Best Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe Ever

For the First Time, Doubletree by Hilton Reveals Official Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe so Bakers Can Create the Warm, Welcoming Treat at Home

Doubletree by Hilton worked well by revealing the chocolate chip recipes. Because of this step, many bakers now can try these cookies at their place. People who love baking can also try these amazing chocolate chip cookies at home.


Moreover, the people who tried the recipe are giving highly positive reviews because the recipe was accurate. As well as, the doubletree by Hilton shared their official recipe therefore people are loving it.  By taking this step, the brand enables the people to enjoy the fresh or warm cookies at their tables.

It is a great treat for chocolate chip cookie lovers because the cookies are in the trend for the past many years. A wide range of copied recipes is available on social media but none of them was giving the right taste.

The recipe does not just provide a good taste to enjoy, but it also provides a happy and pleasant feeling. It is the best thing to serve to the guests or the children. It gives a royal touch to the dining table because of its amazing look and taste.

Have a look at the recipe of the chocolate chip cookie recipe



Quantity:  ½ pound

The addition of the butter in the cookies gives a smooth touch, which makes it easy to eat. The buttery taste is something very special in the chocolate chip cookies.


        Quantity:  ¾ cup + 1 tablespoon

The addition of sugar is mentioned in the official recipe however, you are free to add it according to your taste. Mentioning that they do not add too much less of the sugar because it may ruin the taste.

Brown sugar

    Quantity:  ¾ cup

For keeping the recipe healthy as well as tasty, the addition of brown sugar is also beneficial. Do not think that the brown sugar is optional, because its addition will give you the exact taste.


·         Quantity:  2 large

To make the cookies soft and healthy, add the eggs to the mixture. The addition of eggs is also important to maintain the shapes of the cookies.

Vanilla extract

    Quantity:  1 ¼ teaspoons 

Moreover, the vanilla extract is responsible for giving a better taste and smell to the cookies. Because of this, the cookies will not smell like eggs or anything else.

Lemon juice

  Quantity:  1 ¼ teaspoons 

Lemon juice is as important as the other ingredients in the mixture. Make sure that you are using fresh lemon juice in the cookies.


      Quantity:  2 ¼

Here comes the most important ingredient, which is flour. It not only gives the color to the cookies but its quantity is responsible for the overall recipe.


  Quantity:  1/2 cup

Give a crunch to the chocolate chip cookies and add some oats to it. Quantity is changeable according to the need and taste.

Baking soda

    Quantity:  1 teaspoon

For raising the cookies during the baking process, baking soda is important to add. Without the addition of the baking soda, the cookies will not rise at all. Most importantly, do not add much amount of the baking soda because it may cause any stomach problem.


  Quantity:  1 teaspoon

It’s interesting that, addition of salt increases the sweetness of any recipe


    Quantity:  Pinch 

It also gives a good taste and smell to the cookies and the mixture

Chocolate chips

    Quantity:  2 2/3 cup

Add the chocolate chip, which is the beauty of this recipe


    Quantity:  1 3/4 cups

Walnut gives the crunch to the cookies however if you do not like crunch you may not add them.

Directions for making dough

  • Preheat the oven
  • Add all of the dry ingredients into the bowl
  • Add eggs into the mixture
  • Beat well
  • Add vanilla extract
  • Add lemon juice
  • Make a smooth mixture
  • Put the dough for some time

Directions for the cookies

  • Start rolling the dough and take care of the thickness
  • Cut the dough in the cookie size
  • Put the cookies into the oven tray
  • Start baking
  • That is it! enjoy the official taste of the chocolate chip cookies

Can you store the cookies for some days?

Yes, of course, the cookies are easy to store for some days. They will not change their taste if stored

How to make the chocolate chip cookies cakey?

Add amount of baking soda in it, it helps the cookies to be cakey and soft as well

Is this the official Doubletree by Hilton Reveals Official Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe?

Yes, this is 100 percent official recipe, which was shared by the Hilton

How to make these cookies soft?

By adding the right amount of each ingredient, you can make these cookies soft. Moreover, add some milk to the dough if you are feeling that it is hard for changing the shape

What is the purpose of adding salt in the chocolate chip cookies?

The addition of salt increases the taste of sweetness in any recipe. Therefore, rather than adding much sugar add some amount of salt to the mixture

Are these chocolate chip cookies healthy to eat?

Yes, they are very healthy to eat. As well as, these cookies do not disturb the diet of a person

What time is best to eat the chocolate chip cookies?

With tea at breakfast or during your snack time, you are free to eat these cookies. Additionally, you can eat these healthy cookies at any time of the day because there are no restrictions

How do we get to know that chocolate chip cookies are baked enough?

You can insert the toothpick into one cookie while baking. If the toothpick came out dry from the cookie it means that cookies are ready. If the stick is having any mixture over it, it means that cookies need more bake time.

Why do the cookies remain thin or flat?

The absence or less amount of the baking soda results in flat or thin cookies. The purpose of the baking soda is the rise of the cookies that is why you must add it.

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