How to make tiny chocolate chip cookies into cereal

People are making tiny chocolate chip cookies into cereal, and it is the hottest new food trend on TikTok

  • 1. The tiny chocolate chip cookies are the new and hot trend over Instagram and TikTok. It started trending when Justin Schuble shared his cookie video on his TikTok and insta account. He shared the video in the month of May. Also, from that time many people are trying it as well as sharing the videos.

The idea of Schuble for sharing video was that most of the people from his followers would have the ingredients. In this way, trying this recipe was very easy for all of the followers. Mentioning about the recipe, which is straightforward and does not take much time for the person?

For the very first time, he made the cookie cereal in a very different shape. He shared in the story that he used the nestle cookie dough and cut that into long shapes. He gave them a rectangle shape rather than the round cookie shape.

After giving a rectangle shape to the dough, he made a small ball of each piece. In this way, he made the cookie cereal for the first time.

He also shared the story when he made the cookie-shaped dough for the cereal for the first time. In the update, he said that from the first attempt he learned a lot about making the cereal. Then In the second try of the cookie cereal, he gave them the round shape.

Furthermore, he mentioned that keep in mind to make each cookie of the same and equal shape. The size of all of the cookies must be the same in this cereal.

He says that you can first cut all the dough in the same shapes, and then you give a round shape to the corners. In this way, you can make the even size of the cookies for your breakfast cereal.

Once you are done with the recipe of the cookie cereal, add milk before eating it. The amount of milk, which you are adding to the cereal, matters a lot. The amount of the milk must be appropriate otherwise; you may ruin your cereal breakfast.

  • 2. Other than that, valentine Mussi also tried the same cookie cereal for the first time in March. She also shared the complete video of the cookie cereal over her social media account.  She used the prepackaged chocolate chips. She shared that she tried the recipe from starch and she enjoyed trying this recipe.

She is a food blogger, and all of her followers gave her many positive reviews. The recipe she shared is also much straightforward and easy to follow. On her first try, she made the round cookie cereal. This tiny cookie cereal is much healthy to have for breakfast.

However, both of these shared almost the same recipes. In case if you want to try, then have a look

Ingredients for chocolate chip cookies into cereal

  • ·         Almond Flour
  • ·         Arrowroot Starch
  • ·         Baking Powder
  • ·         Maple Syrup
  • ·         Vanilla Extract
  • ·         Milk of Choice

                           Directions to make the dough

  • ·         Start with preheating the oven to 180c temperature or 350 at F.
  •       Take a bowl and start adding all the dry ingredients in it to mix them well.
  •        Stir the ingredients so that they turn into a complete mixture.
  • ·         Add the coconut oil
  • ·         Add the maple syrup
  • ·         Add the quantity of the vanilla extract
  • ·         Mix all the ingredients well to make a good mixture.
  • ·         The entire new mixture must be soft. In case it is not very soft, add the milk to it. Keep adding the milk until to feel that the mixture is soft enough to give a shape.
  • ·         Add the chocolate chips to the mixture and put the mixture for sometime

                                       Making the cookies

  • Place the dough mixture at your rolling plate and start rolling it.
  • With a specific thickness of the dough, start cutting the cookies. Cut the cookies in the small size or desired size.
  • Apply a small amount of the oil to the baking tray so the cookies will not stick to it. Alternatively, use the baking sheet or paper to place it in the tray.
  • Put the pieces into the oven and then check after sometime.
  • Take out the cookies when they seem light golden in color. You can also check one of them by putting a toothpick in it to check if the cookie is ready or not.
  • That is it. This is the short and complete recipe for your favorite cookie cereal.
  • While eating the cereal, add the amount of milk according to your choice.

                            Use of the cookie cereal

Most importantly, these amazing cookies are not just for breakfast or meals but they also have other advantages.

  • For the Ice-Cream Topping

The tiny cookies are very amazing to use over the ice cream. On the topping of the ice cream, they not only look beautiful but also give a unique taste.

  • Trail Mix

To make a perfect trail mix, use the chocolate chips along with the milk and the cookies. Add some raw nuts into the mixture for more taste. It gives a perfect combination taste of sweet and salt.

  • For Oatmeal Topping

To enjoy the fun topping, add the cookies into the oatmeal and create a new taste.

  • Yogurt Mix

Add the desired amount of the cookies into the yogurt and enjoy a full bowl of tasty meal.

  • Smoothies

To add a taste or crunch to the smoothies, add the homemade tiny cookies in them.

Some additional tips are here for chocolate chip cookies into cereal

  •   Make sure that you are not adding much milk to the dough because it may lead to problems while baking. We can also say that; do not make the dough mixture softer because it will not give the exact taste.
  •   You can change the shape of the cookies according to your choice
  •   The thickness of the cookies also depends on your choice
  •     You can freeze them to enjoy them long-term
  •     You can eat these tiny cookies at any time of day. Eating in the breakfast is just recommended to start the day with a good taste

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