pocket.
  • Padded and adjustable sleeves and padded back.
  • Extra protection from water due to the present of folder cover.
  • Special pocket for power bank.
  • Magnetic button for the straps at front.


  • Spacious
  • Light weight material.
  • Sturdy body.
  • Can be used by anyone, from anywhere.


  • A little heavy because of materials


There are many specifications which are considerable and one will be impressed with these. If you are looking for something like this then order it now, it is a great value for money.

3. Highly secure Anti-theft Laptop Backpack:

waterproof backpack with laptop compartment

Kopeck has is one of the known names in this field and are famous for making durable bags. Now we are here with something like this, this bag is designed in a way to make your life super easy and hassle free in terms of searching and putting thing in this bag.

This bag contains 2 wide pockets, 1 front pocket and 1 laptop pocket. 2 main pockets are complemented with many sub pockets for various things.

Then in making of this bad the material used is sturdier than you could ever encounter in any other bag, it is puncture free, the zippers of it are double for more protection from water. Not only is this also given with USB port and elastic side pockets. its a great waterproof backpack laptop compartment.

Then the back and sleeves are padded with 8mm foam for comfort, moreover sleeves are adjustable and one of the sleeves contains a sunglasses carrying band. There are adjustment rings too for proper adjustment of the bad according to the need.


  • 3 layers of fabric are present.
  • USB port present in it.
  • Sleeves and back are padded with 8mm foam.
  • Sleeve designed to carry sunglasses.
  • Wide and spacious 2 main pockets.
  • Zipper open USB port inside.
  • Front zipper pocket.
  • Elastic side pockets.
  • Laptop and tablet pockets are separate.
  • Main pockets contains many sub pockets and partitions.
  • Anti-puncture fabric and double zipper.


  • Very sturdy.
  • Organized way of keeping things.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • More secure


  • Not great for heavy rain


This bag has a huge durability and it is the best thing to purchase for the need of a bag. Waterproof scratch free and anti-puncture bag will go with a long distance in life. No doubt you are going to love it.

4. BOPAI stylish waterproof Laptop Backpack:

waterproof backpack with laptop sleeve

BOPAI 15 inch has designed this bag on the modern lines, and bad is in matte black color which gives it a beautiful look. It has many hidden pockets like on the back and on the sleeves.

Here are 3 pockets, 2 out of 3 are smaller and 1 is the main pocket. For more protection of laptop it is provided with padded front of the pocket and back, moreover the sleeves are padded and adjustable. Its body is very thin and is only 2 inch in width.

Its body is waterproof made up of microfiber leather and ballistic nylon. You can carry in it your books, tablet, phone, pens and other accessories. The weight is very light, and is very easy to carry.


  • It is made of a material which is waterproof; micro-filament leathers and ballistic nylon.
  • Padded sleeves, and sturdy back. Sleeves have smart pockets.
  • Light weight material is used. And its weight is only 0.7 kg.
  • Ultra-thin body; 3 inch only.
  • Main pocket is wide. And 2 sub pockets.
  • Front pocket is made for flat things like tablet, or notebook and diaries.
  • Back hidden pockets for carrying important documents.
  • Adjustable sleeves.


  • Light weight.
  • Highly waterproof.
  • Efficient design.
  • Very thin.
  • Durable body


  • Not very spacious.
  • No USB port.
  • No side pockets for water bottle.


It has some cons but its pros are much more than cons. For carrying laptop it is the best thing to purchase. Moreover it is being light weight not going to add additional weight on your shoulders. Purchasing it will not waste you money. It is highly recommended.

5. TARION Slim Laptop Backpack:

best waterproof backpack for college

This is a waterproof laptop backpack from TRION, who has designed this backpack to provide you much easy in its use. Its a cool backpack.

The body of this backpack is made up of a very sturdy material; tear resistant nylon and is given extra protection with EPE cotton stuffing and padding material, while the zippers are in loop closure design and self-adhering hooks will provide more protection.

This backpack has an organized design in its main pockets and the laptop pocket is present in this pocket to protect laptop from shocks. Then here are additional pockets at the back and front of the bag. This bag can be held by 2 methods; carry it on the shoulders of hold it by the handle. It is certified to have IP64 waterproof rating and is allowed to be used in all weather conditions.

It is very light in weight and carrying it will be very easy only 1.5lb is its weight, moreover this backpack is ultra slim only 3.5 inch in width, it will not take much space. Its sleeves of this bag are adjustable according to the height of a person, so everyone can use it; short of tall.


  • Organized main pocket
  • Velcro protection for laptop.
  • Laptop pocket is given more protection because it is padded with EPE cotton.
  • Weight is 1.5 Ib.
  • Straps are adjustable, so the persons with any height can carry it.
  • IP 64 waterproof rating.
  • Width is 3.5 inches.
  • One small pocket is at the front and one is in back.


  • Light weight.
  • Thin body
  • Sturdy material.
  • Adjustable according to height.
  • Extra padded protection.
  • Organized design.


  • USB port is mission.
  • Side pocket is not present.


USB port and side pockets are not that important as being waterproof, durable and lightweight, is. So you must consider it for your laptop.

6. NUBILE 45L Laptop Backpack:

waterproof laptop bag

NUBILY is here with its strong and sturdy backpack to make your things safe even in rain or other weather conditions. You will not be disappointed with its performance, because everything it offers is just excellent.

Its material is waterproof, tear resistant, sturdy and breathable. It has ports for headphones and USB charger.

It has many pockets in which things can be carried with efficiency and laptop pocket can open up to 1800 for easy scan at airports. Its main pocket is much more spacious that it can carry you clothes, camera, pens, and other accessories without any.

At the back there is an anti-theft pocket for your important documents, passport and diaries. You can carry it with the padded sleeves or can hold it with the help of rugged handle. There is also a back band to fix it on the suitcase. It looks bulky but does not have much weight, you can carry it anywhere with ease. Here are 4 pockets on the side of the back so you can carry your bottle, umbrella or anything else in it. one of the best waterproof computer backpacks.


  • USB port is present.
  • Hands-free/ headphone port is present.
  • Back belt is present to attach it with suitcase.
  • 2 front pockets, 1 main pockets, 1 laptop pocket, 4 side pockets and 1 Anti-theft pocket at back.
  • Front pockets contains many compartments for organized keeping of the things.
  • Key chain is present, so may not lost your keys.
  • Laptop pocket can open up to 1800.
  • Rugged handle and luggage sleeves are for carrying.
  • Separate pockets for tablet and laptop.
  • Weight is 3.3lb. Breathable and tear resistant material.


  • Spacious
  • Many pockets.
  • Light weight.
  • Multipurpose use.


  • Looks bulky.


It looks a little thick but it has not much weight. If you will purchase it, it will serve you in many phases of life.


How do you protect your laptop from a backpack in the rain?

When you are taking your expensive laptop outside for travel or college or school, it’s very important to protect your laptop. there are many stylish waterproof laptop backpacks,  in the market which you can use. we have a list of the best 6 water resistant backpacks for laptop out of which we are very sure you will like at least one

What is the best waterproof backpack?

To make the best decision for this, it’s very important to understand your needs. we have listed 6 best waterproof backpacks out of which one will definitely match your needs.  some laptop are big, some people like smaller or slim laptops. This is completely dependent on choices. we have listed almost all of them so you would be very happy to see or bye one of them.

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