3 Best Toddler Backpacks

It might come to your mind, ” Does a preschooler need a backpack? ” and the answer to this is a big YES. This way they get a sense of responsibility even before they join the school, It also enforces the confidence in them.

Other than this kids and toddlers can forget things while they are out because they are not used to carry things. this way they make a habit of carrying things with them in their backpacks.

Why backpacks good for toddlers

It is must have for preschoolers. they don’t go to school full-time but backpacks is good for travel, playschool, daycare, camp and daily use. In backpacks we can carry nursing bottle, toys, clothes, lunch etc. We present you the best toddler backpacks list:

1. VASCHY Preschool Backpack:


VASCHY is the company if you want quality backpacks. They design their packs with the utmost care and always have their customers in mind.

They make bags that would usually be found on the high-end spectrum of the price range, but with the quality they provide, they sell their products on a very budget range. The bags themselves envelop style and functionality, and investing in one of their products is a smart move as any consumer.

The particular bag in question is a preschool bag that they’ve manufactured, one of the best kits they’ve made for pre-schoolers. The bag is made from imported polyester, making it exceptionally durable. The material used makes this bag extremely water-resistant, letting you feel relaxed while it’s in the hands of your toddler. The Backpack is conveniently light, allowing your child to carry it with ease. The shoulder pads on the bag make it extremely easy for your child to adjust the bag to fit according to their size, making it even more comfortable.

The bag comprises two compartments, the main compartment where you’ll put the bulk of the child’s stuff in, and the front zippered pocket, which is utilized to store other trivial stuff. Two elastic side pockets are used for carrying water bottles and such. The main compartment has a dedicated sleeve, in which you put their notebooks or iPad. The main compartment also has the nametag, which you can use in case the toddler misplaces the bag. The Backpack also has chest straps, which make it easier for the child to grip the container.

The unique design that this bag introduces will surely appeal to all types of toddlers, and they’ll happily take their pocket wherever they go. The kit comes in different designs, so if one of the patterns doesn’t appeal to your young, then they have a plethora of choices they can choose from.


Dimensions: 11 x 4.3 x 14.6 inch I Material: 100% Polyester I Weight: 0.77LB

Why we like it?

  • Unique
  • Easy to Organize & Carry
  • Light Weight
  • Secured Chest Buckle
  • Extra Long Pullers
  • Durable
  • Small Compartment


Is the bag machine washable?

The bag is designed to be hand-washable, it’s supposed to be washed with a damp cloth.

Where is the Backpack made from?

The Backpack is manufactured from China.

Can you fit in an A4 book?

Yes, the bag is roomy enough to put an A4 bag.

Does the bag come in different sizes?

Yes, the bag comes in two different sizes, small and medium.

2. Wild 15-inch Backpack:


WildKin is the company that manufactures products designed explicitly for your toddlers. The multiple products they have are the best you can buy for your children, and as such, you should invest in them.

They’re made to make your child connect and identify items more clearly, and hence they would be worthy additions to your child’s life. The line of products will improve your child’s personality and creativity by ten folds, and the durability and safety that the products will have are immeasurable.

The Backpack has ample storage space for your munchkin; the dimensions are 15x11x7 inches. This backpack comprises of two main compartments. Both of the chambers have enough space for any pre-schooler, and they can stuff the bag to their heart’s content. The compartments have pencil bags and utility pockets for further easy organizing of items. The Backpack is also quite light when compared to your everyday bags.

The bag is exceptionally durable and resistant to anything that a toddler can throw at it. The Backpack is made from 600-Denier polyester with interior moisture-resistant nylon, the best materials used to design bags. The polyester makes the bag extremely light and yet durable at the same time. The inner nylon construction makes the bag easily cleanable. You won’t have to worry about any messes that the child will build inside the backpack; you’ll have to take a wet cloth and make the bag shine once again. The bag is somewhat water-resistant as well, which will stop any water from spilling into the contents of the pack.

The shoulder pads of the bag are incredibly comfortable, letting the child carry the bag with ease. The adjustable shoulder straps also help in this regard; they make the bag more convenient to take with a tight grip on the shoulders. The durable top handle of the bag, lets you easily hang the bag on to any hook, you can also use it to carry your whole bag without the fear of it ripping apart. Other than that, the bag comes in a variety of attractive colors and designs, giving your toddler the chance to pick out its favorite design and color.


Dimensions: 15 x 11 x 7 inches I Weight: 15 x 11 x 7 inches I Material: Polyester Fabric

Why we like it?

  • Name Tag Inside
  • Kid Tested
  • Large Pockets
  • Value for Money
  • Attractive Pattern
  • 2 Zipper
  • Waterproof
  • Durable
  • Sinlge Side-Pocket


Does the bag have mesh side pockets for holding water bottles?

Yes, the bag has mesh pockets, ideal for holding water bottles.

Would this bag be good for a diaper bag?

Yes, the bag is big enough to be used for a diaper bag.

Is the bag machine washable?

The bag is hand-washable, just get a damp cloth and wash it.

3. Affenzahn Preschool Backpack:


Affenzahn is a german based company that is dedicated to quality. The amount of care and love that goes into designing and making these products is astounding, and hence upon purchasing these products, you’ll see why there’s a clear difference.

The Backpack is environmentally friendly, eliminating any unnecessary and harmful chemicals, making them ideal for your toddler. The amount of features that are found in their products is also something to be awed by.

The size of the bag is 5x7x3 inches, perfect for any small toddler. The bag is quite spacious, letting the child put in anything they so desire. The Backpack has a lot of compartments attached to it. The main compartment is the place where the main items will be placed; the other compartment is the front pocket, the “belly” of the bag. The bag also has two more compartments in the shape of the feet of the animal. Add two mesh pockets, and you’ve got yourself ample space for any toddler.

The adjustable shoulder padded straps are incredibly comfortable to take with the toddler. The straps can be adjusted according to the child holding it, and due to the excellent quality of production, the bag doesn’t feel rigid or heavy in any sense of the words.

The different animal design of the bag is excellent to look at; you can choose from the variety of specially designed animals that the company offers. Each bag has it’s own animal and colors make them all fun to look at.


Dimensions: 4.72 x 7.87 x 12.2 inches I Weight: 0.88 LB I Material: Pet-polyester

Why we like it?

  • Adjustable Chest Strap
  • Padded Shoulder
  • Name Tag on Tongue
  • 2 Side Pockets
  • Expensive


Do different bags have different numbers of pockets?

No, the bag has the same number of pockets; the designs are different, though.

Does the bag have a chest strap?

Yes, the bag has a chest strap that tightens the bag.

Is there a nametag in the bag?

The name tag of the bag is on the tongue of the pack.

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