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Windshield cover is important because in changing weather conditions with unpredictable hotter or colder temperatures, protecting the windscreen is required so we present you the Best Magnetic Windshield Covers. Windshield cover demands a little effort & hard work to use but provides numerous benefits. Usually, a good quality windshield cover is made of polyester fabric and car owners place it over their vehicle’s windshield in order to protect the windscreen.

Using a windshield cover allows people to drive the car easily without getting worried about the exertion of scraping snow and ice from the windshield especially in freezing weather conditions. Likewise, some magnetic windshield covers can also be used in summers for protecting the windscreen from harmful UV rays. With the best magnetic windshield cover, car owners just have to remove it from the windshield. The whole process will take a minute or two but, surely protect the car in a better way.

Who is the Bestseller of Best Car sun shades or Curtains in the USA ?

There are many car sunshades or curtain manufacturers that trade these products in the United States. Some of the two most popular brands are Autofurnish And EcoNomy. The latter is leading the industry at the current time.

But why is EcoNourthe the bestseller of best car sunshades in the USA? The reason may be in the material they use for the sunshades. EcoNour sunshades are the kind of accessory you would buy to protect your dash from cracking or windshield from heating too much. EcoNour manufactures special curtains that keep the car interiors protected and warmed enough.

Also, if you didn’t know, EcoNour specializes in making eco-friendly sunshades to prevent harmful UV rays from penetrating. Along with that, the size of these windshields guarantees it provides good coverage.  Apart from that, EcoNour material is light, making it almost impossible to get the glass cracked after a long time of installation.

EcoNour is believed to be the most innovative car sunshade manufacturer in the United States.

Best Magnetic Windshield Covers

How to avoid ice/frost formation inside the windshield?

Avoiding frost formation inside the windshield is very easy. For starters, you should leave the front window of your car cracked open, so the water vapor can escape. At dawn, use the heating controls to remove frost and move it across the windows. Most cars come with the air conditioning kick on to fasten the process of defrost.

Make a vinegar solution with one part water and three parts vinegar and spray it on the car windows. This homemade solution melts the ice previous to forming. Apply this strategy before you go to bed, and you won’t have to do it again in the morning.

When temperatures get higher, fogging becomes a problem. It happens when the air conditioner dries the air and the heater heats the windshield producing an effect of hot that generates fogging. The external air is what exacerbates the fogging.

Turn off the car heating ventilation and this won’t be happening.

What are some ideas to avoid frozen windshields?

These are some ideas to avoid having frozen windshields, especially if the car spends a lot of time parked outside in winter. Remember that when you drive, the wind and heat do the work keeping the windshield clearer.  When the car is parked, you have to worry about ice and snow.

What are some ideas to avoid frozen windshields?
  1. Buy a cover and put it on your windshield to prevent ice and snow from forming.
  2. Implement the above idea and prepare the windshield before you sleep. The cover won’t make the glass immune to the snow, so you will have to scrape the windshield sometimes, but using washer fluid can make things easier.
  3. Lift the wipers off the windshield, sprinkle the washer fluid on it, and leave it all night. The washer fluid permeates into the window causing an icy surface that is easier to clean.
  4. If you don’t like that idea, opt to utilize a de-icer and spray it across the windshield. You will get better results with the spray rather than with a washer fluid.

How to remove snow from windshields?

Winter comes with a lot of goodness like sitting with your family and having warm eggs and enjoying your conversation or doing excersise to remove the cold from your body but it also comes with a few problems. one of them is Snow on your windshield.

One of the simplest ways to remove snow from windshields is by using a soft bristle. The soft bristle won’t scratch the windshield and the surface you are clearing off. Additionally, use the bristle to get rid of snow on headlights and taillights. This may sound easy, but make sure you don’t scratch the glass while doing this.

To accelerate the defrosting process, start your car and wait for it to warm up. The heat will start melting the snow. Using the defroster and turning on the heat at full blast may help. Take the cover off the car previous to doing this. Use the heat of the car even if you have a cover for your windshield. If there’s too much ice accumulated, turn it on for more than 5 minutes.

Salt is also a mineral that counteracts frosting, but must be used carefully to prevent glass scratch. Mix little salt with plenty of water and sprinkle it across the windshield.

Best Magnetic Windshield Covers list:

Here is a detailed list of product that are discussed in this article

1. Magnetic Windshield Cover by Ice King  ShynerkExcellentCheck now
2. Apex Automotive Premium Windshield Snow Cover  ApexVery GoodCheck now
3. UOT CNR Magnetic Windshield Snow Cover  UOTJCNRExcellentCheck now
4. OSAMU Windshield Magnetic Cover  OASMUExcellentCheck now

Reviewed: The Best Magnetic Windshield Cover                                                                             

At present, the magnetic windshield covers are available in different sizes having different features. Thus, in order to help readers to make a wise choice, this article is going to share the useful information regarding the top-selling magnetic windshield covers. To give additional protection to the car’s windscreen, consider the below-given reviews of the top-quality magnetic windshield covers.

1. Shynerk Magnetic Windshield Cover by Ice King:

This amazing product is designed by Shynerk, a well-known US brand that produces top-quality windshield covers. This particular magnetic windshield cover is waterproof and windproof thus, it will protect the car from ice, water, and snow.

If car owners are planning to drive the cars straightaway with a clear and clean window, then they should consider buying the Ice King magnetic windshield cover. Users can fix this windshield cover in the proper place with the help of extremely durable and strong magnets in order to get a good grip.


·         Fit perfectly on most vehicles due to its universal design

·         Cover the car’s wipers as well

·         Has internal security flaps

·         Satisfaction guarantee

·         Made from durable and lightweight material


·         In-built magnets can scratch the vehicle’s finish. So, be very careful

2. Apex Automotive Premium Windshield Snow Cover

Another highly recommended product, the Apex Automotive windshield snow cover features powerful and heavy-duty magnetic edges. It comes with durable double stitched door flaps to ensure resilience. It is vital to mention that Apex Automotive windshield cover is quite large to cover vehicles of varying sizes along with wipers. Currently, it is available in two different sizes and both sizes offer premium features. Car owners can install it easily as no technical knowledge is required.

Moreover, the covers are loaded with weights in order to help with extra security & convenience throughout the process of installation.


·         Easily foldable

·         It comes with the storage pouch

·         Double-stitched and anti-theft

·         To ensure firm attachment, it has magnetic edges


·         Lightweight materials can make it difficult to ensure protection in windy weather

3. UOT CNR Magnetic Windshield Snow Cover

This windshield cover will give the perfect protection against ice and snow. Due to being easily installable, the UOTJCNR magnetic windshield snow cover is considered a worth buying product. It has six powerful magnets to keep the cover securely attached to the car. Moreover, the car owners can easily adjust the windshield cover according to the car size.

With its ties and flaps, the UOTJCNR can be inserted into the door, an auto windshield cover cannot be stolen easily, & the truck and car windshield cover will remain in proper place perfectly. It is especially designed with dual size such as black side of the cover is used to absorb heat while keeping snow and ice whereas, the silver side of this windshield cover is used as a sunshade cover in summers to block UV rays.


·         Perfect for universal cars

·         Protect the windshield wipers & wiper fluids from blockage

·         Easy to install

·         Straps are adjustable to ensure a right fit for different vehicles

4. OSAMU Windshield Magnetic Cover

It is a recommended windshield cover for all seasons because it has powerful magnets in order to give secure cover. It also offers great protection from snow and ice during winters & due to being anti-UV, the OSAMU windshield cover is ideal for summers. This magnetic windshield cover is easy and convenient to use as no special tool is required when it comes to installation. It is available in two sizes i.e. large and medium to fit vehicles of different sizes from CVRs & cars to RVs and trucks.


·         Perfect windshield protection

·         Lightweight and durable

·         Give the best value for money

·         Available in two sizes

Buyer Guide

How to use windshield snow cover

A snow cover is great but cannot prevent all cold weather windshield problems. If your glass is cracked, the cold can contract it, prompting it to chip even more. A cover is not enough to prevent it from contracting when temperatures are too cold. Seal the glass if you plan to use a cover for your chipped glass.

You cannot leave the cover for a long period of time because it can crack your window with its weight, just like the snow does with roofs when it stands for long. Both the cover and the snow weigh, and using a cover this way is not wise. Use this product only when necessary.


The windshield cover must then be versatile to be used in various seasons of the year, including summer. A cover is not only for winter, but also for summer as it serves as a great tool to hold the sun rays away.  Side-flapped covers are better because they help secure the windshields from fast winds.

When buying this accessory, size is of paramount importance. Most covers come in medium and large size. Also make sure it can be removed hassle-free.  The side flaps prevent it from slipping off on fast winds that may occur even in summer.  Two sizes are enough to become the best protectors of car and truck windows.

The best covers don’t weigh over 12 ounces and come in packages of 17x12x1.9 inches. However, there are others designed to cover a larger surface.

Finally, make sure this product is easy to keep in the trunk.


The construction of the windshield protectors varies depending on the purpose. Some covers are made only for winter, and come with a cotton structure and magnetic edges that make this tool wind-proof in its entirety. Some wraps are designed to prevent theft.

The number of the magnets that keep the windshield cover in place also varies. Some feature three magnets in the edges while other models come with up to 7 seven magnets for extra protection. However,uninstalling these multiple-magnet covers naturally takes longer.

Layers are another feature that guarantees more protection. A two-layer cover for example, can protect against snow, stormy winds, sand, frost, and rain. The drawback is that these heavy covers do not have a wide coverage when compared to others that are lighter and have a single layer.

What about the 4-layer covers? Well, they’re generally more expensive. Overall, they are made of cotton, quilted aluminum, PEVA, and microfiber liner. When looking for this product, prefer those that are made up of PCV materials.


Thickness is also a factor that plays a vital role in car windows and windshield protectors. It will vary depending on the material and layers. The best covers can be as thick as 7 centimeters and provide protecting against strong winds, rain, hailstones, and theft. Covers with more than 3 layers are often used for camping.

The thickness provides more durability and must be due to the multiple layers that protect the car from theft and strong winds. The polyester taffeta is one of the best materials for covers manufacturing.

It is normal that a thick cover outweighs other models for the amount of coating layers and the material they are made of.


Measuring the windshield comes before choosing the windshield cover. Some owners, however, prefer to order customized covers for their cars. If you have several vehicles, use the largest cover to protect them all.

Now, the standard measures of windshield covers can range from 60” to 70” wide x 28 to 44” long. Large covers are those that are more than 68” wide and 45” long. To measure the width, you need to do it across the wiper cover and the dowels.  If you want a custom cover, you will need to do so before you order.

The size of these items is important as it helps keep the essential viewing of cars protected. A standard size, for instance, prevents ice formation, snow, frost, and heat. A good-sized windshield protector can provide enough coverage to truck windshields. Other users would opt to use a X-large windshield to prevent damage in other parts of the car.


Answered the Best Magnetic Windshield Cover

It is a well-accepted fact that nothing is more tiring and boring than removing ice & snow from your cars in winters & nothing is weirder than something exploding in your car because of high temperature in summers. In order to confront these issues, car owners should use the top-quality magnetic windshield cover in summers and winters. But, how to get the right one? This section of the article will walk readers through the important consideration they will have to make.

How to Buy the Best Magnetic Windshield Cover?

Purchasing the best magnetic windshield cover is now easy due to a number of good reasons and available options. However, there are some simple aspect which prospective buyers should consider while making the purchase including,

  1. Size of the vehicle
  2. Windshield quality & Size
  3. Thickness and Flexibility
  4. Material used and construction
  5. Ant-theft and secure

Why Use the Best Magnetic Windshield Cover?

Selecting the best magnetic windshield cover that protects the car from harmful weather conditions, scratches, & dings are the few important reasons behind using the windshield cover. Covering the cars helps owners to ensure that their valued investments will remain in good condition year after year.

How do windshield covers work?

A windshield cover is a multifunction cover that protects the glass of your car from frost, sleet,  snow, ice, and heat in summer. It reduces the task of scraping off the windshield for ice removal and helps get rid of chunks while slipping it off. It also ensures the car interior remains warmed up helping you get morning off to a quicker start.

It doesn’t cover the head and tail lights but only the windshield, which tends to get the most damage. Most of these items come with magnetics that keep them in place when the weather is windy. This gear is like a bed sheet designed for cars.

How can I protect my car windshield?

Use a windshield cover that fits the car windows. If you still don’t rely on most cover manufacturers, buy a custom one with the right materials and size.  It is important to add this item doesn’t guarantee everlasting protection. You have to verify the windshield condition regularly and use washer solutions to prevent cracks.

Do not forget to clear off the chunks with a mixed solution spray or a piece of soft cloth dipped in alcohol. The washer fluid provides the windshield  a temporary waterproof property that lasts for hours. Try to find a better place to park your car in case of squalls.

How can I protect my car from snow without a garage?

There are many ways to protect the vehicle glass from snow without a garage. The first method is to use a windshield cover. If winters are harsh in your community, buy a 3 or 4 – layer windshield cover for more protection.  There are other alternative methods to it such as using alcohol and vinegar solutions to prevent the snow from cluttering.

On the other hand, keep an eye on the glass condition. Search for chips on the glass originated from the windshield cover or the temperature changes that occur from season to season. Use a soft piece of cloth dipped in alcohol and vinegar to brush the glass before covering with this protector.


In the end, it can be said that the best magnetic windshield cover is considered as an easy and affordable way of protecting the vehicles from potential harm caused by debris, snow, rain, and wind. The best magnetic windshield covers come in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit almost any model or make of the vehicle. Just like wheel covers and speakers, the magnetic windshield cover is an optional accessory or upgrade for the vehicles. All the above-reviewed products will give readers great options to select from because all of them are of top-quality. 

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