9 veggies to regrow from Kitchen scrap

Growing veggies in our garden are happiness. That too from vegetable scrap is double happiness. Spring and fall are the best seasons for veggies to regrow from kitchen scraps.

veggies to regrow from Kitchen scrap

Definitely, this guide will give a new approach to grow veggies from the kitchen scrap. After reading this you can be sure to harvest veggies from your garden if followed the same.  


veggies to regrow from Kitchen scrap

Beetroot is the easiest veggie to regrow. To make a salad we usually cut the top of the beetroot and peel of the remaining part and eat it.

Never throw the topmost of beetroot. Plant it in the garden or put it on the plate of shallow water. 

After a few days, the leaves start sprouting out of it. You can use them in your salads and after some days you  can harvest the beetroot and enjoy it. Beets tops among veggies to regrow from Kitchen scrap


 We all love to eat carrots. The freshy, juicy tastes of carrot always bring water into my mouth. 

Carrot can also be grown just like beetroot. To make carrot juice, we chop the top of the carrot and peel the remaining part and blend it to drink it.

After drinking, do not throw the head of the carrot. Plant it in your garden. After a few days, the leaves start to grow from its top. You can also plant it in a shallow tray of water.


 Very commonly we use celery in our kitchen. If you find the store-bought celery with some roots in it, then you can grow them in your garden.

Place the root of celery in a bowl of water and after a few days, you can see them growing happily.Celery is the easiest veggies to regrow from Kitchen scrap.


veggies to regrow from Kitchen scrap

Lettuce is undeniable when it comes to salad. We used to cut off  the head of the lettuce.

Place the head of the lettuce in the bowl of water and let the marvel happen.

Enjoy the lettuce after a few days.

Green onions

Green onions are a definite successful veggie that can be easily grown from your kitchen scrap. 

Place the root of the green with 2” of the stem in a bowl of water. After a month, your green onion shoot grows up for you to use in your kitchen.


Onions can be easily grown but it needs little effort. Cut the root of the onion with 1” of itself. Now place it in the soil and water it regularly. After a few days, the shoot grows up leaving the onion to grow underneath.

After a few days, dig the onion from the ground and use it in your kitchen.


Place a clove of garlic with its root under the soil. After a few days, its shoot grows up.After a certain period of time, dig the ground and and take the cloves of onion and cook it.


Basil adds flavor to your dish. After using the leaves of the basil, do not throw the stem. Collect a few stems together and place them all in a bottle of water. 

veggies to regrow from Kitchen scrap

After some days, you can see the roots popping from the basil stems. Plant them in your garden and enjoy them.


Store-bought potatoes can be easily regrown in your garden. Each potato has the caliber to multiply into many. Place the potato in the soil and let them grow. 

After a few days enjoy the potatoes grown in your garden.

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