Simple Houseware V 15 Vacuum Storage Spacesaver

The best and highly recommended option for all those looking for the vacuum storage bags of different sizes, the simple Houseware V 15 comes with fifteen bags of 4 different sizes including medium, L, XL, & Jumbo. It will surely satisfy the space-saving needs of the people due to a range of size options. These storage bags are also compatible with the majority of the vacuum cleaners.

All these storage bags are transparent & give perfect visibility. It is considered as the budget-friendly option due to some good reasons. The 39*26” storage is very affordable as compared to other storage bags. It means users will have much more for less.

Simple Houseware V 15 Vacuum Storage Spacesaver Review:

The simple Houseware storage bags will also create 80% extra space. Due to being waterproof and airtight, the storage bags will keep the stored items safe and protected. It will also protect the blankets, pillows, bedding sheets, and clothes from mildew and mold. The double zipper technology of the simple Houseware bags keeps things airtight by attaching a utility clip with each bag.

The company also offers the replacement option, it means if the storage bags will not seal or hold, users can contact the company for getting a free replacement. Is not it cool? Get your hands on this amazing and durable vacuum storage Spacesaver now and reduce 80% extra space to make life easy.

Simple Houseware V 15 Vacuum Storage Spacesaver Review
Simple Houseware V 15 Vacuum Storage Spacesaver Review:


  • Storage bags are reusable
  • Available in different sizes to cater to the diverse needs of users
  • Offers dual seal zipper
  • Protect the stored items from microorganisms, moisture, dust, dirt, and bugs
  • It will reduce the effect of corrosion & delays the growth of mold
  • Come with utility clips


  • Does not come with a free hand pump
  • Made of very thin plastic thus, leakage is possible
  • Not good for long-term storage purposes
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