Best TENS Units for Shoulder Pain

During the last few years, the TENS machines have gained a lot of popularity due to some good and valid reasons. If people are looking for pain relief or even combining their training programs with harmless natural muscle stimulation then, TENS units will provide them with required endurance, strength while dramatically reducing pain & recovery times.

Used by the majority of the people globally, the TENS unit is considered an amazing way of treating acute and chronic shoulder pain. The TENS unit is a useful pain relief method because with the help of this tool people can target their pain precisely. TENS is portable and small while offering the best treatment without any side effects.

What is the TENS Unit?

It is an especially designed device for relieving pain by using an electrical current of low voltage. Users can adjust the settings in order to change the intensity depending on their needs. Specifically, users are capable of controlling the voltage along with the duration & width of the pulse.

In this article, I am going to share the useful information regarding the best TENS unit for shoulder pain. Once readers go through the top reviews of TENS units along with the buying guide, they will be in a better position to make a wise decision.

Important things you need to know about TENS units

How effective are TENS units for treating chronic pain conditions such as fibromyalgia?

The effectiveness of TENS units varies depending on the pain severity. While it can help at times, other times, the relief can take longer to take place.

In many cases, the pain can be substituted by the TENs stimulation, which can be a little annoying but less painful. In the end, the device helps you to exhaust muscle spasms which are harder to approach with the balm and heat massage. In fact, the heat massage is ineffective to treat chronic pains.

Best TENS Units for Shoulder Pain

TENS units are great for treating pain even when with a weak immune system, yet you must be careful. When the immune system is weak, a TENS treatment tends to lose effectiveness.

The way a TENS device works is very similar to a wire that sends electrical pulses into the skin and the nervous system. Once these pulses get into the skin, the body is pushed to increase endorphin production to achieve pain relief. TENS doesn’t eliminate pain but helps alleviate it.

How do you get rid of shoulder pain?

There are many ways to get rid of shoulder pain. You can address this issue at home through remedies or an exercise routine of those you learn on YouTube. These are some methods that reduce shoulder pain dramatically.

Use a cold compress in case of shoulder swelling. It is well-known that the cold helps lower inflammation. Another strategy includes the use of compression, but without ice in. This method also helps reduce swelling, but you get better results with anti-inflammatory medications.

Preferably use over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen and naproxen. They are effective against tendonitis and arthritis. The aspirin can be of great help, too.

Other ways to deal with shoulder pain and reduce inflammation are the heat therapy, muscle relaxants, and other medications like acetaminophen.

Best TENS unit placement for great pain relief:

The placement of the TENS unit plays an important role in how well the TENS unit work, here are a few tips on where to place the TENS unit.

placement of the TENS unit  for shoulder pain

Another placement area would be to place them just under the neck:

TENS placement area

And if you have neck pain as well besides the shoulder, then this would be the best placement for this.

neck pain as well besides the shoulder

What are the best TENS units?

As explained before, TENS units are devices that work using electrical impulses that travel through the nerves to prompt endorphin production. There are many of these devices, but the best of all is the iReliev. This device allows setting the intensity of electricity very easily.

It boasts of having 25 intensity levels, which rank it as the TENS units with the largest number of intensity levels. This makes it easier to gain control over the strength of the treatment. Compared to other TENS, this one has 7 levels more.

The iRelieve goes further. If you ever try this device out, you will realize that you won’t be able to go past the 14th level because that would be enough. 

The pieces of this device are irreplaceable. Its pods are placed through a snap fit, making it impossible to use pads of other manufacturers.

What are the benefits of using TENS units?

TENS can be used in multiple forms; in fact, it has been allocated 44 uses.

It is useful for treating diabetic neuropathy and other types of neuropathy. In essence, it does the job by prompting the production of endorphins from the spinal column way down the legs.  It is prescribed to treat the chronic regional pain syndrome as well.

Due to its effectiveness to reduce pain regardless of the cause, TENS has been also utilized to deal with cancer-related pain and phantom-Limb pain. Ailments like migraines and chronic tension-type headaches can be treated.

Needless to say that this device is helpful for people with back pain, failed back surgery, and disc problems. Overall, it is very efficient to cope with many backbone issues.

Likewise, it has been ascribed other features to treat muscle soreness, rheumatoid, arthritis, and inflammatory conditions.

How to get rid of shoulder pain?

There are a wide range of methods to get rid of the annoying shoulder pain. Let’s check out some. you can also use posture brace to make your posture right and reduce the pain. Talking about posture, using the right shoes and the insoles can also have an impact to help you have the right posture.

The first method is the over-the-counter meds that pertain to the non-steroidal drugs, and are commonly used as home remedies. Some of them are Ibuprofen and Naproxen. Whenever you buy them, make sure they are from Aleve and Advil.

The other method to consider requires a warm towel or compress on the shoulder. You can combine this remedy with a TENS to get results faster.

The third method applies the opposite of the heat, a cold therapy. Take a towel, put some ice cubes in and then put it on the shoulder until the ice thaws.

Finally, we have the most popular treatment of all, the massage. Tell somebody (who knows) to massage the sore area, or do it by yourself for some minutes. You can use TENS to complement this treatment.

A detailed list of products

Here is a detailed list of product that are discussed in this article

TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit with Accessories  TENS 7000Excellent
Naipo TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator  NaipoVery Good
Healthmateforever TENS Unit Machines  HealthmateforeverGood

Reviewed: The Best TENS Units for Shoulder Pain

All those who are suffering from shoulder pain should consider buying the best TENS unit. Because it will help them relieve pain while reducing swelling by managing electrical pulses that carefully contract the muscle. The article has compiled some best TENS units with different controls, outputs, and features to help readers find the right one according to the requirements.

1. TENS 7000 2nd Edition Digital TENS Unit with Accessories

TENS 7000

 One of the best and top-selling products when it comes to relieving shoulder pain in a few minutes. This device is compact with good portability. The TENS 7000 unit comes with the plastic carrying cover with a reasonable price tag. Moreover, one of the biggest benefits of using a TENS 7000 unit is that it can produce an extremely powerful massage.

It has a double output feature that allows users to use four electrode pads simultaneously all of them will get the maximum power for stimulating the muscles. Furthermore, it also comes with top-quality lead wires & the length of these wires will allows the user to place an electrode pad in each part of the body while holding the gadget at waist level


·         Give instant pain relief

·         Highly recommended device for shoulder pain

·         Includes the required accessories

·         Powerful & easy to use

·         Economical & give the best value for money

·         Worth buying to reduce pain

2. Naipo TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator

Naipo TENS Unit Muscle Stimulator

This amazing and powerful TENS unit is capable of stimulating the muscles while relieving pain in the shoulders, knees, joints, ankles & other parts of the body where people need help. Furthermore, this device offers personalization functions to let users select the required modes from cupping, knocking, acupuncture, tapping, and shiatsu-kneading.

It comes with 16 intensity levels and massage duration of 15, 10, 5 minutes respectively. Users have 4 pads at their disposal that they can distribute wherever on their bodies they see fit. The Naipo TENS unit is compliant with FDA regulations & standards thus, worth considering.


·         Multi-purpose

·         Top-quality pads

·         Versatile and portable

·         5 amazing pre-programmed modes of massage

·         LCD display is readable

·         Lightweight and compact

3. HealthMateForever TENS Unit Machines

HealthMateForever TENS Unit Machines

A highly recommended for all those who are looking for the TENS units that can easily be used not just for reducing pain but for bodybuilding as well such as toning and firming. By using the HealthMate TENS unit, users can select from fifteen pre-programmed set-up modes.

All the modes are easily readable due to the animated huge back-lit display. Moreover, the modes are specially designed to provide users a just-like-massage like feeling which will not just block the pain receptor but delivers a comfortable and relaxing experience as well. Users can also enjoy the 20 different levels of intensity in order to meet a diverse sensitivity preference due to being adjustable.


·         Portable

·         Different options for intensity and mode

·         Offer both PMS and TENS qualities in an exclusive device

·         Strengthens the body’s ability to recover and heal naturally

·         Comes in a wide range of mode and model options 

User Guide

What does a TENS Unit do?

The TENS unit is a battery-operated device that works on electricity impulses to treat a large variety of pains that may occur in the back, neck, and shoulder and it’s also effective to treat any kind of inflammation.

It delivers small quantities of electrical energy through electrodes to the nerves to stimulate endorphin production. These impulses are released from irreplaceable pads designed to attach to the skin.

TENS units help relieve pain.

Certainly, a TENS unit does the trick when it comes to pain relief, but do not expect that it eliminates the pain forever.

Pain Gating

Pain gating is a theory that derives from the belief that the pain can be blocked if the painful input is blocked. It says that the pain is only possible if all the mechanisms and channels are available.

TENS Unit Uses

Back Pain

These machines are a great option as a treatment for lower back pain. However, its use for treating backaches is still being discussed.

Neck Pain

It is suitable for neck pain, as it can be placed directly on the neck, which is very close to the brain. It guarantees that the neck and the shoulder pain disappear momentarily.


According to a study published in 2015, TENS is effective against sciatica, the terrible pain that distresses most of the elderly.

Knee Pain

It serves as a form of treatment for knee pain and inflammation.


It can be used on a daily basis as a migraine treatment.

Shoulder Pain

A study in 2001 proved that TENS helped improve post-stroke shoulder pain in patients.

Temporomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ)

It can work as a treatment for two types of pain syndromes: the temporomandibular disorder and the temporomandibular joint.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

It turns out to be a cost-effective option for treating carpal tunnel syndrome.


Not only does the TENS help reduce headaches’ intensity, but it also brings down headaches frequency.


Better used during the early stages of labor if a home birth is planned. It can be also used during the last period of pregnancy.

Common TENS Unit Settings and Verbiage

The name TENS is not so common in the medical realm, so you may find some settings unknown. The following are the elements that comprise a TENS device.

TENS unit modes: these modes are compounded by other submodes that include pulse rate, timer, intensity, and pulse duration.

Pulse duration: it allows setting the pulse duration. Bear in mind that the long pulses last, the more stimulation will occur.

Pulse rate: while the other setting relates to timing, this one refers to pulse rates. The rate of a TENS pulsations is measured in hertz or pulses per second.

Intensity Level: it is associated with the level of shock that the TENS will deliver. Set it up to a low intensity level at the beginning.

Treatment Timing: set the time the TENS will be working. It is important to say that not all of these devices come with an auto turn-off timer.

Channels: the channels are the numbers of wires that are attached to the skin during the treatment. While some TENS give the option to connect more lead wires, others won’t accept but two.

Electrodes: these are the pads that connect the TENS to the wires. These little pads are the elements that stick to the skin during the treatment. While some electrodes are reusable, others are disposable.

Lead Wires: they are the cables that transmit the pulses from the TENS to the electrodes for TENS pads. They are long, so don’t worry about comfort during the treatment.

Things to be aware of when using a TENS unit

If you use the TENS very frequently at high intensity levels, your muscles will twitch. If this happens, call the doctor for consultation.

It is advisable to use TENS at a low intensity in the beginning. There may not be noticeable changes at first, but the effects may come after a few days or weeks after increasing the intensity level little by little.

This device is not meant to cure any physical ailment. Use it to complement a physical therapy or to treat a pain that is soft or moderate. Use it to put a limit on migraines, also.

FAQs: Answered the Best TENS Units for Shoulder Pain

The best TENS unit device is now considered worth having because it provides a drug- free and non-invasive option for relieving shoulder pain. TENS units are easy to use and purchasing the best one is not tough. Just consider the below-given information,

What should be considered While Buying the Best TENS Unit for Shoulder Pain?

Following are the major features of TENS unit that give the most effectiveness and flexibility for various uses:

  • ·         In-built modes to cater multiple pains
  • ·         Treats various locations of body pain
  • ·         Portable
  • ·         Easy to handle while being straightforward and simple display and buttons
  • ·         FDA approved when it comes to effectiveness and safety
  • ·         Several levels of intensity for different pain controlling needs
  • ·         TENS pads
  • ·         Battery type

Choosing the best TENS unit is important, considering shoulder pain could have a significant impact on sufferer’s life. It is advised to view the above-mentioned factors in order to pick the TENS unit that is suitable for you & centered around the needs/preferences.

Is it Safe to Use a TENS Unit?

Yes, with correct placement of pad, the best TENS unit can significantly reduce the shoulder pain. It is important to mention that a conductive garment can usually give even better outcomes. In other words, the best TENS unit is an extremely safe & natural solution to get instant relief from shoulder pain.

How to Use the TENS Unit in a Better Way?

It is recommended to follow the below tips before using the TENS unit,

·         Number of pads should be correct

·         Change the direction and distance

·         keep additional supplies

·         prepare the skin well

·         Always switch off the device before removing the electrode pads

What is TENS Units?

A TENS unit is a device that sends electricity through the body to relieve pain and treat injuries. It has adhesive pads through which this gadget is able to deliver small electrical impulses. The patient has to attach them to the skin before turning on the device.

The TENS sends the signals to the nerves for pain relief. To be more specific, it works by dislodging electrical impulses to the nerves that are the main cause of the pain. Consequently, the device is recommended to treat back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and other related issues.

When the TENS delivers these impulses to the nervous system, the body starts releasing hormones that reduce pain. These hormones are called endorphins.

On a positive note, the TENS is a portable device that helps approach body pain without the side effects of meds.


In the end, I would like to say that no doubt the best TENS unit is a compact, small yet powerful gadget that will provide instant relief from acute and chronic shoulder pain. Hopefully, after reading the detailed reviews of the top 3 TENS units for shoulder pain along with buying guides will help readers make an informed decision. However, always remember that selecting the best TENS units for shoulder pain is not as simple as finding the expensive model. Therefore, it is better to do a lot of research depending upon the intensity of pain and other personal preferences.

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