Best Home Laser Tag Guns and Sets

Laser tag guns & sets are getting more famous with each passing day as they offer a fascinating & memorable gaming experience and are considered perfect for all ages. Due to the rapid technological advancements, now playing with the laser tag guns and sets is surely way better than playing different video games. In other words, laser tag games are highly recommended to those who are looking for the fun activities that they can enjoy together with the kids.

Moreover, laser tag games are an amazing way of enjoying leisure time with family thus strengthening the family bond in a longer run. Apart from this, the laser tag game will help in diverting the kids’ attention from mobiles phones, video games, and screens. A good laser tag game will help children learn important skills such as winning & losing, thinking, motor skills, teamwork etc.

The purpose of this article is to help people narrow down the available choices while accessing their needs. The article has compiled a comprehensive list of 7 best home laser tag guns and sets currently available in the market. Hopefully, the prospective buyers will find the one that suits them.

What Exactly a Laser Tag Game is?

What Exactly a Laser Tag Game is?

Basically, a laser tag gun is used to fire infrared beams in order to tag the opponents. Here, I would like to share an important point that laser tag is just similar to paintball and airsoft games except laser tag game is a mess-free & no-contact game that never inflicts any type of discomfort to the players. The most noticeable thing is that laser tag gun games can easily be played both outdoors and indoors but obviously, outdoor offers a better & vigorous experience as compared to playing indoors.

What are Different Kinds of Laser Tag Game’s Equipment?

Yes, laser tag game equipment consists of different types but only few people know about this. The equipment varies considerably in price and quality. The following 4 categories are used to differentiate the equipment:

·        Toy Grade

A perfect option for kids, toy grade is considered as the most famous and common category of the laser tag gun game. Toy grade category features in-built sounds and lights to ensure better experience.

·        Business Grade

Another great option for commercial locations such as laser tag field. The whole package consists of vests, blasters and scoring equipment.

·        Tactical Grade

A highly recommended gear for laser tag avid. They are suitable for adults and teens. The package contains real weapons & are made from top-quality materials.

·        Military Grade

It is the best and highest quality equipment so far. This category bears a resemblance to real weapons when it comes to feel, weight, and design. However, it is worth mentioning that military grade equipment is designed for war training instead of playing laser tag gun games.

Reviewed: The 7 Best Home Laser Tag Guns and Sets

best laser tag guns for adults

Laser tag is a famous gaming activity & the amazing bundles that makers have offered are pretty noticeable. The home laser tag guns & sets are great for holiday parties, family gatherings, birthdays & just a random get-together with friends. Here is the detailed review of the 7 best home laser tag guns and sets. It is advised to read through & select the best one that suits your needs.

1. Nerf Official: Laser Tag Phoenix LTX Multiplayer Laser Tag Game 

Especially designed for action, this specific game is surely an enjoyable tagger for different ages & skill levels. The Nerf official laser tag game is a great choice that features a set of two laser tag blasters. These guns are good for both outdoor and indoor use. Players only have to select the outdoor/indoor playing mode according to the preference.

It is vital to mention that Nerf Official laser tag game is an affordable and best way of getting started in the mesmerizing world of home laser tag. Additionally, players will find wonderful sound effects to get a realistic feeling along with reactive vibration. The game allows the entire family to spend some good and memorable time together.


  • Multiplayer compatibility
  • Indoor & outdoor battles
  • Awesome sounds and effects
  • Recommended choice for whole family
  • Good range


  • Multiple weapon setting is missing
  • Few guns are not responsive

User Experience:

According to the buyers, this is a cool & hassle free laser gun game that is quite easy to set up while having a durable frame for a powerful gaming action.  The game has some extraordinary features which leave players feeling like action heroes every time. Some users have commented that when it comes to top-quality laser tag guns & sets, sound always remains a controversial factor, few devices have louder sound while some devices are without sound. But, this specific product offers a huge range of wonderful shooting sounds.

2. ArmoGear Laser Tag Guns with Vests Set of 4

Another great product on the list of best home laser tag guns & sets is ArmoGear Infrared tag set. It features a set of four laser tag blasters & vests in order to turn your backyard/home into a real arena for laser tag games & give players countless hours of fun and enjoyment. While the majority of advanced laser tag game designers are leaning towards removing vests & using guns & sets as receiving ends.

The game offers a multitude of amazing options where people can shoot just like a machine gun, shotgun, pistol, and rocket. Moreover, there are also several modes designed for vests including voice-guided missions & night to invisible mode.  


  • Color coded teams
  • Reliable laser tag game
  • In-built voice prompts for simple & easy play
  • Superior construction for long-term durability
  • Easy to use & realistic sounds


  • Batteries are not included in the package

User Experience:

Many game lovers are happy with the performance of this game because it enables them to turn the home and backyard into the real laser tag showground. Moreover, it has voice guided instructions, 150 feet range of shooting, night vision flashlight, target vests, and invisibility mode. Few users love the fact that the game can produce real shooting sounds & tactile vibrations to ensure immersive gaming. 

3. Laser X 88016 Two Player Laser Gaming Set

This particular laser gaming set is a cool two-player option if your ultimate goal is to learn the different ways of becoming a skilled player. The gaming set offers the option of getting coaching tips when you play it. The entire set consists of 2 target vests and 2 laser tag guns that can be connected to the gun by using a cable. Here, I would like to mention that this might be a problem for a few players but, the provided vests are not heavy & fit perfectly.

Furthermore, this laser gaming set has put a lot of emphasis on light and sound effects. This set also comes with the premium-quality lighting effects in order to let players track shots & hit competently. Laser X 88016 gaming set is an incredible product that allows players to blast the opponent’s receiver vest from around 200ft away.


  • Interactive voice coach for tips & feedback
  • Amazing lighting effects
  • Help improve kids visual acuity skills
  • Compatible with different Laser X sets
  • Perfect outdoor game


  • Several attempts are required for reloading the game

User Experience:

According to the game lovers, this laser tag gaming set is ideal when it comes to playing the tagging game in a traditional way that is more interesting because it stimulates the realistic combat scenario. Few players have mentioned that both the receiver vests and blasters are equipped with the latest technology of recording shots & successful hits. On the other hand, the only drawback is that blasters ping a lot during play.

4. Kidzlane Laser Tag Gun Sets of 4

Another great option that comes under the category of the best home laser tag guns and sets, the Kidzlane is considered an ideal and worth having in-home laser game for friends and family because it can take the fun and enjoyment of what they have been watching on their screens for long. With this cool combo, players can set their own stage while launching into the thrilling & enjoyable battle experiences they can ever imagine.

Moreover, the players will have a wide range of weapons at their disposal ranging from shotgun to pistol to machine & then rocket. The most noticeable feature is that the Kidzlane laser tag game is safe for children and adults & is designed to the utmost quality standards.


  • Four team action toy
  • Very realistic shooting sounds
  • Wearing a vest is not even important
  • Made from top-quality materials
  • Best gift for children


  • Sometimes, blasters might fail to record hits especially if handled improperly

User Experience:

The buyers of this game have commented that purchasing more than 1 laser gaming set is a costly affair particularly if the ultimate goal is to get a durable and hard wearing product. But, selecting the Kidzlane laser tag set is just like killing four birds with 1 stone as buyers get two sets of the blasters at the cost of 1. Some have mentioned that this gaming set offers cool features that are according to their needs while enabling them to turn the home and backyard into a laser tag arena.

5. Best Choice Products Kids Laser Tag Set

This laser tag game is highly recommended for kids to make reunions and parties more interesting. With 4 blaster guns, this game offers a lot of fun and enjoyment. The perfect balance of camouflage patterns, great colors, & colored LED light make the game more fun. The game allows players to battle friends & even team up the available multiplayer mode while using more sets in order to add players.

Additionally, the players are allowed to select from four blaster settings including missile launcher, submachine, shotgun, and pistol. Each setting has different levels of ammunition & the required one can be selected during battle. In this game, every player has nine lives and three lights indicates the number of lives being left.


  • Realistic vibrations and sound effects
  • Infrared receivers to improve shooting accuracy
  • Versatile design
  • Suitable for both outdoor and indoor settings
  • Various gun modes
  • LED health indicators


  • Built quality is not up to the mark

User Experience:

According to the users, the colors of the game are bright & highly detailed. Moreover, the guns are very lightweight but do not feel cheap. The lovers of laser tag games have recommended this game to get hours of fun and enjoyment, running all around the home. Few parents have also commented that it is a perfect starter set for children to keep them busy.

6. Play22 Laser Tag Sets Gun Vest

This specific gaming system gives a complete set of 4 color-coded vests and blasters for group play. In this game, players are allowed to select from 4 gun settings & each setting has its own sounds and lights of premium- quality. It is worth mentioning that this gaming set is extremely famous among laser tag lovers due to its durability & hardwearing materials.

When players select between the machine gun, pistol, missile, and shotgun, they will notice that every set has its unique points & bullet counts. Great vibrations, sounds, and lights come from the chest plates and blasters to attract a larger audience. Moreover, the superb range of 150ft for all those who want to run all around the home & even love to play outdoors with maximum distance among players.


  • Best gift for adults and kids
  • Offer a wide range of useful features
  • Available in different colors
  • Best shooting range
  • Made of durable materials


  • Bit pricey due to batteries

User Experience:

According to the players, the guns are 100% safe and sets can be combined easily in order to add more players. No doubt, the game is indeed a wonderful gift set for family members and friends. On the other hand, few buyers have commented that there are some warnings that go along with the game. Players can not be in small areas for this game to work perfectly. Furthermore, the gaming set needs 28 batteries. Therefore, plan beforehand about refills.

7. The Adventure Guys Deluxe Lazer Tag Gun Set

Well, it is considered as one of the most famous laser tag gun sets people can ever get. The set consists of 4 blasters in four cool colors. Additionally, the laser tag gun & set gives some amazing set of features in order to ensure that there is no need to spend a lot of money to have memorable fun at home. In this game, players can select between various team settings i.e. multiplayers, two players etc.

During the game, the blasters can also be used as distinct kinds of weapons. For instance, players can select to fire at rivals as a machine gun, rocket blaster, shotgun, and pistol.  Every weapon has different firing rates and ammunition levels. It simply means that players have to be careful about selecting the style of weapon.


  • Memorable fun for entire family
  • Matchless built case
  • Top quality laser blasters
  • 100% safe for kids
  • Worth buying product


  • Might not work properly in sunlight

User Experience:

Game lovers have commented that they can purchase different sets of the Adventure Guys Deluxe Lazer tag guns & all the blasters can easily be used in the similar battle. Few users loved the product due to its wonderful features & best performance without making blasters too difficult to use. It simply makes the game suitable for kids. In short, the combination of quality, features, and price is perfect.

Buying Guide: The 7 Best Home Laser Tag Guns & Sets

Due to the technological advancements, home laser tag is one of the rapidly growing wonderful live action games & for some good reasons. No doubt, laser tag has strategic and social aspects in it along with a lot of fun. As compared to airsoft or paintball, laser tag is less painful and messy. So, if readers are looking for the best home laser tag guns & sets, then it is advised to consider this section as well apart from just reading the reviews.

How to Select the Best Home Laser Tag Guns & Sets?

There is no inaccessibility of products that are designed for large and small team play concerning laser tag. More & more families and people are opting for laser tag games because now the game is growing in popularity. Laser tags are available in different designs to make the whole set easier to install, maintain, and operate. However, it is important to consider the following factors while selecting the best home laser tag guns & sets.

No. of Blasters

Try to select a laser tag set that comes with two blasters guns. In case, players can get 1 with four blaster guns that will serve the best purpose. Moreover, go with the set that let you add numerous blaster guns. It means that you need to buy more blaster guns offered by the similar brand.

Role of Batteries

It is worth noticing that laser tag sets always need a lot of batteries that might need replacing fast. Thus, before buying one, it is advised to do some research & find out the one that will be more power efficient.


The majority of laser tag guns come with four kinds of settings namely rocket launcher, machine gun, shotgun, pistol. The purpose of these settings is to add more excitement and drama to the game.

Sound Effects

Sound effects play a vital role & of course quality is of utmost importance.   Some laser tag sets offer amazing & realistic shooting vibrations and sound effects. Thus, select wisely


Laser tag sets should be durable & well-built. When it comes to turning a laser tag set into something more thrilling and exciting, then pay attention to the haptic, lights and sound effects.


Go with the laser tag sets that feature target vests in order to aim directly at the persons, not guns. 

Is it Safe to Play with the Laser Tag Set?

Yes completely safe, because laser tag sets have very low-powered lasers & these are particularly designed to be safer for small kids and adults. Some of them operate equally to an infrared TV remote. Well, it is advised do not aim any kind of laser at someone’s eyes.

How to Play with a Laser Tag Set?

Just like paintball, the aim is to hit the enemy with the available laser guns in order to reduce their lives & eventually eliminating the enemies from the game. Usually, laser tag sets come with vests and guns however, some do not need vests.

What to Wear for Laser Tag Games?

Due to being an action game, it is a recommended practice to wear stretchable and comfortable clothing. In case, people are playing the game in the dark rooms, then they should wear clothes of dark colors for blending properly into the background. To avoid unforeseen circumstances, do not wear heels or open-toed shoes while playing the game, Try on some good running shoes and socks for these as you are going to put good pressure on them.


Overall, it can be said that some kids or adults irrespective of their ages always want to try something new and different things particularly if it offers a thrill & adrenaline rush.  The same goes with laser tag games because it is considered a fun activity that can easily be enjoyed in both settings i.e. indoor & outdoor.

All the above-reviewed home laser tag guns and sets could be a worthy birthday present for adults and kids. After reading the reviews, prospective buyers will be in a better position to make a wise decision. The purpose of the shared buying guide is to make shopping comfortable and hassle free. The best home laser tag guns and sets feature various colors & quality vests thus, allowing several participants to fully enjoy a thrilling session. Moreover, these products have different qualities such as night vision, LED indicators, speaker, stealth mode etc. to ensure comfort and convenience for players. 

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