Cleaning tips to help keep COVID-19 out of your home

Year 2020 is all about protection from the COVID 19 to live a healthy life. However, the main point of panic in this pandemic is that we do not know where the virus is present. We have no clue what to clean or what not to for getting rid of the virus.

All of us are acting much responsible when it is up to wearing masks or washing hands. However, think about the house or the rigid bodies around us to which everyone touches unconsciously. This is the time to take the crucial steps to clean the home and each of its corners.

Also, this article is all about the Cleaning tips to help keep COVID-19 out of your home. Washing hands or clothes is good but that is not all in this pandemic. Our responsibilities are increasing with the spread of this dangerous virus.

Most importantly, make sure that you stick with these cleaning tips for even the future because it is good for health. We never know who is infected by the virus that is why we must take care of the home and us. Keep reading and know the self-care tips as well as home cleaning tips.


  • Wear Masks: wearing a mask is the new normal for all of us to cope with this virus. Before going out of the home, make sure that you are wearing a mask. Importantly, do not share the mask and change it with time.
  • Keep your Hands clean: same as wearing masks, keeping a sanitizer included in the new normal. Use hand sanitizer frequently in public places. When you are at home, keep washing your hands especially before eating or cooking.
  • Keep a Distance: keep yourself away from the people and do not go to gatherings. Stay at home and in case of facing any symptom, isolate yourself. Keep a distance from old age people and children if you move out of home daily.
  • Do not cough on your hands: make sure that you are not sneezing or coughing at your hands. Use tissues or a handkerchief in case of a cough.
  • Try not to touch your Face: stop touching your face or the eyes because mostly the virus is transmitted through our skin. Your hands may be having a virus on them if they are not sanitized yet. Avoid touching the face means you are avoiding having viruses in the body. 
  • Wash the clothes: use a strong but harmless detergent to wash your clothes. Keep in mind to wash the clothes and home and do not send them to washing spots.

Cleaning Home

Furthermore, you must keep your home clean to get rid of dangerous bacteria and viruses. Therefore, you must adopt the cleaning tips for the home.

  • Clean the frequently touched areas of the home: use disinfectant or sanitizer to clean the knobs, switches, etc. cleaning chairs, tables or the other rigid bodies is also important. Rigid bodies or frequently touch areas are more likely to have a coronavirus, that is why cleaning them is important.
  • Disinfection is important: disinfection is important to kill the viruses from each corner of the home. Make sure that the disinfection product, which you are using, is not harmful to the skin. Read the directions and the chemicals to make sure that you are not allergic to these.

Cooking Food

Self-care along with home cleaning is good to handle but clean cooking is also important. Make sure that whatever you are cooking is clean along with the following tips. Select the natural vegetables rather than using the preserved from marts. Make sure that all of the food is fresh and you are not eating the freeze from the past.

  • Cook at home: in this COVID 19 wave, try not to eat fast food or food from hotels. Cook the clean food at home.
  • Cook with boiled or clean water: make sure that the water, which you are using in the cooking, is clean. Use the boiled water for more precautions.
  • Wash hands before cooking: adopt the other cooking ethics such as washing hands before cooking or any other kitchen task.

In case if you feel that these cleaning tips are not enough then you can call some disinfecting company. Avail of the services of any company to keep your house clean.

For more safety precautions, educate yourself regarding corona and follow these. In this wave, if you are going out of home, just keep yourself away from children or old people. If you are feeling that, you are a corona carrier then at very first isolate yourself from family or friends. Not only the corona carrier but also all of us must use separate utensils or clothes.

Make sure that you are not sharing the glass or clothes with anybody because you never know who the carrier is.

Sun exposure is important for the person as well as for the clothes. Spend some of your daily hours by sitting under the sun, which is also a source of vitamin D., Change routines and move on with the new normal of lives because no one of us knows when the virus will vanish.


What are the simple tips to avoid the coronavirus

Self-care, cleaning home, kitchen precautions as well as self-isolation or distancing are the ways

What are the precautions for the kitchen to avoid the COVID 19?

Use clean water to drink as well as use clean water to cook food. Before doing, any work in the kitchen makes sure that your hands are sanitized or washed.

What are the Self Care tips to avoid COVID 19?

Wear clean and washed clothes; self-distancing is important as well as sanitizing hands. While going in public or out of the home wear the mask and hand gloves to avoid COVID

Does sharing food cause the COVID 19?

We do not know who is the corona carrier among us that is why it is better to avoid sharing food.

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